Policy Discussion: Help Needed : Remote Shutting And Starting Windows 98SE

Help Needed : Remote Shutting And Starting Windows 98SE
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Stuart Miller
2004-12-07 18:31:32 EST

> I'm not sure if applying external power to a system would be
> sufficient to start it, or not. It may depend on the system.

It does depend on the ability of the bios and the configuration. The setting
is "status after power failure", which would be equivalent to a timer
shutting off the power strip you have the computer etc plugged in to.

I have a number of machines here, and each interprets this in a different
way. Some will start and boot up when power is turned back on, some wait for
me to hit the power on soft switch. One will power up then hang before it
starts the boot process.

At least with the old at style power supply, on meant on all the time and
the above was trivial.

The big concern would be to get a clean shut down in windows, but there must
be a way since win98 setup uses it.
Another option is to use the timer to cut the power, then turn off the
automatic scandisk on the assumption that nothing would be writing to disk

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