Vegetarian Discussion: Skittles Have Bones In Them

Skittles Have Bones In Them
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2008-05-15 16:55:13 EST
On May 16, 5:48 am, Rudy Canoza <pi...@thedismalscience.not> wrote:
> Celebrity Perkoff Club wrote:
> > I bought some skittles from the vending machine at work the other day
> > and started to read the ingredients on the back.
> > I noticed it had gelatin in it.  As many of you know gelatin = animal
> > bones.
> > A lot of these bone farms will buy any bone you bring to them.  They
> > don't care.  I have a feeling a lot of murder victims go to these bone
> > farms and that is why I am against eating gelatin.
> > I just wanted to warn all you vegetarians  and vegans out there that
> > Skittles aren't safe.
> I see it's time for a reposting of an important FAQ

It's time for you to tell Rupert that he can show your discussions
with him to his psychiatrist.

You're overdue for an intervention, Boobs.

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