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Phil Hughes
1989-12-20 14:49:26 EST
I hate to seem uninformed but what is POSTGRES?
Phil Hughes, SSC, Inc. P.O. Box 55549, Seattle, WA 98155 (206)FOR-UNIX
uunet!pilchuck!ssc!fyl or attmail!ssc!fyl (206)527-3385

Steve Goldfield
1989-12-21 12:06:45 EST
In article <331@ssc.UUCP> fyl@ssc.UUCP (Phil Hughes) writes:
#>I hate to seem uninformed but what is POSTGRES?
#>Phil Hughes, SSC, Inc. P.O. Box 55549, Seattle, WA 98155 (206)FOR-UNIX

I don't work on POSTGRES and hopefully someone who does will
respond to these questions, but until then, I'll post a bit of
the way they describe it in the research summary published by
the EECS department here at Berkeley. PLEASE DON'T SEND ME
to give you some idea of what POSTGRES is about; you'll have to
get further details from those who designed and built it.

"In 1985, the INGRES
project embarked on the design and implementation of a new
database management system called POSTGRES (for "after INGRES")
and a new application development environment called PICASSO to
provide support for these applications." The principal objectives
of POSTGRES (the PI is Prof. M. R. Stonebraker), which is
described as a "next-generation database management system," are:

"(1) Simplify crash recovery code and provide access to
out-of-date data by keeping old data in the database rather than
in a separate long-term audit trail;

(2) Construct an implementation for the multiple, closely coupled
processors that will be prevalent on next-generation

(3) Provide efficient support for versions;

(4) Provide support for extensible data types and extendable

(5) Support procedures as 'first-class' objects;

(6) Support triggers and inference."

More detailed project descriptions discuss a query optimizer,
which takes advantage of rapid increases in available main memory
and of parallel, shared-memory, multiprocessor computers; rule

Steve Goldfield
Industrial Liaison Program
College of Engineering, UC Berkeley
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