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Recreation Discussion Forums
Rec. Groups Description Posts
Rec. Games. Board. Ce
The Cosmic Encounter board game. 2,681
Rec. Games. Board. Marketplace
Trading and selling of board games. 20,768
Rec. Games. Bolo
The networked strategy war game Bolo. 837
Rec. Games. Bridge
Hobbyists interested in bridge. 877,446
Rec. Games. Bridge. Okbridge
Okbridge forum. 2,366
Rec. Games. Chess
Rec Games Chess 4,125
Rec. Games. Chess. Analysis
Analysis of openings/middlegames/endgames. 107,029
Rec. Games. Chess. Computer
Reports on game servers, databases, software. 130,372
Rec. Games. Chess. Misc
Forum for news/discussion related to chess. 454,150
Rec. Games. Chess. Play - By - Email
Reports/discussions regarding email chess. 5,568
Rec. Games. Chess. Politics
News of nat'l/international chess organizations. 594,349
Rec. Games. Chinese - Chess
Discussion of the game of Chinese chess, Xiangqi. 5,182
Rec. Games. Computer
Rec Games Computer 1,071
Rec. Games. Computer. Doom
Rec Games Computer Doom 288
Rec. Games. Computer. Doom. Editing
Editing and hacking DOOM-related files. 3,242
Rec. Games. Computer. Doom. Help
DOOM Help Service (new players welcome). 960
Rec. Games. Computer. Doom. Misc
Talking about DOOM and id Software. 853
Rec. Games. Computer. Doom. Playing
Playing DOOM and user-created levels. 788
Rec. Games. Computer. Everquest
The Online RPG EverQuest. 1,273
Rec. Games. Computer. Planetarion
The Planetarion Game in general. 266
Rec. Games. Computer. Puzzle
Puzzle-solving computer games. 1,162
Rec. Games. Computer. Quake
Rec Games Computer Quake 420
Rec. Games. Computer. Quake. Editing
Editing and hacking Quake-related files. 360
Rec. Games. Computer. Quake. Misc
General discussion of Quake. 389
Rec. Games. Computer. Quake. Playing
Playing Quake and user-created levels. 442
Rec. Games. Computer. Quake. Quake - C
Modifying Quake with Quake-C. 511
Rec. Games. Computer. Quake. Servers
Setup and maintenance of servers. 393
Rec. Games. Computer. Stars
The strategy game "Stars!". 7,426
Rec. Games. Computer. Ultima - Dragons
Rec Games Computer Ultima Dragons 241
Rec. Games. Computer. Ultima. Dragons
The Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter. 111,997

93,185,900 Posts in 877 Rec Groups

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