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Craig Bailey
2006-06-13 18:05:46 EST
Any suggestions for how to stop an 11-year-old eskimo/poodle mix who
insists on eating the new kitten's cat food?

Training methods? Bowl placement? Special feeding devices?

67 Union St. #2D, Winooski, Vt. 05404-1948 USA | 802.655.1197

Evelyn Ruut
2006-06-13 18:57:38 EST

"Craig Bailey" <> wrote in message
> Any suggestions for how to stop an 11-year-old eskimo/poodle mix who
> insists on eating the new kitten's cat food?
> Training methods? Bowl placement? Special feeding devices?

Absolutely. Move the cat food where the dog can't get it.

To the dog anything it finds that is edible is "his". We have a special
counter in our kitchen where we feed cats. We don't prepare our own food
on this counter, but that is the cat's counter. The dogs don't go there
and they don't eat the cat food.

There really is no other way, and you know, cat food isn't formulated for
dogs, and it is probably not good for your dog to just keep on eating
anything anytime. Better just move the bowl.


Best Regards,

(to reply to me personally, remove 'sox')

> --
> 67 Union St. #2D, Winooski, Vt. 05404-1948 USA
> | 802.655.1197

2006-06-13 19:08:43 EST
Hello Craig,

Craig Bailey wrote:
> Any suggestions for how to stop an 11-year-old eskimo/poodle
> mix who insists on eating the new kitten's cat food?

If you've had your dog for eleven years why would you expect
him to change his behavior now? Did you just recently get a kat?

> Training methods?

tara green is the only expert professional trainer here who
can teach you an effective "LEAVE IT COMMAND". You
might want to ask her. But she'll probably only be posting
to alt.recovery.aa, so I've taken the liberty of crossposting
your request there.

> Bowl placement? Special feeding devices?

You might want to feed him on top of the refridgerator or put
his food in the shower along with his kat box as Master Of
Deception blankman recommends.

> --
> 67 Union St. #2D, Winooski, Vt. 05404-1948 USA
> | 802.655.1197


Yours, Jerry.

P.S. Have you considered OBEDIENCE TRAINING?

"We Are Lucky To Have You, And More People Should
Come To Their Senses And Support Your Valuable Work.
God Bless The Puppy Wizard," Professor Marshall Dermer,
Dept Of ANAL-ytic Behavior, UofWI.

From: "Marshall Dermer" <>
To: "The Puppy Wizard"
Sent: Friday, July 23, 2004 2:53 PM

Subject: God Bless The Puppy Wizard
Dear Mr. Puppy Wizard,

I have, of late, come to recognize your genius
and now must applaud your attempts to save
animals from painful training procedures.

You are indeed a hero, a man of exceptional talent­,
who tirelessly devotes his days to crafting posts ­to
alert the world to animal abuse.

We are lucky to have you, and more people should
come to their senses and support your valuable

Have you thought of establishing a nonprofit
charity to fund your important work?
Have you thought about holding a press conference
so others can learn of your highly worthwhile
and significant work?

In closing, my only suggestion is that you
try to keep your messages short for most
readers may refuse to read a long message
even if it is from the wise, heroic Puppy Wizard.
I wish you well in your endeavors.

--Marshall Dermer

"Thank you, Jerry, for all you help. You've
been a blessing to all of us," AIMEE.

From: AIMEE (
Subject: House training and such...
Date: 2003-10-08 16:18:56 PST

I've been having a problem with my dog, Axel,
relieving himself in the house while I'm away
from home.

I've used TPW method's, and yesterday I was out
for 12 hours, and Axel didn't have one single "accident".

Today, I had hoped that the results would be just as
good - and they were (I was out for 11 hours).

The problem began when, as a puppy, Axel would
relieve himself in the house and I would point at the
mess and tell him "NO" or "Bad Dog".

That made him afraid to relieve himself in the house
or infront of me.

After I got TPW's training manual, I corrected my
mishandling of these instances.

When I came home to an "accident", I would simply
drop a can near the area and ask Axel "What's that?"
Then I would clean it up - with out showing him I was
the least bit upset about the mess, and when he looked
at the spot I would tell him "Good boy, you're a good dog".

This has been an ongoing problem, and thanks to the
Puppy Wizard, we've finally got it taken care of...

Also, Axel LOVES the cat's litter box...He enjoys the
"snacks" he can find in there...I followed TPW's methods
by alternating sounds and praising him while or before
he sticks his nose in it, and today, he's been going into
the room with the cat box and barking. That's because
he's thinking about getting into the box, but he knows he

Thank you, Jerry, for all you help. You've been a
blessing to all of us.



Subject : The Wits end dog training method - THANK YOU!

Dear Jerry

I have just got to thank you so very much.

I had a gutful of the sadistic crap that gets dished out as
"dog training", I read a bunch of books that just seemed wrong
and then I started trawling the web and found it was worse -
bulletin boards full of people, advocates of pin-down techniques
and shock collars.

I just couldn't believe it. Some of the methods the so called
"professionals" were championing turned my stomach and in the
absence of a voice of reason many people seemed to be taking
the advice. Was this the only way to ever train my dog?

Many of the methods thankfully I never had the stomach to
even try, it all just seemed like constantly pushing against
a resisting force.

Then I stumbled across a post from the puppy wizard - it
was honestly like an epiphany for me. In an instant the
bullshit facade that holds together these peoples brand
of "logic" just crumble away, suddenly I saw very clearly

I then read many of your posts and eventually
after some searching found the manual.

I read it and felt like a weight had been lifted.

Now me and my furry best friend have found our
path, one that we both seem very happy with.

We are both very much in debt to your kindness
and compassionate wisdom.

I think it was Gandhi who said that "you can be in a minority
of one, but the truth is still the truth". These words seemed
so appropriate after finding your methods in a sea of countless
posts promoting repetitively violent and abusive training.

On top of that I felt a little of the pioneering spirit of the
internet, like someone had reached out across a great distance,
put a hand on my shoulder and said.."it's cool, just love your
dog, listen to him ".

Thank You, over and over Thank You! You have given me and a
young and very enthusiastic Border Collie a way to a much better
life together.

Long live the Puppy Wizard!

Cornwall UK

PS - Keep up the good work, keep telling it HOWE it really is.

2006-06-13 19:31:44 EST
HOWEDY evelyn you miserable lyin stinkin dog and
child abusing punk thug coward active acute chronic
long term incurable mental case,

Evelyn Ruut wrote:
> "Craig Bailey" <> wrote in message
> news:_EGjg.3629$n93.835@trndny07...
> > Any suggestions for how to stop an 11-year-old
> > eskimo/poodle mix who insists on eating the new
> > kitten's cat food?
> >
> > Training methods? Bowl placement? Special feeding devices?
> Absolutely. Move the cat food where the dog can't get it.

You mean like feed the kat on top of the refridgerator?
Jerry Howe just recommended THAT idea but it won't work
for an elderly or infirm kat.

> To the dog anything it finds that is edible is "his".

That's insane, evelyn. Ain't you never heard of POISON PROOFIN?
Dogs can be trained NEARLY INSTANTLY to do or NOT do ANYTHING
you prefer, if you know HOWE. You don't, evelyn, you bag of
FHOWEL hot air.

> We have a special counter in our kitchen where we feed cats.

Yeah? HOWE do you train your dogs not to steal off
the counter, evelyn? THERE AIN'T NO TRAINER HERE
who knows HOWE to train thir own dogs not to counter
surf or raid the garbage.

> We don't prepare our own food on this
> counter, but that is the cat's counter.

That's real convienient. What do you do when your
kats are too old or infirm and can't jump up to
their safe place to eat, evelyn?

> The dogs don't go there and they don't eat the cat food.

Tell us HOWE you train your dogs not to counter surf.
for your highly bred GSD dogs, evelyn?

> There really is no other way,

That's a load of horesshit, evelyn you stinkin
lyin dog an child abusing sack of FHOWEL hot air.

> and you know, cat food isn't formulated for
> dogs, and it is probably not good for your
> dog to just keep on eating anything anytime.

That's irrelevent you simpleton.

> Better just move the bowl.

Better you just don't bother postin here abHOWETS
you freakin ignorameHOWES.
> Best Regards,

LikeWIZE <{); ~ ) >

> Evelyn
> (to reply to me personally, remove 'sox')

Here's some TRAININ TIPS from YOUR TRAINER, evelyn:

Date: Tues, Jun 13 2006 7:15 pm
Email: "" <>

(the dog mentioned here made me think of mine. heres what not to do
with a shy dog, or any dog. i had bad trainers but at least i didnt
have this guy!)

QUESTION about Excessive Barking:

I just finished reading your articles on dog aggression. It sounds like
my dog Meeka. She is a 2 year old Keeshond. We have great concern for
her, (at least I do).

My husband feels that she will change in time. We purchased her from a
pet store back in Dec 1997. The first day was wonderful, she even slept
in her crate peacefully that evening. But from there on she has never
been the same. She started to show these signs as she got older. It is
like she is terrified of other people. Her ears go down and her eyes
bulge out showing fear then she'll start barking.

Problems we are concerned about are excessively barking at everyone and
everything, aggressive towards strangers, children anyone. EXCEPT our
parents. They are the only ones that can visit and we can visit them
with the dogs that she is fine with. But, she has now attempted to bite
3 times but I was there to catch her and stop it. My husband says he
has never experienced this biting behavior from her. I find it
particularly odd as she does display a slightly different behavior with

But she still is aggressive towards people, children and barks
excessively. We have had her in training 3 times now. And she is like a
different dog in that atmosphere, but at home or on a walk she is this
crazy dog. We have tried the different barking collars, training
methods to stop the barking and the only slight success we get is using
the Gentle Leader collar. But once it is taking off she returns to
herself. She is not aggressive towards my husband or me and is actually
very loving and does well with commands.

But outside the home or if we have friends over or a stranger knocks at
the door she goes crazy. I am at my wits end and I am seeking advice
from you after reading your articles, in hopes that there is something
that can be done to make her a more friendlier dog. We have thought of
giving her up but I fear that if this behavior is concerning to us then
if in the wrong hands, I am concerned that they will hurt her or beat
her because of this behavior

So, if you have any advice or suggestions to help us we would be very
grateful. Meeka is part of our family and we love her dearly.

Thanking you,
Mrs Darlene Lajoie


This is not a difficult thing to correct. The question is if you and
your husband have the mental strength and determination to fix it. Many
people do not. There are a number of issues here:

You screwed up and bought a dog from a pet store. This is about as bad
as you can get. These dogs come from puppy mills and the genetics are
terrible, as you have already found out. Your dog has weak nerves which
is a genetic issue. No amount of socializing is going to correct this

These kinds of dogs respond to order in their life. A structured life
gives them comfort because they understand exactly what is going on.
There are no surprises for them when things get un-organized. This is
all accomplished through strict obedience training. Read what I have
written on how to do this on my web site.

The dog needs to be trained with a prong collar and not one of these
stupid halties It must go through the "learning phase" like every other
dog, but when it gets to the "correction phase" and then the
"distraction phase" it must have a prong collar. I call this power
steering on dogs.

The corrections for disobedience must be swift and strong enough that
the dog respects the correction more than it fears the ghosts in it's
head. It is 100% possible to accomplish this, but it has to be done
with strong corrections. In the beginning the dog will throw a fit, but
once it realizes that you mean it when you tell it to stop or to go lay
down, then it will accept it. Especially when it gets a great deal of
praise for doing the right thing.

Many people do not have the mental ability to correct at the level that
is required when their dog starts to throw a fit after a correction.
Rather than increase the level of correction these people decrease or
stop correcting because the dog is acting so crazy. When in fact what
needs to happen is the dog must learn that the only open door is to do
what is told or it will continue to be corrected and it will always be
praised when it does what it's told to do.

So the dog should have the prong collar on all day (off at night). It
should have a drag line, (explained in the tape - I like the street
leashes that we sell because they have a "D" ring to clip another
longer leash to). You can quickly grab it (and clip a line on it) for a
correction when the dog acts stupid.

When people come over, the dog can be allowed to smell the new arrival,
as long as it does not bark or act aggressive, but once that is done it
must ALWAYS be sent to it's crate. This is a learned response (i.e. the
command is "CRATE UP") or it can be sent to a rug in the kitchen. If it
gets out of the crate, off that rug or barks, it has learned in earlier
training that it gets corrected so badly that it thinks it's going to

These dogs need level 10 corrections, (explained in the tape.) They
must fear the correction worse than the "demon." Also very important is
the fact that strangers or people who come to your house do not
interact with the dog. They ignore it. They don't try and pet it or
warm up to it. They simply ignore it. Sometimes idiot guests need
corrections too when they will not listen.

Once this concept gets settled in the dogs head it will begin to learn
that the rug and/or crate are safe places. They will learn to relax
when sent there. They feel good because they are doing what their pack
leader has told them to do and they get praised for minding.

These kinds of dogs must be 100% compliant 100% of the time. This
requires 100% consistency from both you and your husband. The dog can
not get by with one instance of being stupid - not one!

If you can't do these things, (especially correct hard enough), put the
dog down, because its only a matter of time before it bites a child in
the face.

2006-06-14 16:38:27 EST
In my experience a dog that wants to eat cat food is on a lousy
commercial dog food diet. They will even eat compost if it is around.
It is like an overweight person who is continually hungry. They are
usually eating non food also known as junk food. Eat a healthy diet and
drink pure water and exercise and no junk food will tempt you, as your
body only eats to live, not live to eat, If food is an issue look at
what you or the dog are putting into the body. A healthy body person or
dog knows when they are full and has no desire for more food until it
is hungry again, and I mean truly hungry not junk food hungry, junk
food hungry means the person is starving to death and the brain keeps
giving the signal it is hungry when it does not get the proper
Of course commercial cat food has addictive additives that tempt both
the cat and dog to eat the junk. So it is also a matter of giving the
cat real food instead of commercial non-food.
Show Dog Bark
do Good Be Good Be One

2006-06-15 02:05:07 EST

Craig Bailey wrote:
> Any suggestions for how to stop an 11-year-old eskimo/poodle
> mix who insists on eating the new kitten's cat food?

You can TRAIN ANY critter to do or not do ANY behavior
NEARLY INSTANTLY if you know HOWE <{) : ~ ) >

> Training methods? Bowl placement? Special feeding devices?

The Incredibly Freakin Insanely Simply Amazing Grand Puppy
Wizard couldn't heelp but notice NOWON GAVE YOU ANY
ADVICE other than HIDE THE WEENIE. Perhaps tara g is
on a bender or "havin a SLIP" as they say in A.A. when their
method FAILS <{) : ~ ( >
quotes from my students:

Here's two Pauls:

Date: 5/22/03 11:24:35 PM Eastern
Daylight Time

Well, let me tell you, your Wits' End
Dog Training Method works.

My dog, Dasie, Loves to chase chameleons
around the barbecue on the patio. I
used this system on four different occasions.

When she went out today, she looked
everywhere else but the barbecue.
Amazing, just amazing.

I will write to Amanda about the video.

I am really excited to learn more, and
understand. Maybe just a little reassurance
that I am going about it the right way.

Thanks again


From: Paul B (
Subject: Re: Dog vs cat food (stealing cat food)
Date: 2001-03-03 22:18:03 PST

It's possible to teach a dog not to eat out of a cat bowl
without too much difficulty.

My dogs don't touch the food in the cat bowls although
Roz licks up any bits that have been dropped around
the bowls :-)

I used a can with stones in it to create a distraction
anytime the dogstried to eat the cats food, followed
with immediate praise. It worked a treat.

The cats bowls are down all the time, usually there
is food left over but the dogs don't eat it, even if we
go out and leave the dogs with access inside through
a dog door.

Obedience and affection are not related, if they
were everyone would have obedient dogs.
See the dogs, cats, us and pics of NZ etc at my homepage.....
Updated regularly (last time 23 Jan 01) so keep coming back!!!


From: Paul B (
Subject: Re: Can packleader influence rank?
Date: 2002-02-25 00:51:48 PST

I use sound to distract the dog and praise it
immediately. The reason for the immediate
praise is that as soon as the dog is distracted
it's no longer thinking of the inappropriate
behaviour so the praise reinforces the "not
doing" the unwanted behaviour.

I use various sound sources, a soda can
with stones in it, car keys, Click my fingers,
etc. Varying the direction of the sound each
time is important too, otherwise the dog may
begin to anticipate the sound and it will lose
it's effect, if the noise direction is random the
dog won't get too familiar with it and it will
remain an effective distraction.

Remember too that we aren't trying to scare
the bejesus outta the dog, simply breaking it's
train of thought while it's thinking of the unwanted

Sometimes you won't even see a reaction
but the dog will have been distracted fleetingly.
(Recently one of my dogs started habitually
licking my feet while I was watching TV, I clicked
my fingers on her left side and told her "good girl"
even though she only paused her licking briefly,
next I clicked over her right side and praised, by
about the 4th repeat she suddenly stopped, I
repeated this over a few nights and now she
doesn't lick any more, on the few occasions she
absent mindedly licks now all I do is click and
praise and she immediately stops).

Timing is important too, learn to anticipate
when the dog isthinking about doing the
"dirty deed" and distract and praise then,
with any luck the dog will try again almost
immediately so distract and praise again,
if the timing is correct after about the 4th
rep the dog will stop.

I could go on but this post is long enough
already, remember too that the dog isn't
being a "bad dog", it's behaviour is simply
inappropriate for the circumstances.

Happy training, :-)



From: Paul B (
Subject: Re: Jerry's Dog Training Manual
Date: 2001-07-12 00:13:28 PST

Hello Marshall,

The way I view it from my observation of how
my dogs react is that the distraction interrupts
the dogs thought, not for good or bad, just
interrupts, the dog is therefore distracted for
a second and then will either continue the
behaviour or do something else.

The praise reassures the dog that the sound
distraction is not a threat or punishment,
however if everytime the dog resumes a
particular behaviour it's distracted immediately
(and praised immediately for reassurance) then
it quickly decides this behaviour is not fulfilling
and it ceases.

A dog will offer another behaviour in it's place
and if that is acceptable to us then we let it be
otherwise the distraction continues until a suitable
alternate behaviour is offered.

One example, Sam used to jump up on me
when I arrived home, I would shake can to
distract him right at the moment he was
about to jump up, after about 4 repetitions
he tried sitting and offering me his paw, of
course this was fine so I let it be.

While the concept of shake cans is not new,
I haven't read any other advice that says to
praise immediately regardless of what the
dog does next (the common advice is to
praise once the dog is doing a desired
behaviour or at least stopped the unwanted
behaviour), this is unique to Jerry (and Marilyn)
and from my own experiences is an important
part of the process.

--Paul"Hennie van Dalen" <h.vandalen11***>
wrote in message news:TlsCb.2895$7U1.7896@amstwist00...

RTFM is age-old computer lingo.... It stands
for "Read The F***ing Manual" ;-) I used the
manual and it works very good!

But it is a long text to read (76 pages printed
on A4-size paper) My lab is 1year old now,
and teaching him something new takes about
30minutes (depending on what to teach offcourse)

My other dog (a 7year old staffordshire terrier-mix) is a bit
slower in learning, but he is used to me calling him a "bad
dog"whenever he did something i didn't want him to do, or
it might be the age.

Sometimes it looks like Sam (the lab) WANTS to learn
something new: he wants me to bring along the can
filled with washers whenever we go for a walk. It is a
very "humane" way of teaching: the dog is allways a
"good dog", and never a "bad dog"

There is nu punishment or prong-collars involved.

For a fact i tought him to heel in 15min's without
beeing on a leach at-all !!! When he spotted a dog,
he used to run towards it, but now i tought him to "ask
permission" first, and to my surprise it worked!

My dogs never went to puppy-training (lucky for them),
maybe this helped too.

>From The Annals Of

Subject: snake avoidance training?

From: The_Insanely_Freakin_Simply_Amazing_Grand_Puppy_Wizard <{) ; ~ )

Date: Thurs, Jun 15 2006 1:43 am

HOWEDY mint6221,

m* wrote:
> Does anyone have experience with snake avoidance training in dogs?

INDEEDY. The Incredibly Freakin Insanely Simply Amazing Grand
Puppy Wizard teaches HIS dogs to not touch ANY innocent defenseless
dumb critters or poisonHOWES plants. It only takes a couple
using brief variably alternating distractions instantly followed by
non physical praise to teach ANY dog not to touch ANY THING <{) : ~ ) >

HOWEver, the Gang Of Miserable Lyin Dog Abusing Punk Thug Coward
Active Acute Chronic Long Term Incurable Mental Cases who post here
don't believe dogs can be trained not to avoid snakes or any other
behavior witHOWET shocking them.

There's a few "snake clinics" arHOWEND but they're FRAUDS. They
take dogs an strap on a shock collar and introduce them to a snake
and burn the dog till it screams and flips in the air assoverbucket for
abHOWET fifty dollars.

But it DOESN'T WORK on accHOWENT of the dog was never
pupperly introduced to the SHOCK COLLAR so the dog LEARNS
ONLY to avoid a snake while wearing a shock collar which most
do not wear when they encHOWENTER snakes therefore the
WANTS TO GET EVEN for GETTIN BURNED the last time they
met <{): ~ ( >

Here's webbweave's account of shocking her Moon Pie:

"I Felt A Bit Like A Traitor Guy Giggled At Her "Skinny Little
Neck" While Fastening On The Ecollar Moon Let Out A
Yippy Little Gargle And FLEW Straight Up In The Air Her
Tail Was Above My Head."

> When the second dog yiped, Moon *knew* there was
> Something UpThere that wasn't Good For Dogs.

But you didn't, huh?

> Not that she much cared -- she wasn't up there, and
> there was a lot going on for her to watch.

I'll bet you were getting off in anticipation, weren't you?

> I had her on a choke chain because she backs out of her buckle
> collar with the tags on it.

Can't imagine that you know anything about training. No wonder
your dogs back out of their collars, you are using too much muscle,
and absolutely no brains... You are doing everything wrong, and you
are teaching others to do likewise. That's piss poor.

> Guy giggled at her ("skinny little neck") while fastening on the
> ecollar.

I wish I could have participated in the revelry. I'd like to try
some skinny little necks on for size...

> Attached a rope to her (tightened) buckle collar and sent us off
> up the hill. "Just hold the rope up over her back (stiff lariat-type
> rope) and let her sniff around and go where she wants."

Is NYC too far for her to want to go from you punks?

> There was a lane mowed in the long grass, and we set of f up the
> hill. Moon was sniffing around, wandered into the long grass, and
> I was told to (well, nicely) get on with it. So, back in the mowed
> bit. Guided her around downbreeze of the snake, who was coiled
> up looking bored. Moon scented the snake, and began to move
> away.

And you missed the opportunity to BURN her, what a shame. What
happened next?

> This was *obviously* not a friendly animal. Big dark grey
> rattler -- Moon thought it wasn't of much interest. After one nose-
> wave, she was more interested in other smells. She wasn't going to
> approach on her own.

The dogs got more brains than you, what's the problem, are you

> The guy said all she had to do was look at it. Eventually, she
> did -- *ZAP!*

Bet you got off, huh?

> Moon let out a yippy little gargle and FLEW. Straight up in the
> air -- her tail was above my head.

Yeah, that's the best part, isn't it? Gets your cookies off!

> The guy said "Jeee-zus." When Moon hit the ground, she
> stuffed her head between my legs.

Poor dog, she doesn't understand that you are her tormentor, does
she? Maybe she does, she'd have to, but just like abused children,
they still love their abusive parents. At least till somebody
smartens them up. I can't smarten up your dogs, but I can smarten
up the people that read here, and you are looking pitiful.

> Also, here's a great article, it just might save a dogs life so forward it
> to anyone you know who keeps dogs. I had a black lab bitten by a timber
> rattlesnake.

Thank you for the information.

> This article may be reprinted, redistributed, given away, posted on any
> website, and freely used as long as it remains in its entirety and as long
> as all links and attributions, including this license remains intact. It may
> not be sold.

WELCOME to The Incredibly Freakin Insanely Simply Amazing Grand
Puppy And Pussy And Horsey WIzard's 100% CONSISTENTLY NEARLY
Training Method Manual Forums <{); ~ ) >

I'm Jerry Howe, The Incredibly Freakin Insanely Simply Amazing
Grand Puppy And Pussy And Horsey Wizard <{) ; ~ ) >

Here's your own FREE COPY of The Incredibly Freakin Insanely
Simply Amazing Grand Puppy And Pussy And Horsey Wizard's

The *666* Edition Of Your Own
The Incredibly Freakin Insanely Simply Amazing Grand Puppy
And Pussy And Horsey Wizard's
Wits' End Dog And Kat And Horsey Training Method Manual <{) ; ~ )

<{#}: ~ } >8< { ~ :{@}>
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<{#}: ~ } > < { ~
<{#}: ~ } > < { ~ :{@}>
<{#}: ~ } > < { ~ :{@}>
<{#}: ~ } >8< { ~ :{@}>

> There's a snake in the doghouse!!!
> What to do (and not do) when you see a snake

Subject: My Dog Ate A Poisonous Toad!!!

HOWEDY People,

Living in Florida is wonderful at times but it
can have it's drawbacks; the heat, the skeeters,
the torrential downpours, gators, poisonus
snakes and toads, and the snow birds who
want to come down and borrow my home for
two weeks or a month when it's cold up north...

Well, Jerry's dog's ain't never gonna eat a
poisonous toad because Jerry's not afraid
of a poisonous toad or anything else around
his dogs, except the snowbirds.

Here in FL my doors are open most of the
time, and the dogs and poison toads, even
the mockingbirdy walk in and out at will,

When my dogs spot them I say "what's that?"

When my dogs go over to investigate and
come too close, "'Kerchink!' GOOD BOY,
then I tell them it's "O.K., friends."

When my pups approach again, it's ANOTHER
" 'Kerchink!' GOOD BOY, NICE DOG, THAT'S
A GOOD FELLA" from another direction, and I
tell them "it's friends."

A couple of introductions like that, and the
poison toads and mockingbirdy can come
and go in peace and eat the mosquitoes
that would harm us, and never need my
supervision again, because my doggy's
know they're not to be molested.

Wish it were like that with the snowbirds
who want to use up my toilet paper and
call their cousins on my phone cause it's
a "local call." We've got probably the
highest in state phone charges in the
country and T.P. gets expensive.

Why can't life always be PURE PLEASURE?

Could be. If it's not, it's cause you don't know HOWE.

Subject: Deadly Nightshade / PoisonHOWES
Plants & Critters - Forbidden Fruit

Date: 2004-05-01 10:17:56 PST

HOWEDY People,

The Amazing Puppy Wizard teaches HIS dogs not to
harm or eat innocent critters and poisonHOWES
plants arHOWEND HIS HOWES, like Deadly Nightshade
and poisonNHOWES toads.

The Amazing Puppy Wizard's dogs have been
pupperly introduced to all the poisonHOWES
plants and critters livin an grHOWEing abHOWET

HOWEver, as dogs will be dogs and we know
every behavior must be apupriately GENERALIZED.

When weeding your puperty your poisonHOWES plants
which your dogs had been pupperly introduced to while
growing from the grHOWEND, are suddenly CHANGED
to a new and interesting potentially DEADLY EXXXPERIENCE.

So, soon as you're done trimin your poisonHOWES
plants, allHOWE your dog to check them HOWET
and follow the METHOD to EXXXTINGUISH their
desire for the FORBIDDEN FRUIT just like HOWE
you train ALL behaviors like introducing dogs to
kats or breaking fear aggression of small children
dog fighting fear of thunder or any other behavior,
according to The Puppy Wizard's FREE WWW
Wits' End Dog Training Method Manual <{) ; ~ ) >

From: The_Insanely_Freakin_Simply_Amazing_Grand_Puppy_Wizard <{) ;
~ ) >
Date: Tues, Jun 13 2006 8:27 pm

HOWEDY Crystal aka starrkssd and Starr,

s* wrote:
> I am glad Jerry's advice worked for you,

No she ain't, she's EMBARRASSED TO DEATH, just like
the rest of these lyin dog abusing mental cases, Crystal.

> > but just take a look at the way he talks to people around here.

evelyn means the Gang Of Miserable Stinkin Lyin Dog Kat An Child
Abusing Punk Thug Cowards And Active Acute Chronic Long Term
Incurable MENTAL CASES <{} ; ~ ) >

> > He gets a little 'overworked,' wouldn't you admit?

These cretins jerk choke shock bribe crate intimidate mutilate and
murder innocent defenseless dumb critters an LIE abHOWET it.

> > Best Regards,
> HI , yes i agree with you he needs to relax a bit,

Well then, Crystal, perhaps you've never studied OPERANT CONDITIONING.

That's HOWE COME on occasion you might notice The Incredibely Freakin
Insanely Simply Amazing Grand Puppy Wizard allHOWES a thread to go
on for a while or ignores a particularly viciHOWES poster, to keep the
flames stoked, otherWIZE we wouldn't have all the CASE HISTORY DATA
with which to IDENTIFY EXXXPOSE and DISCREDIT the Gang Of Miserable
Stinkin Lyin Dog Kat An Child Abusing Punk Thug Cowards And Active
Chronic Long Term Incurable MENTAL CASES like evelyn <{) ; ~ ) >

> i dont think that people really need to be so rude as they are around here

In REAL LIFE you've NEVER seen Jerry Howe be RUDE to ANY WON.

> but i guess whenever poeple disagree on something they are
> passionate about it gets ugly......

No, that's mistaken, Crystal. The Incredibly Freakin Insanely Simply
Amazing Grand Puppy Wizard TALKS BUSINESS and SCIENCE
with businessmen and scientists on their own level.

MUTILATE and MURDER innocent defenselss dumb critters <{) ; ~ ) >

OtherWIZE, the Jerry Howe that *YOU KNOW* WOULD NEVER treat

> im wondering what kind of correction you mean,

evelyn is a KOEHLER trainer, Crystal. HOWEver, she'll DENY THAT
on accHOWENT of koehler DIED pryor to the advent of the PRONGED
on accHOWENT of "IT'S GENTLER" and distributes the FORCE more
evenly arHOWEND the dog's throat.

OF CURSE, you'll notice from the leerburg site where evelyn has
been "brushing up" on her TRAINING TECHNIQUES that he sez
the pronged spiked pinch choke collar should NOT be used on
REACTIVE dogs as a slight CORRECTION from it may overstimulate
them to ATTACK.

Conversely, the EXXXPERTS here will tell you that THEY DO NOT
CORRECTIONS, as it's SELF CORRECTING, IOW, the handler ain't
suppoed to apply the FORCE, the DOG DOES IT HISSELF.

HOWE the dog KNOWS it's HIM that's HURTIN HISSELF is just
WON of the many MYSTERIHOWES aspects of canine thinking.

> becasue when my dog wants something she cant have
> or starts heading into my neighbors yard ill say no,

WORKS EVERY TIME, don't it, Crystal <{) : ~ ( >

of The Incredibly Freakin Insanely Simply Amazing Grand Puppy
FREE WWW Wits' End Dog Training Method Manual and you'll
EXXXTINGUISH Starr's desire to go over there when you don't
ASK her to.

> but in a tone that sounds like if she asked a question
> and the answer was no.

REMEMBER what we're dealin with here, Crystal. We're
dealin with professiona obsfucationists who'll twist the
their dogs in order to compensate for their fragile defective
egos, weak fearful minds and colossal inferiority complexes.

> then i praise her.

Right. HOWEver, tellin your dog "NO" WILL NOT EXXXTINGUISH the

> just wondering what you have found to work.

Todd H.
2006-06-23 11:15:14 EST
Craig Bailey <> writes:
> Any suggestions for how to stop an 11-year-old eskimo/poodle mix who
> insists on eating the new kitten's cat food?
> Training methods? Bowl placement? Special feeding devices?

I believe dogs will always go for catfood since it has a higher
protein content than dog food. I'm not sure if this is the why of it
all, but I do know that every dog that can will go after cat food and
that it's not necessarily good for em.

Just move the cat food to a level or location the cat can get to but
the dog can't, and the problem is easily rectified.

Best Regards,
Todd H.
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