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Recreation Discussion Forums
Rec. Groups Description Posts
Rec. Food. Cooking
Food, cooking, cookbooks, and recipes. 1,453,432
Rec. Food. Cuisine. Jewish
All matters concerning Jewish cuisine. (Moderated) 1,216
Rec. Food. Drink
Wines and spirits. 8,279
Rec. Food. Drink. Beer
All things beer. 10,036
Rec. Food. Drink. Coffee
The making and drinking of coffee. 2,953
Rec. Food. Drink. Tea
Tea as beverage and culture. 66,994
Rec. Food. Equipment
Food-related equipment, appliances, utensils. 44,427
Rec. Food. Historic
The history of food making arts. 3,490
Rec. Food. Marketplace
Buying and selling food-related items. 2,880
Rec. Food. Preserving
Preserving foodstuffs, herbs, and medicinals. 62,990
Rec. Food. Recipes
Recipes for interesting food and drink. (Moderated) 73,406
Rec. Food. Restaurants
Discussion of dining out. 4,554
Rec. Food. Sourdough
Making and baking with sourdough. 43,072
Rec. Food. Veg
Vegetarians. 10,843
Rec. Food. Veg. Cooking
Vegetarian recipes, cooking, nutrition. (Moderated) 1,885
Rec. Gambling
Rec Gambling 4,465
Rec. Gambling. Blackjack
Analysis of and strategy for blackjack, aka 21. 55,602
Rec. Gambling. Blackjack. Mod
Rec Gambling Blackjack Mod 196
Rec. Gambling. Craps
Analysis of and strategy for the dice game craps. 297,975
Rec. Gambling. Lottery
Strategy and news of lotteries and sweepstakes. 230,289
Rec. Gambling. Misc
All other gambling topics including travel. 35,094
Rec. Gambling. Other - Games
Gambling games not covered elsewhere. 23,483
Rec. Gambling. Poker
Analysis and strategy of live poker games. 1,761,438
Rec. Gambling. Racing
Wagering on animal races. 35,988
Rec. Gambling. Small - Stakes
Rec Gambling Small Stakes 367
Rec. Gambling. Sports
Wagering on human sporting events. 156,662
Rec. Games
Rec Games 1,411
Rec. Games. Abstract
Perfect information, pure strategy games. 27,932
Rec. Games. Backgammon
Discussion of the game of backgammon. 101,123
Rec. Games. Board
Discussion and hints on board games. 138,375

93,185,900 Posts in 877 Rec Groups

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