Vegetarian Discussion: (Woke Up Early) Gonna Dig A Hole

(Woke Up Early) Gonna Dig A Hole
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2008-06-04 13:58:50 EST
Giusi wrote:
> <dh@.> ha scritto nel messaggio
>> Rumors about underground towns appeared for the first time in 1946.
>> The person to launch the rumors was Richard Shaver - writer,
>> journalist and scientist. His incredible story about contacts with
>> aliens living under the
>> ground was published in Amazing Stories Magazine. Shaver said that he
>> had spent several weeks living under the ground with demon-looking
>> aliens, whose descriptions can be found in ancient legends and
>> fairytales.
> There were a lot of bad drugs around in the old days, too.


2008-07-30 09:25:29 EST
On Sun, 1 Jun 2008 04:54:56 -0700 (PDT), Perkoff Of Persia <> wrote:

>I'm not trying to dig to China, just to the core of the earth. I know
>that if I dig all the way through the earth chances are I won't wind
>up in China.
>That's just and old wives(or is it wifes?) tale(or is it tail?)
>Anyway I'm going outside now and gonna start digging. I know I won't
>make it there in a day, I'm gonna make this a summer time project.
>Summer hasn't even started yet so I already got a head start.
>Do you think I'll be able to reach the core of the Earth by the end of
>the summer?

Did you ever get even as deep as six feet?
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