Vegetarian Discussion: Healthcare: We Helped Germany Rebuilt, Now Let Them Help Us

Healthcare: We Helped Germany Rebuilt, Now Let Them Help Us
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TibetanMonkey, The-Monkey-with-the-Bag-of-Shit
2010-04-11 10:47:02 EST

On Apr 11, 1:02 am, Max <> wrote:
> thea,
> Your country remains in the grip of a financial crisis and economic
> downturn that is affecting many millions of US citizens who have lost
> jobs because of rapacious and unregulated corporates. There are
> swathes of suburbs in US cities, with communities devastated by
> unemployment thanks to the investment banking sector. Many of your
> modestly paid workers have effectively been a subclass of working poor
> for decades.
> Taxation is simply the method for the state to provide essential
> services to your lowest paid and poor. The less tax paid, the weaker
> the economic base. That's why the US is a net debtor in global capital
> terms and in the end, unless you can gee up your countries dying
> income producing industrial activity, your net sovereign debt
> (currently $12 trillion & counting see:
> will screw the lot of you.
> It's just like a household budget. You earn $1.00 but spend $2.00, so
> you borrow the extra dollar but spend it on non income producing
> activities. And you keep doing it.
> And this low taxation base is a result of the the overridng social
> sentiment of your country being, it's up to the individual and fuck
> everyone else.
> You know....I'm alright Jack!
> "A society is ultimately judged by how it treats its weakest and most
> vulnerable members"

Gee, Max, you seem more aware of what's going on in America than
Americans. But see, Americans like them --good Christian people
otherwise-- get their news from Fox and the Christian networks, which
are, should I say it, PREDATORY BY NATURE. In other words they live a
word of fantasy, in which bad things are not necessarily bad because
they announce Armageddon... and that's written in the Bible.

So here I'm in my cage --unable to ride a bike-- because that's the
will of God and because the Christians don't give a shit about it. ;)

Of course, many of them do live in Gated Communities, so they are
spared the worst of it.

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