Vegetarian Discussion: Drop Cholesterol By 30 Pts In 30 Days W/o Pharms/statin Drugs

Drop Cholesterol By 30 Pts In 30 Days W/o Pharms/statin Drugs
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Dr. Homilete
2006-12-11 08:01:37 EST
Johnny Judas Jay "the jumpin' jackass jyotishithead" Maharaj wrote:

> In article <>,
> "Juhana Harju" <> posted:
>>Besides lacking adequate scientific evidence I also consider the advice of
>>eating a pint of blueberries everyday senseless as it is not affordable for
>>many people. Do you have any idea how much a pint of blueberries costs?
> I buy them regularly, I will have to look at
> the grocery receipt to see how much they cost
> the last time. I will get back to this thread.

Iow, you are a lying sack of shit who needs to look up the price because
you've never ever bought blueberries. Otherwise you might have said
that it costs about $3/lb., give or take, and rising.

Btw, Jay, shouldn't you be putting in a disclaimer about your affected
"Dr." title? I mean, a mail-order "doctorate" in ass-trollogy doesn't
qualify you to hold forth on the medical benefits of blueberries, or on
the efficacy of statin drugs, does it?

And how was your surf'n'turf special at the Oceanarium?

Cliff Huprich's Ghost
2018-09-02 14:08:20 EST
On 12/4/2006 12:20 AM, Dr. Jai Maharaj wrote:
> Drop cholesterol by 30 pts in 30 days w/o pharms/statin drugs

It hasn't been 30 days, but Wobbly Woopert hasn't been heard from in
about two weeks. Did he fall into Bodega Bay and drown?

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