Vegetarian Discussion: GooFuckwit Computer Time Is Wrong

GooFuckwit Computer Time Is Wrong
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Rudy Canoza
2008-03-18 16:29:07 EST
Goo - Fuckwit David Harrison, stupid stubborn
pig-fucking cracker - lied and presented no challenge:
> On Tue, 18 Mar 2008 11:12:23 -0700, Rudy Canoza <> wrote:
>>> On Mon, 17 Mar 2008 13:59:53 -0700 (PDT), "Mr.Smartypants" <> wrote:
>>>> On Mar 17, 10:25 am, Rudy C. Canoza wrote:
>>>> <snip>
>>>> Rudy admitted to being a LIAR


>>> Rudy has his lying down to a method though.
>> No. I don't lie.
>> Your computer time is *wrong*, Fuckwit.
> You have no idea, Rudy.

Your computer time is *wrong*, Fuckwit.

>> Fuckwit. Your time offset is wrong.
> You know nothing about time offsets, Rudy.

I do know about them, Goo, and you do not. Yours is
wrong. Fix it.

>> Your computer says it's in the central time zone,
> It's set on Eastern time, Rudy.

It isn't, Goo. We all know it isn't. That's why the
headers of your posts say -0500, Goo. That's wrong -
they should say -0400. *LOOK* at that time site you
linked to, Goo; it's right there:

Current time zone offset: UTC/GMT -4 hours

But because you're stupid, Goo, you have it wrong, and
it's set to -0500. The only way it could be showing
that, Goo, is that you have the wrong time zone set.
You do. You *are* in the Eastern time zone, Goo, but
your computer is set to Central time. Fix it, Goo.

>> and that's *WRONG*
> You would have no way of knowing Rudy,

I do know, Goo.

> because you don't know a damn thing about it.

I know quite a lot about it, Goo, and you do not.
You're self-admitted stupid.

Fix your computer time, Goo. It's wrong.
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