UTZOO groups

In the following groups, over 2.1 million posts (those created between Feb 1981 and June of 1991) originate from Henry Spencer's UTZOO NetNews Archive of earliest USENET posts.

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Utzoo Discussion Forums
Utzoo Groups Description Posts
Comp. Arch
Computer architecture. 423,169
Comp. Archives
Comp Archives 5,382
Comp. Archives. Admin
Issues relating to computer archive administration. 564
Comp. Benchmarks
Discussion of benchmarking techniques and results. 2,731
Comp. Binaries. Acorn
Comp Binaries Acorn 70
Comp. Binaries. Amiga
Comp Binaries Amiga 1,053
Comp. Binaries. Apple2
Comp Binaries Apple2 15,696
Comp. Binaries. Atari. St
Comp Binaries Atari St 1,461
Comp. Binaries. Ibm. Pc
Comp Binaries Ibm Pc 3,919
Comp. Binaries. Ibm. Pc. Archives
Comp Binaries Ibm Pc Archives 115
Comp. Binaries. Ibm. Pc. D
Comp Binaries Ibm Pc D 13,196
Comp. Binaries. Ibm. Pc. Wanted
Comp Binaries Ibm Pc Wanted 77
Comp. Binaries. Mac
Comp Binaries Mac 2,957
Comp. Binaries. Os2
Comp Binaries Os2 577
Comp. Bugs. 2bsd
Reports of UNIX* version 2BSD related bugs. 1,131
Comp. Bugs. 4bsd
Reports of UNIX version 4BSD related bugs. 1,725
Comp. Bugs. 4bsd. Ucb - Fixes
Comp Bugs 4bsd Ucb Fixes 100
Comp. Bugs. Misc
General UNIX bug reports and fixes (incl V7, uucp). 1,623
Comp. Bugs. Sys5
Reports of USG (System III, V, etc.) bugs. 1,640
Comp. Cog - Eng
Cognitive engineering. 1,738
Comp. Compilers
Compiler construction, theory, etc. (Moderated) 42,258
Comp. Compression
Data compression algorithms and theory. 112,452
Comp. Database
Comp Database 363
Comp. Databases
Database and data management issues and theory. 86,970
Comp. Dcom
Comp Dcom 66
Comp. Dcom. Fax
Fax hardware, software, and protocols. 1,421
Comp. Dcom. Lans
Comp Dcom Lans 6,591
Comp. Dcom. Lans. Hyperchannel
Comp Dcom Lans Hyperchannel 65
Comp. Dcom. Modem
Comp Dcom Modem 93
Comp. Dcom. Modems
Data communications hardware and software. 21,878

76,782,156 Posts in 1,289 Utzoo Groups

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