Vegetarian Discussion: Appeal Court Victory For Animal Aid Campaigners

Appeal Court Victory For Animal Aid Campaigners
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2007-09-11 03:58:50 EST
On Tue, 11 Sep 2007 08:35:45 +0100, "@@^>" <>

>On Tue, 11 Sep 2007 08:22:04 +0100, "buddenbrooks"
><> wrote:
>>Old Codger wrote:
>>> Appeal Court victory for Animal Aid campaigners
>>> 9 September 2007
>>> Two Animal Aid supporters have won a landmark Appeal Court victory
>>> over police attempts to criminalise them for running a high street
>>> information stall, from where they sought public support for a ban on
>>> primate research.
>>> Miranda James and Tracey Rawlings set up their stall in Barnet, North
>>> London as part of Animal Aid’s first Primate Action Day in November
>>> last year. Police officers falsely accused them of obstructing the
>>> public highway. When they came before magistrates in June, the charge
>>> was upheld, even though they were granted an absolute discharge.
>>> Amanda and Tracey were determined to clear their names. Animal Aid
>>> shared that objective and we also wanted to defend the fundamental
>>> right of other campaigners to engage in peaceful protest. We sought
>>> the help of human rights organisation Liberty and, on Friday September
>>> 7, an appeal was heard at Harrow and Wealdstone Crown Court.
>>> Judge Mole cleared the pair and, in a swipe at the police, said:
>>> ‘In granting an absolute discharge, the magistrates no doubt felt that
>>> this was a prosecution through which no useful purpose was served, and
>>> we share that view.’
>>> He declared that Miranda and Tracey had a ‘lawful excuse’ for setting
>>> up their table - namely, they were exercising their right to
>>> communicate with the public on a matter that they regarded as
>>> important. They had made reasonable efforts to avoid interrupting
>>> users of the highway, despite seeking maximum exposure for their
>>> message. The prosecution had failed to demonstrate that there was an
>>> interruption of highway users and even if they had done so, an
>>> interruption had to be ‘unreasonable’ and ‘significant’ before an
>>> offence was committed.
>>> Animal Aid Director Andrew Tyler, who gave evidence at both the
>>> magistrates and Appeal Court hearings, said in a statement:
>>> ‘We are very grateful to Liberty for securing this important victory.
>>> Miranda and Tracey were not about to be criminalised for talking
>>> peacefully to the public about the thousands of primates who are
>>> subjected every year to horrific poisoning and brain injury
>>> experiments. And Animal Aid wanted a message to go out to police
>>> forces around the country that they will be met with a fight if they
>>> try unlawfully to suppress legitimate campaigning activities. Miranda
>>> and Tracey had been at the first of our four Primate Action Days,
>>> which are aimed at achieving an EU-wide ban on all primate research.
>>> Two days before the Appeal Court hearing, a giant step forward was
>>> taken when a banning petition was closed after attracting the
>>> signatures of more than half of all the European Parliament’s MEPs. It
>>> is now that Parliament’s official policy to seek an end to all
>>> research on apes and monkeys.’
>> - Transcendence UK
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>> Since you use someone elses name we can assume yours has no credibility,
>Bit like you then. Only a few months ago you were Hamish, then Pete,
>the Lili's wearingem... weird huh?
>>that your "quotes" are doctored and deviate from the original in all
>>important areas. Best ignored and the sender added to the kill file.
>Now, now. No need to get all shirty at Old Codger he's only doing his
>best. We know he's probably pete the troll but who cares, who cares?
>His information is good this time.
>I propose we judge people on what they poast from now on. That makes
>you a real wanker Hamish!

Hehe. Burp.
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