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2006-06-19 10:53:05 EST
We've updated this page and added a "New" section:


2007-02-04 04:31:15 EST
On 19 Jun 2006 07:53:05 -0700, "Perth" <>

>We've updated this page and added a "New" section:

Lots of interesting stuff there. Thanks.

2007-02-04 04:32:11 EST

The world food problem is now common knowledge. The Ethiopian famine,
which first hit our headlines in late 1984, has changed forever the
'developed' world's consciousness of the problem. No longer is famine
news one day and forgotten the next, but a fact we must all live with
daily. Yet awareness is only the first step. We need to ask, and find
why, famine occurs. It is not because of overpopulation - enough food
is produced on this planet to feed at least twice its present
inhabitants. Neither is it because of unchangeable climatic conditions
- drought does not arrive purely as a chance bolt from the heavens,
but as a consequence of consistent environmental mismanagement. Much
of what is now desert was once fertile land, and much of what is now
fertile will become desert if present trends continue. HOW? The first
step is the clearing of natural tree cover so that the land may be
used for agriculture. But trees increase humidity, check the run-off
of rainwater from the land, maintain the water table close beneath the
surface, and protect the soil from the erosive effects of wind. So
when extensive areas are devoid of trees the desert is ready to take
over. The process is continued either by overgrazing or
overcultivation. Grazing animals prevent the regeneration of plants by
eating young shoots.

The land becomes gradually more barren, at the mercy of wind and rain;
less a pasture and more of a dust-bowl. Intensive cultivation, by
never giving the soil time to lay fallow and recover nutrients, takes
more from the earth than it puts back. Nature is amazingly resilient,
but eventually this approach means that the land must lose its
fertility. By these processes the deserts of the world are spreading.
It becomes harder and harder for their inhabitants just to survive.

Some 40% of the world's cereal harvest is fed to livestock. In Europe
we import vast amounts, much from Third World countries to feed to
animals to produce more dairy foods and meat than we can use, thus
creating the infamous EEC surpluses. Slowly the realisation is dawning
that to feed plants to animals and then feed on the animals or their
products is grossly inefficient.

On average only 15% of the protein in plants is made available in the
final carcase, and whilst 10 acres growing soya beans can provide
protein for 60 people, 10 acres supporting grazing cattle can provide
for only 2. It would be quite impossible for everyone in the world to
eat the average Western diet, since there is simply not enough land.
This leads us to a vegan solution to the immense problem. Whilst funds
are certainly needed to ease immediate crises, and for long-term
projects to green the deserts again, sending money for famine relief
whilst consuming animal products is short-sighted and ignores the
underlying causes. Good intentions are not enough; if we cannot make
the changes that would benefit us all, things will stay as they are. A
vegan Britain could be self-sufficient in food on only 25% of the
agricultural land presently available, and could demonstrate that
human and animal rights are indeed compatible. Globally, veganism can
point a way to the end of both mass starvation and animal
Such a workable answer to the world's food crisis could have been seen
many years ago. The facts were there but the ability to understand
them was not; animal products had been such a traditional part of our
diet that their removal was unthinkable. Now things have changed. The
Vegan Society is over 50 years old, and as the medical world stresses
the importance of plant-based foods, report after report confirms the
soundness of a vegan diet. Nutritionally, ethically and
environmentally it makes sense.

our Supporters control how much of their donation goes on
administration since VEGFAM operates three separate Funds:

will be apportioned (by % shown) between
A/c No. 65023307 00

Administration Expenses (7%)
Office Building Fund (2%)
A/c No. 65023323 00
A/c No. 65023310 00
A/c No. 65023336 53

at The Co-Operative Bank PLC (SORT CODE 08-92-90), 242 High Street,
Exeter, EX4 3QB (supporters donating via the Midland Bank PLC accounts
can continue as these accounts are being retained). Postal cheques,
IMO's, MO's and PO's to Lydford address, please.
USA. In the U.S. the American Vegan Society has agreed to take U.S.
dollar donations and make them available to VEGFAM in British
Currency. Please make your cheque payable to AVS. Donations will go to
VEGFAM's General Donations accounts unless you specify it is all for
PROJECTS. The American Vegan Society, 501 Old Harding Way, PO Box H,
MALAGA, N.J. 08328-0908 (Phone (609) 694 2887 Fax (609) 694 2288).
Australia. VEGFAM has a PROJECTS Donations account at Westpac Banking
Corporation (Sydney Office), 341 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000. BSB
& a/c no. 732-000 74-8282.

Distributed by VEGFAM . The Secretary, c/o Cwm Cottage, Cwmynys,
Cilycwm, Llandovery, Carmarthenshire, SA20 0EU, UK .
Tel +44 (0)1550 721 197 email:

2007-02-04 04:34:51 EST

Founded in 1944, The Vegan Society provides advice on a way of living
free of animal products for the benefit of


UK dietary calories from animal products have fallen 25% in 25 years
as millions of people attempt to follow Government advice and adopt a
healthier, more plant rich diet.


Concern about factory farming and animal welfare has never been

The Environment

Western food choices have a major impact on the natural environment
and the developing world. For a more comprehensive explanation see our
Environment Booklet.

The UK has

3 million vegetarians and vegans including thousands of Hindus
A further 3 million people with problems digesting milk
Millions more who avoid particular animal products for ethical, health
or religious reasons.
The Vegan Society supports all who wish to replace or reduce animal
products in their diets and provides expert advice to

The media
Doctors, dietitians, caterers and food producers
Authorities dealing with food labelling, additives, school meals and
other public health issues
The Society is relied upon for

The authoritative nutrition manual Plant Based Nutrition and Health
The regularly updated Animal Free Shopper
The trusted Sunflower Logo on animal free products.
For a free information pack write to

The Vegan Society, Donald Watson House, 7 Battle Road, St Leonard's on
Sea, East Sussex TN37 7AA tel 01424 448823

email info at vegansociety dot com

2007-02-04 04:39:03 EST
Welcome to Viva! Sunday, Feb 4th

Eating meat causes environmental destruction, damages human health,
contributes to global hunger and inflicts immense suffering on
billions of animals across the world. Viva! believes that the solution
to all these problems is in our own hands: the best way to stop the
destruction and the cruelty is to stop eating animals now. Through
popular campaigns, solid research, undercover exposés and effective
media skills we have brought the reality of modern farming into
people's living rooms. We have enlightened millions, shocked most and
changed the diets of many. You can help with these successes.

Dogs Go for the Gold!
New and luscious treats for your canine mate are here. You’ve never
seen anything like the Dogs Gold Apple Muffins! See the range here.

You Did It For Ducks Again!
On November 11 2006, hundreds of Viva! supporters once again braved
the elements to bring the story of Jake – the little duckling jailbird
– to Britain’s consumers. The message was clear: set Britain’s
favourite bird free by going veggie! Click here
to find out more about the day and to see how it has already been the
catalyst for real welfare improvements.

How Many Animals Could You Save By Going Veggie?
Find out with Viva!’s state-of-the-art animation at our new website, Designed especially for meat-eaters and the
veggie curious (those that can make the biggest difference to the
suffering of animals simply by not eating them), our new website is
the perfect introduction to four big reasons to give up meat: saving
around 4,022 animals; improving your health; doing your bit to end
environmental destruction; and helping people in the developing world
to help themselves.

>From the website you can invite those stick-in-the-mud carnivores you
know to find out exactly what a difference to ending the suffering of
animals and improving the world around them just with their knife and

The Gift of Life!
Adopt a rescued farm animal with Viva!, the Vegetarian & Vegan
Foundation and Farm Animal Sanctuary! Go to:

Viva! Investigation Exposes Horrific Conditions on British Pig Farms
British consumers have been deceived - by both the pig industry and
the Government - into believing that pigs on UK farms enjoy a standard
of living unparalleled anywhere else in the world - and we have
disturbing undercover footage to prove the point

A Matter of Life and Death
Intergalactic guide to how farmed animals are treated in the UK; plus
info on how you can save lives. Read it here.
Or buy it here.

2007-02-04 04:44:05 EST

Animal Aid statement on Bernard Matthews bird flu outbreak

With government-appointed killing gangs preparing to destroy as many
as 160,000 birds at a Bernard Matthews Suffolk turkey farm, it is time
for the intensive poultry industry to acknowledge that its own
ruthless animal production and slaughtering systems are the root cause
of the deadly new strains of bird flu.

The global poultry industry has so far succeeded in diverting blame
for the Avian Influenza outbreaks onto wild migratory birds. But with
the migratory season over, industry apologists are devoid of excuses.

In its natural state, the influenza virus has existed for millions of
years as a harmless, intestinal infection of aquatic birds such as
ducks. In poultry, bird flu has gone from a rare disease that occurs
once a year to a far more lethal condition that is striking more and
more frequently. The deadly H5N1 strain emerged in 1997 in Hong Kong.
Since then, lethal outbreaks have hit the Far East, China, North
America and Europe, including Norfolk and Fife. Millions of birds have
been brutally destroyed and more than 100 people have died, mostly in

Broiler sheds are perfect breeding grounds for the new, deadly viral
strains and there are any number of ways that they can spread across
countries and continents - not least through transportation of chicks
and poults, poultry products, feed and equipment.

Countries that have not yet developed a large-scale intensive poultry
industry have been largely spared. Despite poultry sheds being
nominally sealed off from the outside world, diseased material can
easily enter them. An expert in the field, Dr Mohammad Yousaf*, has
indicated that H5N1 and other such strains can find their way in
through faecal traces or moisture in the air - or through the medium
of feed, water, supplies, cages, clothes, delivery vehicles, mammals
and even insects.

That a Bernard Matthews production unit should be hit by bird flu
comes as no surprise to those who have monitored the company’s
activities over the years. Undercover investigations in 2002, 2005 and
2006 produced evidence of crowded, dirty conditions with severely
injured, diseased and dead birds.

In September last year, two of the company’s workers at Beck Farm,
Haveringland were convicted of battering turkeys with a broom handle,
used like a baseball bat. The solicitor defending the men described
the conditions in the unit as "appalling" and said: "You can see why
people move to an organic, more open type of farming."

Intensive farms, like those that Bernard Matthews run, are little more
than disease factories. Overcrowded, filthy conditions, and stressed
animals are a recipe for an outbreak.

The first priority of the meat industry and its government allies has
been to insist that poultry products are safe to eat and that the
public should continue to buy and consume them. Cooked chicken and
turkey might be purged of viruses but how safe are the bodies of dead
birds - fresh from supermarket chillers - that reside in millions of
fridges around the country?

The birds in that Holton shed, whose fate under ‘normal’ production
regimes would be appalling, are set to endure even greater suffering.
Government ministers indicated in recent months that they would be
prepared to allow mass asphyxiation of birds under just these

Animal Aid is calling for a boycott of all chicken products as a means
of waking up the government, the industry and the consumer to the vile
and deadly nature of intensive animal production in the UK.

Notes to the Editor
For full background and interviews, contact Andrew Tyler on 01732
364546 (out of hours 07918 083774)
ISDN line available for broadcast-quality interviews.
* Avian influenza outbreak hits the industry again, Dr Mohammad
Yousaf, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan, World
Poultry, Vol 20 No 3 2004.* Avian influenza outbreak hits the industry
again, Dr Mohammad Yousaf, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad,
Pakistan, World Poultry, Vol 20 No 3 2004.

Animal Aid campaigns peacefully against all animal abuse, and promotes
a cruelty-free lifestyle. You can support our work by joining, making
a donation, or using our online shop.
Contact Animal Aid at The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge,
Kent, TN9 1AW, UK, tel +44 (0)1732 364546, fax +44 (0)1732 366533,

2007-02-04 04:48:07 EST

The Hunt Saboteurs Association

The only organisation that works directly in the field to protect
wildlife from the huntsmen
Postcards, Petitions and calling on the police to uphold the law
aren't things you would normally associate with the HSA but we'll give
anything a go at the moment...

But why leave it to others to do something?
Contact your local group, read up on successful tactics we have used
or just get out with a camera and see what you can do!

Join us and stop the killing NOW!

BM HSA, London, UK. WC1N 3XX
Telephone (+44) 0845 4500727.

Press Officer: 07904 387559

2007-02-04 04:49:48 EST
On Sun, 04 Feb 2007 09:48:07 +0000, Gareth <> wrote:

>The Hunt Saboteurs Association
>The only organisation that works directly in the field to protect
>wildlife from the huntsmen
>Postcards, Petitions and calling on the police to uphold the law
>aren't things you would normally associate with the HSA but we'll give
>anything a go at the moment...
>But why leave it to others to do something?
>Contact your local group, read up on successful tactics we have used
>or just get out with a camera and see what you can do!
>Join us and stop the killing NOW!
>BM HSA, London, UK. WC1N 3XX
>Telephone (+44) 0845 4500727.
>Press Officer: 07904 387559

This Government thinks the 2005 Hunting Ban is 'Satisfactory'
Don't Turn YOUR Back on our Wildlife ...
Join the Hunt Saboteurs Association
Hunting with hounds was supposed to have been banned in England &
Wales in February 2005, and in Scotland, several years earlier.
However, now the fuss and media attention has died down, most hunts
are carrying on as they did before. The police have never known much
about hunting other than how to try to protect it, so we never had
much faith in them 'changing sides.

Hunts around the country are arrogantly continuing their slaughter in
the name of sport, in the hope or knowledge that the people in power
don't really care. One of our greatest weapons is now the video camera
- enough instances of hunts breaking the law caught on camera and
hopefully not even the blinkered politicians will be able to ignore
it. MiniDV camcorders cost as little as £250 and can be adapted to
take a covert pinhole camera so no-one at the hunt need even know you
are filming.

Hunt saboteurs, after holding back to see if the law would work will
now seek to take action where it counts - in the killing fields. We
are experienced in using non-violent direct action tactics to save the
lives of thousands of hunted animals every season. From using hunting
horns and voice calls to run off with the hounds at foxhunts, to
standing in front of the shooting butts on the grouse moors, to wading
through the rivers at minkhunts, wherever animals are being hunted for
fun, hunt saboteurs will be there, protecting our wildlife from the
"sportsmen" who get their kicks from killing.

The overwhelming majority of the British public recognise bloodsports
are cruel and abhorrent and over 80% wanted an immediate ban on
bloodsports. They have been duped by the hunters and let down by this
government. That's why the animals need people like you - people who
care enough to do something positive to save them.

There are local hunt saboteur groups all over the UK, all of which are
active at least once a week against the hunts and shoots in their
area. Groups need volunteers to work either as activists in the field,
saving the hunted animals' lives directly, or to do the vital
background work of fundraising, leafleting, etc. without which no
group can function. There will be a hunt saboteur group near you and
whatever your age, skills or experience, you will be able to make a
crucial contribution to saving animals' lives.

This weekend, there will be someone trying to torture and kill
innocent wild animals for sport within a few miles of where you live.
We're going to be there to stop them...Will you?


HSA membership request
We do not provide secure credit card transactions via this site, so
the best method of joining the HSA is to either email your details
(including name, postal address and subscription rate) to us and we
will forward you membership details, or to print out the form and post
a cheque (payable to Hunt Saboteurs Association) to:

BM HSA, London, UK. WC1N 3XX

Yearly subscription rates are: £10 Waged £7.50 Unwaged.

Contact Details
e-mail address:
real address:
phone number (including area and country code):


2007-02-04 04:53:08 EST
Migrating from Cambridge, the SPEAK campaign is to continue its role
in the animal rights debate within the public and political arena
through pro-active campaigning.

As part of our campaigning strategy we will be challenging the
government and government-aided institutions (and those institutions
which hold the government in their pockets), to accountability and
openness. To date, the government has avoided significant exposure for
its failure to meet its pre-election promises regarding their Animal
Rights agenda, nor have they been sufficiently challenged for their
undemocratic governing approach within a democratic country. (Take for
example their recent underhand chicaneries over the proposed primate
lab in Cambridge).

The government, vivisection industry and the media commonly use
negatively emotive language when describing those opposed to the abuse
of animals. We are often referred to as "terrorists" because we have
been forced to choose unorthodox methods to draw attention to an issue
where other means have failed; pro-active action has often ensured
that animal rights has put issues requiring attention firmly on the
map. We should remember that government tactics such as this are
commonplace the world over whenever the status quo is being challenged
for an injustice. The use of terminology suggesting violence to
describe animal rights activists is a transparent tool attempting to
divert attention from the real perpetrators of violence who thus
become the implied victims, therein masking the true face of those
inflicting terror and what goes on behind laboratory walls.

We as a movement have often been accused of violating civil liberties
and democratic laws because we have spoken out against injustice. In
thus speaking out, we have always been motivated by the principles of
Individual Rights and the violation of those rights. These do not just
refer to the rights of animals but to the right of individuals to be
fully informed of the truth behind the lies of vivisection. Surely
keeping the public in ignorance of the scientific and moral facts is a
violation of their civil liberties and democratic right to choose? The
collusion of the government and vivisection industry to conceal the
truth from society is a violation of those rights which are meant to
stand for so much in our democratic society.

At SPEAK, we believe it is time for the public to be allowed to make
an informed decision on this debate and that means hearing both sides
of the argument.

The SPEAK campaign is about saving both human and non-human lives; can
the vivisection fraternity say the same thing? Let the public decide
once they know the full truth.

Background to the NEW campaign
The SPEAK campaign was born from the victory of a campaign against
Cambridge University, the following is a brief history of that
campaign and its incredible success.

In February 2001, South Cambridgeshire District Council heard a
planning application from Cambridge University to build a huge new
research complex to carry out experiments on monkeys. It would be
Europe's largest primate vivisection laboratory.

At the planning hearing there were objections from
anti-vivisectionists, environmental campaigners, local residents, and
even the police.

The council unanimously rejected the application, to the relief of
residents and campaigners.

A wealthy and influential government minister, with a vested and
personal interest in the biotechnology industry, then intervened on
the side of the university.

David (Lord) Sainsbury recommended that the council should ignore the
green belt designation 'in the national interest'. He claimed that the
proposed research was of 'national importance'.

The billionaire Sainsbury has donated over £11 million to the Labour
Party, and was rewarded with the title Lord Sainsbury and given the
influential post of Science Minister, within the Dept of Trade and

Among his huge business interests is sole ownership of a biotechnology
company, as well as the world-wide patent for a key gene which is set
to make substantial profits.

Despite the powerful intervention of Lord Sainsbury, when the
university appealed, on 6 Feb 2002 South Cambridgeshire District
Council once again overwhelmingly refused planning permission for the
primate centre.

Cambridge University appealed again, this time to the National
Planning Inspectorate.

Both Sainsbury and Prime Minister Tony Blair made further statements
publicly supporting the university's application.

On Nov 26 2002, a public hearing began. The government announced that
it intended to take the highly unusual step of making the decision,
rather than leave it to the planning inspector.

When the planning inspector did reach his decision it was against
Cambridge University and he stated that Cambridge University and the
Government had failed to prove that the proposed reseach centre was in
the national interest.

However true to their democratic credentials Blair and Sainsbury
effectively hijacked the whole planning process and issued a 'decree'
that overturned the decision of the independent planning inspector.

It was during this period that SPEAC (Stop Primate Experiments at
Cambridge) was formed by a coalition of animal rights groups to fight
the proposed labs.

This resulted in some infighting between the various university
authorities, after startling revelations that those applying to build
the labs had lied to the university governing body in order to get the
go-ahead. Most notably they had neglected to mention that the proposed
lab would involve animal research at all, and that resulting protests
would cause severe disruption to the university.

It had also emerged at this time that the projected costs of the lab
had shot up by 25% to £32million, and that the university needed to
find another £7million to go ahead. This was partly due to the
expected costs of security as a result of the inevitable protests
which the centre would attract.

SPEAC were determined that the monkey laboratories would not be built,
and mobilised a mass movement to oppose the plans. Through non violent
action they organised a concerted wave of pressure against the
university, that ultimately proved effective. On the 27th January
Cambridge University finally capitulated in the face of such pressure.
The nightmare scenario of Cambridge becoming the primate vivisection
capital of Europe had ended.

Now begins the next phase in the fight to end vivisection.

2007-02-04 04:56:10 EST
PETA in the US came into existence in 1980 in the United States and
have more than 1,100,000 members and supporters, making it the largest
animal rights organisation in the world.

PETA and PETA Europe are dedicated to establishing and protecting the
rights of all animals. Like us, animals are capable of suffering and
have interests in leading their own lives; therefore, they are not
ours to use – for food, clothing, entertainment, experimentation or
for any other reason. PETA affiliates throughout the world educate
policymakers and the public about cruelty to animals and promote an
understanding of the right of all animals to be treated with respect.

PETA and PETA Europe work through public education, research,
legislation, special events, celebrity involvement and protest

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