UTZOO groups

In the following groups, over 2.1 million posts (those created between Feb 1981 and June of 1991) originate from Henry Spencer's UTZOO NetNews Archive of earliest USENET posts.

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Utzoo Discussion Forums
Utzoo Groups Description Posts
Clari. Biz. Commodity
Clari Biz Commodity 36
Clari. Biz. Economy
Clari Biz Economy 34
Clari. Biz. Finance
Clari Biz Finance 27
Clari. Biz. Finance. Earnings
Clari Biz Finance Earnings 37
Clari. Biz. Market. Ny
Clari Biz Market Ny 43
Clari. Biz. Market. Report
Clari Biz Market Report 42
Clari. Canada. Biz
Clari Canada Biz 13
Clari. Canada. Briefs
Clari Canada Briefs 12
Clari. Canada. General
Clari Canada General 74
Clari. Nb. Business
Clari Nb Business 57
Clari. Nb. General
Clari Nb General 40
Clari. Nb. Govt
Clari Nb Govt 12
Clari. Nb. Ibm
Clari Nb Ibm 21
Clari. Nb. Telecom
Clari Nb Telecom 25
Clari. Nb. Trends
Clari Nb Trends 16
Clari. News. Weather
Clari News Weather 23
Clari. Sports. Baseball
Clari Sports Baseball 96
Clari. Sports. Basketball
Clari Sports Basketball 128
Clari. Sports. Football
Clari Sports Football 60
Clari. Sports. Hockey
Clari Sports Hockey 103
Clari. Sports. Misc
Clari Sports Misc 121
Comp. Admin. Policy
Discussions of site administration policies. 4,221
Comp. Ai
Artificial Intelligence. (Moderated) 16,258
Comp. Ai. Digest
Comp Ai Digest 1,963
Comp. Ai. Edu
Applications of Artificial Intelligence to Education. 4,145
Comp. Ai. Neural - Nets
All aspects of neural networks. 69,400
Comp. Ai. Nlang - Know - Rep
Comp Ai Nlang Know Rep 254
Comp. Ai. Philosophy
Philosophical aspects of Artificial Intelligence. 456,763
Comp. Ai. Shells
Expert systems and other artificial intelligence shells. 2,096
Comp. Ai. Vision
Artificial Intelligence Vision Research. (Moderated) 331

76,782,156 Posts in 1,289 Utzoo Groups

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