Vegetarian Discussion: The Universe Is Queerer Than We Suppose

The Universe Is Queerer Than We Suppose
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John Smith
2011-03-02 18:23:10 EST
On 3/2/2011 3:10 PM, Igor, the homosexual whore, wrote:

> ...
> Your personal stash.

Well, actually no. The get it from their own "personal stash!"

The steal it from drug stores and "kester stash it." Then, in a moment
of passion they rip it out, lube the tube and clear the "love canal,"
and all in a single action!

These gross buggars have no limits to the lows they will stoop to!



John Smith
2011-03-02 18:34:49 EST
On 3/2/2011 3:14 PM, Immortalist wrote:

> ...
> Bats are the only animals that can use "sonar", what of it?

Thank gawd it is just bats!

I mean, can you just imagine a bunch of "twinkie-faries" going around
attempting to locate each other with sonar! Why that high pitched and
excited "tweetering" would enough to drive others batty! ROFLOL


Rod Speed
2011-03-02 18:59:34 EST
Igor wrote:
> On Mar 2, 11:51 am, Immortalist <> wrote:
>> The universe is not only queerer than we
>> suppose, it is queerer than we can suppose.
>> evolutionary biologist J. B. S. HALDANE
>> Male gorillas courting and copulating with each other ... grizzly
>> bear
>> families with two mothers ... same-sex pairs of flamingos ...
>> Homosexuality in its myriad forms has been scientifically documented
>> in more than 450 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, and
>> other animals worldwide. Animals engage in all types of
>> nonreproductive sexual behavior. Sexual and gender expression in the
>> animal world displays exuberant variety, including same-sex
>> courtship,
>> pair-bonding, sex, and co-parenting -- even instances of lifelong
>> homosexual bonding in species that do not have lifelong heterosexual
>> bonding.
>> In a dimly lit undergrowth of a Central American rain forest, jewel-
>> like male hummingbirds flit through the vegetation, pausing briefly
>> to
>> mate now with a male, now with a female. A whale glides through the
>> dark and icy waters of the Arctic, then surges toward the surface in
>> a
>> playful frenzy of churning water and splashing, her fins and tail
>> caressing another female. Drifting off to sleep, two male monkeys lie
>> gently in each other's arms, cradled by one of the ancient jungles of
>> Asia.
>> There is an avalanche of data from the animal world which indicates
>> the need to abandon a traditional point of view, whereby ``same-sex
>> activity is routinely described as being `forced' on other animals''
>> or is viewed as a substitute for heterosexual coupling that occurs
>> only when no other (i.e., no heterosexual) mate can be found as the
>> first choice of those concerned. A new understanding of animal
>> relationships should therefore also recognize that not all animal
>> sexual activity is aimed at reproduction and that we must reconsider
>> traditional explanations of the links between reproduction,
>> evolution,
>> and natural selection.
>> A herd of deer picks its way cautiously through a semidesert scrub of
>> Texas, each animal simultaneously male but not-quite-male, with half-
>> developed, velvety antlers and diminutive, fine-boned proportions. In
>> a protected New Zealand inlet, a pair of female gulls mated for life
>> tend their chicks together. Tiny midges swarm above a bleak tundra
>> of northern Europe, a whirlwind of mating activity as males couple
>> with each other in midair. Circling and prancing around her partner,
>> a
>> female antelope courts another female in an ageless, elegant ritual
>> staged on the African savanna.
>> All this evidence amounts to an exhaustive, and utterly convincing
>> refutation of the notion that human homosexuality is an aberration in
>> nature. Some among us will never be convinced that homosexuality
>> occurs freely and frequently in nature. But any meticulously and
>> congently delivered presentation of the current evidence, will quash
>> any arguments to the contrary.
>> A great queer science is emerging of late. Two ganders who work
>> together as a mated pair? Two female bears raising their four cubs
>> together? A kangaroo with both a female pouch and male sex organs?
>> Who's been keeping all this a secret? Homosexual mating and pairing
>> occur in all species.
>> Our current understanding of biology and evolution has been tainted
>> by
>> a heterosexually biased interpretation of animal behavior until
>> recently. New biological definitions of homosexuality include a
>> diverse range of activities organized under five headings: courtship,
>> affection, sex, pair-bonding, and parenting.
>> Past biologists and anthropologists have made their errors in
>> reportage regarding observations in the field of homosexual behavior
>> among the beasts (interestingly enough, all homosexual behavior
>> tended
>> to be called either aggressive or passive, and not about mating or
>> affection between animals, even though it was often the identical
>> mating behavior as the heterosexually-oriented animals).
>> A polysexual, polygendered world are a wondrous bestiary consisting
>> of
>> portraits of homosexual, bisexual, and transgendered wildlife, which
>> is quite mind boggling to the hank yankers of the past. Natural
>> systems are driven as much by abundance and excess as they are by
>> limitation and practicality. Seen in this light, homosexuality and
>> nonreproductive heterosexuality are "expected" occurrences they are
>> one manifestation of an overall "extravagance" of biological systems
>> that has many other expressions.
>> As concerns the human propogation of genes that assemble tendencies:
>> Some sociobiologists claim that human homosexuality is the result of
>> a
>> purely genetic reproductive pattern in which some males, by
>> demonstrating homosexual behavior, remove themselves from the
>> struggle
>> for mates that is the main source of conflict in primitive societies.
>> By serving as peacemakers, homosexuals allow for their close
>> relatives
>> to produce more offspring. In this way, the homosexuality gene passes
>> on as a recessive gene to the primitive homosexual's nieces and
>> nephews.
>> A second hypothesis is called "Kin Selection". It says that it is not
>> necessary for homosexuals to pass on their own genes if as in the
>> first hypothesis they are able to help their parents and siblings as
>> carriers to pass on the same genes through altruistic behavior thus
>> enabling them to have more children and more of those children to be
>> able to survive long enough to reproduce. For a family who has a
>> matron aunt or philanthropic uncle who strives to help raise their
>> younger siblings and nieces and nephews the benefit towards an
>> indirect enhancement to the gay genes fitness is secured.
>> If a gene that has the potential to reproduce either homo- or hetero-
>> sexual *tendencies* (heterozygotic) is somehow more fit than one that
>> is exclusively heterosexual (homozygotic), then the gay gene will be
>> passed on through heterosexuals who carry the heterozygotic gene. An
>> example of this is the disease sickle-cell anemia, the heterozygotes
>> for the sickle-cell gene have a natural immunity to malaria which in
>> the black heritage made them more fit for survival as a group despite
>> a 5% mortality rate from the sickle-cell disease. Ruse (1981)
>> Some suggest that in human culture, genes for male homosexuality tend
>> to increase in periods when the culture is dominated by
>> gay-intolerant
>> stereotypes (*tendencies*) that drive homosexuals underground. Once
>> homosexuals have been forced into heterosexual unions, they reproduce
>> the gene for homosexuality, and the genes spread through the
>> population. Once gays reach a critical mass in society, gay-positive
>> memes spread, and homosexuals are able to "come out." However,
>> homosexual unions do not produce offspring, and so the gay population
>> gradually subsides, starting the cycle of intolerance over again.
>> Believing that the translation of the Bible they use consists of the
>> inerrant word of God, some Christians cite a handful of passages to
>> justify their condemnation of homosexuality. But these believers'
>> conception of inerrancy is naively based, for English versions of the
>> originally Hebrew and Greek scriptures are rife with problematic
>> translations. The supposedly antihomosexual passages are not blanket
>> condemnations of homosexual persons and acts. In some cases these
>> verses aren't about homosexuality at all; they meant quite different
>> things to those for whom they were first written, peoples whose
>> social
>> conceptions of sexuality were vastly different from ours. We are in
>> needs of a cogent, accessible precis of these revisionist findings on
>> the Bible's six major passages and few minor references that seem to
>> denounce homosexuality. The Bible does not condemn gay sex as we
>> understand it today, those who seek to know outright if gay or
>> lesbian
>> sex is good or evil . . . will have to look elsewhere for an answer.
>> Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural
>> Diversity
>> Queer Science : The Use and Abuse of Research into
>> Homosexuality
>> The Mismeasure of Desire: The Science, Theory, and Ethics of Sexual
>> Orientation (Ideologies of
>> Desire)
>> A Natural History of
>> Homosexuality
>> What the Bible Really Says About
>> Homosexuality

> Yet man is the only animal that can blush...

Thats not correct, octopuses and various other sea animals can.

> or needs to.

Dogs do something similar, even tho they dont blush.

2011-03-02 19:14:33 EST
On Mar 2, 3:34 pm, John Smith <> wrote:
> On 3/2/2011 3:14 PM, Immortalist wrote:
> > ...
> > Bats are the only animals that can use "sonar", what of it?
> Thank gawd it is just bats!
> I mean, can you just imagine a bunch of "twinkie-faries" going around
> attempting to locate each other with sonar!  Why that high pitched and
> excited "tweetering" would enough to drive others batty!  ROFLOL
> Regards,
> JS

A group of bats, hanging at the ceiling of a cave, discovers a single
bat STANDING upright underneath on the floor of the cave.

Surprised by this unusual behavior, they ask this fellow: "What the
heck are you doing down there?"

And the fellow shouts back: "Yoga!"

John Smith
2011-03-02 22:56:04 EST
On 3/2/2011 4:14 PM, Immortalist wrote:

> ...
> A group of bats, hanging at the ceiling of a cave, discovers a single
> bat STANDING upright underneath on the floor of the cave.
> Surprised by this unusual behavior, they ask this fellow: "What the
> heck are you doing down there?"
> And the fellow shouts back: "Yoga!"

I heard that joke before!

Only it was a group of homosexual fagots on the ceiling having bum sex
when they see the bat on the floor!

Frankly I like your version better, and it can be told when in the
presence of children ...

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Bret Cahill
2011-03-03 00:05:39 EST
> Bats are the only animals that can use "sonar", what of it?

Straight bats are also extremely homophobic, often swarming around and
attacking gay bat couples.

Bret Cahill

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