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Help With German Shephard Turning Mean
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Julia Altshuler
2003-10-15 19:17:19 EST
The rest of us have him killfiled. Whatever you do, don't copy his
rantings and don't crosspost. Here's the canned post on the subject:

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The Puppy Wizard
2003-10-15 19:46:34 EST
HOWEDY paul,

"Paul Foster" <> wrote in message
> Language?

Are you criticizing The Puppy Wizard's grama? She's a
tired old lady who wants to HEELP The Puppy Wizard
with some of the tough SPELLIN.

> Gibberish.

What kinda SPELL is THAT, paulie? Tried it
backwards and forward and NUTHIN HAPPENED.

> Are you also aware that you are cross posting to about 8 Groups?

The Puppy Wizard's grama just retired for the
evenin and won't be able to heelp The Puppy
Wizard with HIS cipherin till tommorow, GLW.

Meanwhile, chew on this:

To John Stossel From The Puppy Wizard

> Oscar the Grouch?

"It is by muteness that a dog becomes so
utterly beyond value. With him, words play
no torturing tricks.., " John Galsworthy.

Like a confessor Priest? Don't bet your dog
won't tell on you. Their behaviors reflect our
words, actions and training quirks," Jerry Howe,
The Puppy Wizard.

> New Puppies Are Cute, But They Need Some
> Serious Training

That's FALSE, John. You been HAD. Training dogs is
EZ FAST GENTLE FUN and FREE, if you follow the
instructions in your FREE copy of The Puppy Wizard's
FREE WWW Wits' End Dog Training Method Manual
and ASK The Puppy Wizard if you need any additional

>By John Stossel

>Oct. 3 - Who can resist a puppy?

A dog is a dog, John.

> They're so cute, cuddly, and people say they'll be
> your friend for life.

So we put them on a pronged spiked pinch or slip
choke collar and jerk and choke them, lock IT in a
box and IGNORE HIS CRIES, and spray aversives
into ITS face and shock IT to teach love trust caring
gentleness and respect?

> I wanted that.

Well, you been used and abused by the
biggest liars dog abusers and frauds in
the business. These people HURT and
KILL dogs cause they don't have the
INTELLECT to HOWEtwit the cunning
of the domestic puppy dog.

> I wanted unconditional love,

Unconditional love? You mean, like an abused
child or wife who accepts the blame for their abuse
and won't blame their abusers for HURTING FORCING

Your dog's story is the same same as any
abused child or wife's, if he was able to TALK.

Perhaps The Puppy Wizard can speak for him?

> so I got a puppy -

And followed the instructions of the best pet
care professionals you could find, just like
HOWE everyWON else does it.

> Oscar, a Tibetan Terrier.

And that brought you a sad tail to tell.

> Watch John Stossel's full report on 20/20 at 10 p.m.

Apologies all arHOWEND, The Puppy Wizard missed
the broadcast. Perhaps we'll do a other WON together,
real soon. The Puppy Wizard is dedicated to IDENTIFYING,

> But he wasn't unconditional love -

Right. Cause you OFFENDED IT by the
advice you was followin.

> he was trouble.

NO. A dog is a dog. You and your dog was
VICTIMIZED by the liars and dog abusers
who RIP US OFF for HOWER hard earned
dough and HOWER dog's lives CAUSE THEY
FEAR AND ABUSE DOGS who's behaviors

"If you talk with the animals, they will talk with you and you
will know each other. If you do not talk to them, you will not
know them, and what you do not know you will fear.

What one fears, one destroys."
Chief Dan George

Adapted with permission from his FREE copy
of The Puppy Wizard's FREE WWW Wits'
End Dog Training Method Manual.

> He kept nipping at me,

Because you was taught to IGNORE his BONDING
of his behaviors you do not understand cause you've
been TAUGHT all the typical DOMINANCE / FEAR
BULLSHIT of HOWER dog behavior EXXXPERTS who

> and he was lots of work.

Trainin dogs is EZ FAST and FREE John, if you know HOWE.

> House training was the beginning.

HOWEsbreaking is INSTINCTIVE. Only a dog
trainer could befHOWEL a dog's natural INSTINCT
to relieve hisself HOWETA his HOWES.

> Maybe you can just let your dog out the back door,
> but I live in an apartment building in New York City.

EveryWON gotta be somewhere...

> House training means picking Oscar up, so he
> doesn't go in the elevator, carrying him outside
> and waiting for him to "go."

Lucky thing you don't raise a litter of Great Danes
like The Puppy Wizard did in a third floor apartment
in the city forty sumpthin years ago...

> Someone told me that if me that if he doesn't go
> within 10 minutes,

The Puppy Wizard recommends TWO minutes.

> then I'm supposed to bring him back inside,


> then out again, and back, and out, until he gets the idea.

Well, it's a little more complex than that...

> At least it finally worked.

Yeah. You got LUCKY.

> When I first brought Oscar home, I was reminded
> that I had to comfort the puppy; after all, this was
> his first night away from his mommy,

Right. So they told you to lock IT in a box and
IGNORE HIS CRIES just like HOWE his mommy
does. Well John, a mom dog won't IGNORE her
puppy's cries for WON MOMENT.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress
can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
~ Mohandas Gandhi -- Adapted with permission from
his FREE copy of The Puppy Wizzzard's FREE Wits'
End Dog Training Method Manual. <}TPW ; ~ ) >

> so they told me to spend four nights sleeping
> next to him with my fingers reaching into his crate.

The Puppy Wizard has raised and trained tHOWESANDS
of puppys and in over forty years of professional experience
specializing in temperament and behavior problems and
protection working dogs has NEVER recommended lockin
them in a box and ignoring their cries to teach them HIS
HOWES is HOWER HOWES and that we CARE for him
just like HOWE his mommy did...

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is
ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third,
it is accepted as being self-evident.
-Arthur Schopenhauer

> This would stop him from crying at night.


> It did.

Goddamned tootin.

> But - four nights on the kitchen floor?

"Su casa es mi casa," eh John?

> So was he grateful?

Locking dogs in a box PAINICKS many of them.
Crating dogs teaches them the crate is HIS HOWES

Dogs become FEARFUL because the box is
a REFUGE to HIDE from and DWELL ON their
fears, like hidin under a blanket to avoid the

Crating is the principle cause of all behavior problems.

> I don't know.

The Puppy Wizard knows.

"Only the unenlightened speak of wisdom and right action
as separate, not the wise. If any man knows one, he
enjoys the fruit of both. The level which is reached by
wisdom is attained through right action as well. He who
perceives that the two are one knows the truth."

"Even the wise man acts in character with his nature,
indeed all creatures act according to their natures.
What is the use of compulsion then? The love and
hate which are aroused by the objects of sense arise
from Nature, do not yield to them. They only obstruct
the path." Bhagavad Gita, adapted by Krishna with
permission from His FREE copy of The Puppy Wizard's
FREE WWW Wits' End Dog Training Method manual.

Force training JERRYIZES dogs, and GETS THEM DEAD.

Every correction is like our dog lovers seeing a new post
from Jerry and every minute of crate anxiety is like reading
another "thanks Jerry, your method/machine saved my dog's
life" post from The Puppy Wizard's FREE Wits' End Dog
Training Method Manual Students...

> He sure wasn't obedient.

For what? The puppy was already ALIENATED
by having been locked in a box and ignored
and punished and scolded and choked on lead.

> He kept biting at my fingers.

Yeah. He wanted ATTENTION.

> The 'Lassie Syndrome'

SHOWENDS like some professional trainer bullshit...

> I figured I needed help.

You'd been following the advice of the best
pet care professionals you could find, John.


Or was you being LIED TO???

> So I took Oscar to one of Andrea Arden's puppy classes.


You got RIPPED OFF, John. Want to get your hard
earned dough back, John? The Puppy Wizard provides
owner's who've been ABUSED by professional dog abusers.

> Arden's a dog trainer

She's an incompetent blowhard dog abuing
Punk Thug Coward who HURTS dogs and
tells you it don't HURT.

> who has written books like Dog Friendly Dog Training,


> and runs group classes for novices like me.


Dog abusers like her got to be EXXXPOSED
and PROSECUTED, John. She's endangered
the life health and wellbeing of your dog and family.

> Six weekly classes cost $300.

You could be DONE training your dog in a few
days FOR FREE if you learned HOWE.

> I told Arden I was disappointed.


> I was looking for cuddly, unconditional love

And you was taught to jerk and choke and
avoid and bribe behaviors your trainer doesn't
have the intellect to HOWEtwit...

Got some NEWS for you, Johnny. It's the
same same same same sad tail for HOWER

> and I wasn't getting it.

INDEEDY. What you got was PREDICTABLE.

> She said she hears this a lot from new dog owners.


Yet she CONtinues to HURT and INTIMDATE dogs

> "We call that the Lassie Syndrome,"

These sorry bastards never tire of BLAMING
THE DOG, even a DEAD T.V. dog will do.


In The Problem Animal Behavior BUSINESS
SAME, For The Problem Child Behavior BUSINESS.

A Dog Is A Dog As A Child Is A Child. They Respond
In Predictable Innate, Normal, Natural, Instinctive,
Reflexive, Ways, To Circumstances And Situations
Of Their Environments Which We Create For Them.

> where people get a dog and they think they're
> going to bring it into their home and it's going
> to be perfect,"

Like ALL The Puppy Wizard's FREE WWW Wits'
End Dog Training Method Manual Student's dogs.

> she said, "and when the dog can't live up to those
> expectations the dog is given up."


HOWE abHOWET the DOG TRAINER accepting
ALIENATING the dog from his family by jerking
choking crating shocking and spraying aversives
in their faces?

> Sadly, millions of dogs are put to sleep every year,

UNNECESSARILY, John. A dog is a dog. The
Puppy Wizard NEVER FAILS to pupperly train
from settin right here, stark ravin nekkid.

> because their owners can't deal with their behavior
> problems.

You mean the behavior problems caused by locking

> It's a good reason to get expert help.

Want to get your hard earned dough back, John?

> Arden teaches reward training,

Oh? You mean BRIBES, don't you, John?

> the technique that's recommended by groups
> like The Association of Pet Dog Trainers.



> They argue that rewarding a dog for good behavior

You CANNOT "reward" a behavior that's NOT CAUGHT
IN THE ACT, John. Dogs don't reflect on their past
performance, they think of their NEXT behavior, that's
what you're REWARDING, a behavior you don't even
realize is being THOUGHT OF yet, cause the dog
hasn't taken action on his THOUGHTS...

Every thing you've been taught is DEAD WRONG,
and The Puppy Wizard will PROVE IT IN COURT.

Care to get your hard earned dough back, John?

> works better than punishing it for mistakes.


You mean, like confining the dog to a box for
a time HOWET and jerking and choking IT
on a pronged spiked pinch choke collar to
make IT pals and want to be with you forever?

> The old punishment method - yanking hard on
> a dog's leash when it does something wrong -
> used to be the standard. Arden said,

Right. NHOWE they use the SELF CORRECTING
pronged spiked pinch choke collar and remote
pain infliction devices.

> "One of the most common techniques was something
> called 'helicoptering,' where the dog would be on a choke
> chain,

Oh, well modern dog trainers don't use CHOKE chains,
they prefer PRONGED SPIKED PINCH CHOKE collars.
They don't HURT dogs just on accHOWENT of they
LOOK like a midevil torture device... They're really
GENTLE when used pupperly as taught by a EXXXPERT!

> and if he did something wrong, you would literally
> lift him off of the ground, and swing him in the air."

Well, fortunately that's all in the past, eh John?

> Keep Puppies in a Crate

To teach them your HOWES is his HOWES.

> Arden's method teaches owners to limit their
> puppy's chance to make mistakes in the first place.

On accHOWENT of she ain't got NO METHOD
to TRAIN dogs, John. You've been HAD by a

> Tip No. 1: keep puppies in a crate much of the time.

To teach it BONDING, eh John?

> I thought the crate seemed cruel.

Naaaah. Crating ain't CRUEL. HOWE the
EXXXPERTS "teach" "crate training" is
what's CRUEL, John. Most dogs and children
are raised according to the BEST ADVICE like
you got from DOG ABUSERS...

> It's like I'm putting him in jail, I told Arden.


> She made the point that it's no more cruel than
> putting a child in a crib.


> Come to think of it, it's the same technique many
> doctors recommend for getting a child to sleep
> through the night.

INDEED. The same doctors who TREAT mentally
ill children, John. HOWE COME you think kids
and dogs become MENTALLY ILL, John?

> I reported on that years ago. Doctors said you
> were supposed to visit the room - to show the
> child you're not abandoning him. But don't pick
> him up, just leave again and ignore the screams.

Yeah... and then they get a MENTAL PATIENT to
sell DRUGS to, forever.

> Eventually, the child learned to sleep through the night.

NO, John. The child and dog learn that mom and
dad don't CARE abHOWET them... Perhaps THAT'S
HOWE COME so many children abandon their parents
in nursing HOWEses when they need love care and
attention from their children???


> And as it works for kids,

No, it makes kids MENTALLY ILL.

> it will supposedly work for dogs.

NO. If it works for DOGS, then it'll work for kids.

> It did finally work for Oscar, but only after painful
> hours of whimpering.

Perhaps THAT'S HOWE COME your dog is AGGRESSIVE?

> But Oscar was still biting.

That was probably normal mHOWEthing, but
you was taught to REJECT and PUNISH his
BONDING EFFORTS, and that makes a dog

> Once when I was playing with him, he bit my ear.

That's no accident.

> He shredded it enough that I had
> to go to a doctor to get patched up.

We can discuss HOWE COME you dog LEARNED
to BITE you to get your ATTENTION.

> It's one more reason to take a class with your new puppy.

THAT SO? You take dogs to puppy classes to
teach them to ATTACK their family to get attention?

> 'Time Outs' for Bad Behavior

Dogs do not do BAD behaviors, John. They
REFLEXIVE behaviors in response to situations
and circumstances of their environments which
WE provide for them.


> Arden

You mean the DOG ABUSER, John?

> says when your puppy does something you don't like,

Like mHOWETHING to BOND and get your attention?

> withdraw your attention

Won't that FRUSTRATE the dog, like you done
when you locked IT in a box to teach IT to be QUIET?

> and prevent the puppy from playing -


> that's Tip No. 2. It's like a "time out" that parents give kids.

Oh. You mean, PUNISHMENT. Perhaps THAT'S HOWE
COME parents can't train their KIDS, John? The Puppy
children or ladies or dogs, cause IT DON'T WORK.

> Every class member seemed to have a different problem.


> Nino Passeo has a puppy who jumps up on people.

Takes MOMENTS to train a dog not to jump.

> This could cost him money,

Ahhhh, the FEAR card, John?

> because he owns a flower shop. And when people
> come in, the puppy greets them by jumping up on
> them. That scares little kids.

RIGHT! So HOWER EXXXPERT trainer will teach

> Scolding the dog didn't help.

RIGHT! The Puppy Wizard NEVER scolds
punishes intimidates or avoids behavior problems.

> In class, Nino was taught the way to get a dog not
> to jump up is to teach it what to do instead . in
> this case: to sit.

Well, THAT ain't gonna work cause the dog AIN'T
HOWEtweighs the STIMULUS of the BRIBE you
been taught to use to MAKE IT SIT.

Secondly, bribing and withholding bribes to
elicit a behavior INCREASES ANXIETY.
When the COMMAND is asked, even far into
the future, the dog REFLEXES his thoughts
to the BRIBE being WITHHELD to elicit his
behavior you're trying to AVOID by givin the command.

Make sense?

> How did Arden do it?

or the handler for not bein able to FORCE
CONTROL or BRIBE a behavior she doesn't
have the INTELLECT to HOWEtwit.

> By bribing him with a tiny piece of food every time
> he sat. That's Tip No. 3: Reward the dog when it
> behaves as you want. With enough repetition, the
> puppy learns which behavior gets it food.

Yeah, but IT don't put that into CONTEXT. IT only
wants to elicit the bribe... the behavior is NOT
LEARNED, it's only an ILLUSION.

> Arden explained, "I'm like a robot,

arden is like a DOG ABUSER.

> I turn off when the dog does jump, and I turn
> back on when the dog sits."

And that REWARDS the dog for JUMPIN.
The dog will quickly learn to jump to elicit

Catch22, Johnny.

> I know we're not supposed to bribe our kids,

Sez who? Most child behaviorists rely on
bribes and intimidation, just like HOWE
HOWER dog abusers do it.

> but it works with dogs.

No John, it DON'T WORK with dogs. It FAILS
to the tune of five million DEAD DOGS every
year BECAUSE OF behavior problems.

> Arden's training's helped Nino Passeo, the
> flower shop owner. Now when children come
> into his shop, the dog stays low.

Yeah, cause Nino has to break HOWET the
bribes every time a kid comes in, instead of
learning HOWE to respond NATURALLY.

He got LUCKY, John.

> The treats worked for most of the puppies in the class,

NO, they DIDN'T WORK John, or the puppys
woulda learned their lessons NEARLY INSTANTLY.
They didn't. They went through weeks and months
INTIMIDATE behavior problems into extinction.

> but Oscar was still aggressive.

Duh-Oh? You mean, like HOWE he was
when you bought IT from a ETHICKAL BREEDER?

> When a friend came over, he tore her pants. Then
> he bit a vet in the face; and he bit my son. I obviously
> needed more help.

You mean, more heelp than your EXXXPERT
professional DOG ABUSER could give you, John?

> Show You're 'Top Dog' & Use the Leash

You mean, HURT and INTIMIDATE IT, John?

> I hired a specialist: Kiela Kern.

A Thug?

> She's a trainer who calls herself the "Dog Whisperer,"

Oh. She HURTS dogs silently?

> and she impressed me because she clearly had a way
> with dogs.

That so?

> Kern told me it was good I'd hired someone.

Yeah. SHOWENDS like uncle matty, world class
dog trainer taught by the world famHOWES captain
arthur haggerty... liar, dog abuser, and master dog
trainin lesson salesman.

> She said Oscar was "a shark in a teddy bear costume.

SHOWENDS like the BULLSHIT captain haggerty
teaches his professional dog abuser students.

> He is a very loving animal, but he's also potentially
> a very dangerous animal."

INDEEDY? The Puppy Wizard got a hundred bucks
sez she's a graduate of captain haggerty... dog abuser
and blowhard and liar, EXXTRAORDINAIRE.

> Kern said Oscar feels the need to be aggressive
> "because he feels threatened.


> He thinks it's his job. He thinks he has to protect himself."

Ahhh? Perhaps that goes back to them early days of
being LOCKED IN A BOX AND IGNORED when he cried?

> She says I have to show Oscar it's my job to protect him,

RIGHT! So you're gonna BE NICE to IT, eh Johnny?

> that I'm "top dog."



You think you're gonna BOSS this little dog arHOWEND???
This little dog is gonna tear your fingers off and get ITSELF
DEAD in the process.

> Another training technique was establishing my
> position as top dog.

The Puppy Wizard seen a couple dogs in
the park doin that... don't look like it's anythin
we should be copying.

> Then Oscar would supposedly relax. To do that,
> I had to learn how to use the leash,


> and how to cue him to do what I want him to do.

You mean, to jerk and choke and INTIMIDATE IT.

> "Nothing speaks more loudly and clearly than the leash.

That's the hallmark of a DOG ABUSER, Johnny.

> It's the clearest way for you to communicate your
> intentions to your dog," Kern said.

Let's see this dog abuser DEMONSTRATE his
"METHODS" in front of a CRIMINAL JUDGE and
JURY on charges of ANIMAL ABUSE, eh John?

> Dog owners are supposed to give short, quick tugs
> instead of pulling.

To teach CONfidence, LOVE, TRUST and BONDING,
eh Johnny?

> To get Oscar accustomed to the new commands,

You mean, to COWER Oscar into doin whatever
his abuser FORCES and INTIMIDATES him TO DO.

> Kern took over for a few weeks, spending time with
> him in places like Grand Central Station to get him
> used to

Gettin jerked and choked...

> crowds and noise, so he wouldn't feel so threatened
> by them.

Because he's gettin MORE THREATENED by his

> Don't Give Up

It's OVER, John. The Puppy Wizard got the goods
on the entire industry. You had enough, or do you
want more of the same same same same???

> I was looking forward to a perfect dog

Then you shouldn'ta HURT and INTIMIDATED an
BRIBED and IGNORED IT, as you was taught by
the EXXXPERTS The Puppy Wizard is fixin to

It's not too late, but you and your puppy got a lot
of FORGETTING to do first.

> when she brought him back to me. Instead, he
> instantly was his old wild self. I thought after a
> few weeks with the trainer, everything would have
> changed.

Because a EXXXPERT was HURTIN your dog for you?

> It was so disappointing.

You want your hard earned dough back, John?

> As with a problem child,

It's the same same same same. The Puppy
Wizard's FREE WWW Wits' End Dog Training
Method Manual trains all dogs and children and
parents and handlers to PERFECTION, NEARLY

But you got to STOP HURTING and INTIMIDATING them.

> you don't want to give up.

You mean KILL IT, to be fair.

> But what could I do?

You got to STUDY your FREE copy of The
Puppy Wizard's FREE WWW Wits' End Dog
Training Method Manual and ASK The Puppy
Wizard if you need any additional FREE heelp.

> Well, Kern

You mean, your second professional DOG ABUSER?

> said Oscar was still out of control because I still
> hadn't convinced him that I was top dog.

OH. He means you didn't HURT and INTIMIDATE
your puppy enough.

> I needed more leash work,

You mean, more jerking and choking?

> and I had to learn to hold him in certain
> ways to convince him I was in charge.

Ahhh, the alphalpha rollover. That's been
recinded by job michal evans, the monkey
of new skeete dog abuser who first taught it
cause it teaches dogs to TURN on their abusers.

> After hours of training with her German Shepherd

Oh? That was kindly of her to loan you a dog to hurt...

> (so Oscar wouldn't sense my lack of certainty), I
> finally got it, and Oscar's finally listening to me.

That so?

> I can get him to sit, lie down, and all that,

Do tell???

> but he still sometimes jumps at people,

INDEED. That's from ANXIETY.

> and if the leash didn't stop him,

You mean, if you didn't JERK and CHOKE him.

> I think he'd bite.

INDEEDY. That's what happens when we HURT
a dog for greetin folks... THAT'S HOWE COME
you got to help The Puppy Wizard EXXXPOSE
these dog abusers for the incompetent lyin dog
abusing Punk Thug Cowards they are.

> He did bite a vet,

Perhaps the vet was MISHANDLING him.

> and my son

That was probably in play.

> (not badly - he didn't draw blood).

That's irrelevent. If the dog was actually biting,
it's the THOUGHT before the bite that cHOWENTS.

> So what do I do?

You got to FORGET every thing you've been
taught by these DOG ABUSERS and study
your FREE copy of The Puppy Wizard's FREE
WWW Wits' End Dog Training Method Manual
and ask The Puppy Wizard if you need any additional
FREE heelp and SUE THE BASTARDS who nearly
got your DOG DEAD and your family HURT by teaching
you to ABUSE him.

> The Dog Whisperer thinks we're going to work out.



> "You have the language now.

DEATH as the last remaining training option,
eh John? Is THAT what YOU PAID FOR to learn?

> You have the tools now,

So long as you can INTIMIDATE and HURT your

> and I think you guys are gonna do fine."

So long as you don't turn your back on your dog...

> I hope she's right.


You ain't alone. It happens all over the Whole
Wild World. Your dog will continue to have
temperament and behavior problems and will
develop life threatening DIS-EASES as a direct
result of STRESS from MISHANLING.

It's The Puppy Wizard's SYNDROME.

From: Linda (
Subject: Wits End Dog Training
Date: 2003-01-07 22:10:40 PST


"Linda" <> wrote in message

> I have been trying for the last 18 months to help my
> dog who became fear aggressive at 18 month of age.
> I do not know what started the problem but he came
> aggressive first with dogs and then began lunging and
> snapping at people. Until this time he loved everyone
> and could play with any dog. He was well socialized
> ad I took him with me everywhere.
> At 13 months he passed the Canine Good Citizens
> Test except he could let me leave him. I had used
> clicker training to teach him manners and tricks but
> it was not working on his aggression problem.
> I took him to vets who suggested a low protein diet,
> trainers who charged $800 to only make him worse.
> They tried to use a prong collar and he froze, urinated
> and tried to climb on my head to help him. they then
> suggested a shock collar I knew this approach was not
> working as he was becoming more aggressive.
> I took him to an animal behaviorist with PhD 400 miles
> away who told me to "KEEP HIM SAFE" and read a book
> on the fearful canine. I tried another trainer who tried to
> use a nylon chock collar but it only made him worse.
> I read hundreds of books,"CULTURE CLASH", "DOG
> LEASH", ETC looking for help.
> We finally went to Purdue University Small Animal
> Behavior Clinic and they said he had fear aggression,
> punishment would not work, use the gentle leader and
> when out walking and he got stressed have the people
> stop until he could get in control using treats,and work
> on clicker training.
> At that point I knew more about clicker training and
> using the gentle leader than they did! Nothing was
> working--he would not come when I called him and
> would run away when I tried to catch him.
> I was afraid to walk him even in the neighborhood
> as we had become that "mean dog and women who
> hasn't trained her dog."
> I went to four trainers in both Michigan and Florida
> who were trainer/specialists in aggression and the
> last two were so afraid of him they could not approach
> him. No one said I should give up on him and kill him
> but they would say "You have to realize he is dangerous
> and you are responsible for him."
> As last resort I tried the internet again--I had had
> on going discussions with trainers from Triple Crown
> and Dr Meister with out any help-and I found the ad
> to Doggy Do Right and messaged Jerry to ask if this
> might help my dog.
> He said solving the aggression problem was EZ
> but I could not believe him even when I downloaded
> the manual.
> The name of the method was right I was at my Wits End.
> I had been working for 18 month!
> Using the can sound three time he came, and still comes
> from anywhere with the command-"comegoodboy" Next
> I tried the can when walking him--when he saw a dog three
> blocks away he went off-lunging and snapping-I used the
> can sound and he looked at me like uhn?
> I used it three more times and we got to the other dog-
> -the looked at me wagging his tail--the other person
> looked at me like why are shaking that can but just
> walked on by.
> When ever I try to explain about the sound people look
> at me like "you must be out of your mind"
> The results can make a believer!!!
> Three weeks since beginning the Wits End Training
> Manual program I walked him without the gentle leader
> in a busy shopping area with many dogs. He just
> seemed to not notice any one.
> When people talked to him or ask his name he would
> look at then and wag his tail and let then pet him.
> I still can not believe the change in him--we can now
> enjoy life out in public.
> If I had not found the Wits End method I know there
> was no hope for him and he would have hurt someone
> and had to be killed. Through all this he never growled
> at me, guarded his toys or food or showed any sign of
> aggression with me.
> My goal is to get the message out to all dog lovers that
> dogs can be trained fast, easily and problems solved with
> out force, pain, food or anything but sound and praise!!!!
> I know most people would have given up on him a long time
> ago but he was and is my life. Solving the problem was EZ
> but only with the right approach-sound and praise.
> I know because I tried everything else and nothing worked!!!


----- Message -----
From: Linda Daniel
To: Jerry Howe
Sent: Monday, January 06, 2003 1:06 AM
Subject: Re: FOREVER And A DAY! - Re: dog aggression

Thanks for writing--I would be happy to do almost anything
to get your approach out to dog owners as I know it would
save so many lives. I know at times I was so frustrated I
thought of giving up on Sunshine but of course I never would
have but many people would have. The world just does not
know you can train a dog in just a few sessions and actually
solve problems.

We will be here until late April and we really have no plans-
-just to enjoy the warmth and sun of Florida, so any time
you could meet us would be great. I drive so I would be
happy to come to you anytime anywhere!

We went to Celebration today and two little poodles got
right into his face and he just sat there--I GOT a little
scared but he handled it just fine.--a couple of times people
would ask his name and want to pet him and he just went
to them tail wagging and rolled over for them rub his tummy.

He really just is not concerned about people passing, even
those on rollerblades! I have always used a gentle leader
in public but he spent most of time rubbing his face on the
grass--today I used his collar and he was so much happier!!

Only problem is he will stop to smell and I can not get
stopped soon enough to keep the leash loose. He never
pulled ahead of me but when he gets into smelling I have
a hard time getting him going--at times I think he could
smell a blade of grass for 10 minutes.

I can never thank you enough for giving Sunshine back!!!!!

I wrote to Purdue and told them about him being able to
walk in a crowd with out the /gentle leader and not having
a problem with other people and dogs.

I told them their advice did not work. Their advice was
to use the gentle leader at all times and when he was
around people or dogs to have him sit and reward with
treats--one really good suggestions was to have people
coming toward us stop when he got stressed or aroused
and not move until we backed away-

- can you just see me yelling at people to stop on the street
until I get his attention with treats.

They also suggested the possibility of using drugs-prozac-
but thought he was too dangerous as the drug would make
him less fearful and then he might attack or become more
sure of himself and become dominate aggressive. Just had
to share their great advice with you but I am sure you have
heard it all--even I am becoming an expert on bad advice.



----- Original Message -----
>From: Linda
>To: Jerry Howe
>Sent: Sunday, January 05, 2003 12:13 PM
>Subject: Re: dog aggression
> Well we are here in Kissimmee and I can not believe the
> change in Sunshine--we went to farmers market in
> Celebration and everyone wanted to pet Sunshine and
> he walked up and wagged his tail--he is so much happier
> and less stressed.

Puppy Wizard's day all warm and fuzzy!

Thank you for being a dedicated student!

> One problem which I have not solved

There's NUTHIN we can't solve together from sittin
right here..., stark ravin nekkid.

> is his jumping up on people he knows and loves-

Fine! EZ!

> -he still gets so excited he get out of control.

O.K. There's lots of ways we can break that.

> He does not jump up on strangers or people he meets


> Just the people he is so excited to see.


> I have told everyone I see about you and your system-


> -people with little dogs who are totally untrained have
> been able to quiet their dog with the can and good boy!!


> Everyone wants to know why the can works

You mean they want to know HOWE COME IT WORKS?

> and how you were able to understand how a dog thinks.

I grew up in a Dane kennel. My dogs have ALWAYS been
bigger n me... and I couldn't hurt them at all, so I couldn't
train them, and that was not making The Puppy Wizard's
dogs owner's HAPPY. And WE couldn't KILL THEM as
our EXXXPERT trainers and breed fanciers practice.

So, we worked 24/8 just like I'm still doin.

But back then, it was just me and my dog. Now it's me
an my dogs against the ENTIRE industry, so it seems
self proclaimed dog lovers who RELIGIOUSLY REFUSE
to believe we can train ALL dogs and ALL handlers and
ALL behavior problems using ONE method... because
"every dog is a individual" and NEEDS "individualized"

Well, it's that "INDIVIDUALIZED TRAINING" that KILLS dogs
and gets innocent people HURT. And the crying goddamned
shame of it is, there's NO reason for it save for the fragile
defective EGOS of our professional and competitive pet
lovers who'd PREFER to HURT their own dogs than listen to
the one trainer and his multitude of 100% nearly instantly
SUCCESSFUL, FREE Wits' End Dog Training Method manual
students, like YOURSELF.

Their objection? "Could be dangerous not having CONTROL."

> Now just a good boy when he gets a little concerned will
> have him turn toward me and look like "oh great"

Our EXXPERT dog lovers blatantly refuse to praise a dog
for doin BAD, they KNOW they got to HURT IT to teach
RESPECT.. for their goddamned G-d-like AUTHORITY.

> We are close to Celebration and when he was little we
> went over and sat by the water and people talked with
> us and petted Sunshine but last year we could not go
> as he lunged at everyone and sounded like he wanted to kill.

Yeah. That's cause EVERYTHING you'd been "taught" by
your pet professional was EXXXACTLY OPPOSITE of
what YOU learned HERE in CYBERSPACE, and applied
in a couple of days, maybe LESS... Hey? Got a surprise for

Last week The Puppy Wizard signed onto the "pro trainers"
hot list... a group of jerk and choke pinch and shock

My first post was NOT inflammatory (as you know The Puppy
Wizard has a propensity for being, when dealing with "dog

My introduction IMMEDIATELY got me "redirected" to their
"BACK ROOM" "where ANYTHING goes..." Well, their only
concern from my first post was that I'd quoted Sir Monty
Roberts, the horse trainer for The Queen?

Our horse trainers are EXXXACTLY the same selfish, vicious,
ignorant, lying animal abusing coward thug cretins who hurt
dogs where I come from. ALL they wanted to do was 'take issue'
with ME quoting the NOTORIOUS ABUSER and FRAUD,
Sir Monty Roberts!~

All for havin quoted ONE LINE: "I've never seen a horse
run to the NEXT blade of grass." IMAGINE???

They had NOTHIN to say about the detailed DOG BEHAVIOR
text I'd sent, only voiced their objections to that dangerous
unscrupulous horseman!!! I didn't make any other reference
to him except his simile about BRIBERY.

In examining their quoted "complaints" of animal abuse, there
were only 2 references to HORSES! They intentionally
maligned his Technique, which is comparable to The Puppy
Wizard's H&C FPLX.

My findings were there were NO discrepancies in MR's methods,
only in the COMPLAINER'S failure to WANT to understand and

As we've seen from MY work with these "trainers" on the net,
their OBJECTIONS were FALSE, and their rendition of what
MR's methods, tools, and goals are, were OBSCURED beyond
any sense of reason... or practicality!

I managed to last about 1.5 days in the PRO TRAINER'S


> Now we can go and he enjoys the people again-


Hey? Ya wanna know HOWE COME the PRO TRAINERS
freaked out on Your Puppy Wizard, Linda??? The Puppy
Wizard figured he'd CUT THEM DOWN TO SIZE, so he
sent them YOUR POSTING HISTORY - with the subject
header: "Cripples Train Vicious Dogs Just Like Your
Puppy Wizard."


Them nitwits got Your Puppy Wizard laughin in Spanish
and he don't even Espekie Espanish!!!

Here's a bit of the text, I think you'll appreciate it.
BUT FIRST, check the goddamned seatbelt an set
the breaks on your wheel chair or you WILL have
a accident when you start laughin so hard as you're
gonnna... Try this on for size:

> > Get some help, man.

Don't need no HELP. Training dogs is EZ. Even a cripple
student of mine can train their dogs better and faster
than the whole damned bunch of you assholes put
together... Even if we give you a week's head start...


> I would have written sooner, but I had to wait for the
> laughter to subside.

Check it out! Your Puppy Wizard is laughin his ass off.

> Thanks, Keith. :-)

Oh, I didn't think Keith was being insincere when he
asked for the contact info. I figured if he was serious
he'd of just punched up a couple emails and wrote...

> That may be the best advice

Laughter is always the best medicine, ruthie. Perhaps
that's HOWE COME my FREE Wits' End Dog Training
Method manual students dogs train up so goddamned
fast and EZ?

> I've ever seen given on the internet!

Oh, INDEED! We got help here. Your Puppy Wizard's got
them BIOSOUND Scientific Elves...

> Eleanor

Oh, bye the bye, here's a CRIPPLE with a vicious dog
that bit her twice a couple days before she wrote.
And I'll get you a other from a other crip who couldn't
even use her clicker, which I think she threw away...


End pro nuthin... tee hee, tee hee, tee hee!

> -Horses have always been a stress for him

a couple times by mistook... but I learned those lessons
QUITE WELL and have applied them to my dogs...

> and last year we could not go the Celebration on the
> weekends because if he saw a horse three blocks
> away he started off barking and tearing up the car
> to get to the horse.

Yeah. Horses belong in the dinner plate or in a can,
as far as our dogs are concerned...

> Just before Christmas we drove over to Celebration
> and when he saw a horse I shook the can and told
> him good boy--after this one time he acts like horses
> are no big deal and can drive right past them.


You got any idea HOWE hard most trainers work on
THAT problem??? FOREVER and A DAY!

> I understand that telling him good boy lets him know
> it is ok and he settles down, but why does it work so
> well???

Aggression is FEAR. HOWE can we be fearful when Mumzie
sez "You good boy you! Nice doggy!"

Huh? HOWE can ANYbody be FEARFUL, when MUMZI
sez "It's O.K. GOOD BOY! NICE DOG!"

> Do you do in personal consultations?

The Puppy Wizard seldom leaves his rubber room
desktop, even to eat.

> I still have a few problems that I know are related
> to my not being able to move very well and am alone
> so it is hard to do the family thing.

NO PROBLEMO! Tell me what's the problem,
and Your Puppy Wizard will troubleshoot it for
you and it will DISSAPPEAR as fast as it came!

> Also I really want to meet you as I figured out
> I had spent over four thousand dollars with
> classes, sessions with vets, behaviorist, and
> a visit to Purdue Small Animal Behavioral clinic.

Interested in recouping your LOSSES? Perhaps
Your Puppy Wizard will grant you an audience
were you to consider SUING THE INCOMPETENT
COURT and The Puppy Wizard will CURSE the
offenders and BLESS his dedicated disadvantaged

I'm as serious about that as a heart attack. YOU GAME
FOR THAT? The Puppy Wizard will subsidize any costs
till your court ordered AWARD is GRANTED.


> Nothing helped until I FOUND YOU.

PAYBACK'S A BITCH! Can you pay the Piper?

> The other thing I wanted to share is that I can
> see that because I know he will come and I
> have a way to break his thinking I am more
> relaxed and I think this is very important because
> I think like you said when I got tense he thought
> he had to protect me not understanding that I
> was tense about him.


> Sunshine is really my life

LIKEWISE, The Puppy Wizard's. The Sunshines The
by snot nosed Punk "professional trainers" has brewed
a VILE POTION Your Puppy Wizard has decocted to
THROW IN THE FACES of the entire industry, from
the top to the bottom and back to the depths of HELL
where these vicious cretins were SPAWNED by

> as I am alone and the thought of losing him because
> of him biting or attacking was more than I could take.

LIKEWISE, for Your Puppy Wizard.

> Also taking him out in public is an important part of
> my life as that's how I meet people and have people
> to talk with.

The Puppy Wizard is NOTHING without Sunshine

> Looking forward to hearing from you again

You just did.

> and hope I can meet you and you can meet Mr. Sunshine!!!!!

The Puppy Wizard is NOT a FOOL, for FLATTERY!

What IS the nature of this problem you seek assistance with?

Your Puppy Wizard LIVES for a challenge, Linda.

Tell The Puppy Wizard the nature of your dilemma
you believe requires his generous assistance. IF
The Puppy Wizard can suffice your trainin desires
from sittin right here stark ravin nekkid, he will
GLADLY grant you a personal audience and have
the OPPORTUNITY OF HIS LIFE, to meet our
Sunshine IN THE FLESH....

State: "our training problem is:

And THEN we'll see about OUR own PLEASURE!

Your Puppy Wizard. <YPW;~)

P.S. Coincidentally, we have kin visiting down
your way and we are tentatively planning to
go there (don't know when) as they are not

Perhaps Mrs. Puppy Wizard and himself can combine
the visits and we can socialize *(Ugh! The Puppy
Wizard PREFERS to WORK!!!)?

HOWE long will you be in town, and do you have
any commitments? Your Puppy Wizard is available
24/8 - IF we can solve your training problem as
per the usual, customary, medium. of CYBERSPACE.

DEAL? And PLEASE seriously consider NAILING
DEVOUR their "behaviorists" AND their high priced defense

Cause THAT'S HOWE The Puppy Wizard HAS HIS FUUN!!!

Eternally Yours, Jerry Howe, Your Puppy Wizard. <YPW;~)

P.S. Ooops! In reviewing my post, I've solved your training
problem... Perhaps it was the EXXXCITEMENT of hearing
from you once again and all the prospects it entails. The
PROBLEM IS, when Sunsine greets HIS PALS, he's already
gained physical contact through his feet on his friend.

Advise his friends they must not engage him physically,
that they should ACT NORMAL in their greeting, but at
the very last moment, STEP BACK to avoid contact
with his feet as you operate the techniques, and
Sunshine will AUTOMAGICKALLY become effectively
broken of this last, long term behavioral problem.

The Puppy Wizard is at your disposal. Call me whenever
you'd like and I / we will be there, nearly instantly, or
next spring. The Puppy Wizard gets lost on his way to
the corner store... repeatedly. Perhaps THAT'S HOWE
COME he prefers to be settin right here, stark ravin nekkid.


--------Original Post-----------
From: Linda
To: Jerry Howe
Sent: Monday, November 04, 2002 11:43 AM
Subject: Re: dog aggression - Today Seemed Like A Miracle -

Will try it today and post how well this system works.
We went to a dog class that I had enrolled in for
resocialization--getting him to not lunge and try to
attack every dog he sees, we were at the third class
and I forgot the Halti but he was relaxed and had no
problem with any of the seven dogs-

-in the past he would shake and after a little while
turn away from the dogs and look at the wall. Saturday
he wanted to play with the dogs--he actually pulled
toward the dogs- kinda jumped around like he use to do
before he became aggressive- when he got close to another

Teacher was impressed with him but thought it was from
her class--I didn't tell her anything different-she had
tried but it sure was not working.

Today on our walk a dog went by and he alerted but did
not move toward the dog and when I called him he actually
came with his tail wagging and forget about the dog.

I have told everyone I see about your dog training-
-all my friends and neighbors know I have been so worried
and frustrated with Sunshine's behavior-infact some would
turn around and go the other way so as not to get close to us.

If people knew how easy it could be to get a dog to come
and listen to you there would be a lot less dogs in shelters.

I know I didn't know what to do and was afraid I would have
to kill him if he bite someone even though I loved him so

Original Message -----
To: Jerry Howe
Sent: Saturday, November 02, 2002 2:37 PM
Subject: Re: dog aggression - Today Seemed Like A Miracle -

Sunshine is still acting like a new dog!

Saw a dog today and "good boy-" worked along with calling him-
came the first time every time. Not even a sound out of him.

Think it is hard for him but he never even seemed to think
about going off-reacting.

The word come has no affect on him just the phrase--Sunshine
come goodboy.


----- Original Message -----
From: Jerry Howe
Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2002 7:17 PM
Subject: Re: dog aggression - Today Seemed Like A Miracle -

----- Original Message -----
To: Jerry Howe
Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2002 4:57 PM
Subject: Re: dog aggression


> I am not sure what happened but after two days
> Sunshine walked with me not sniffing, pulling or
> going his own way. In two and a half years he
> has never walked without his nose to the ground-
> -today he walked closer too the cart than ever
> before and turned to look at me every few minutes-
> -in past with treats and pleading he only looked
> toward me when I had a treat in my hand.
> It is hard to believe he has really changed so quickly.
> Now I have several questions--After one time with
> throwing the can he has always come on the first call-
> -do I need to try to set him up to not come so we can
> do four times in different places?

Yup. You've got to generalize the come command to make
it 100% reliable. MISTAKES ARE GOOD. You want him to
make a few mistakes so we can get the sound associated
with the command.

> I have not tried to call him off leash outside as that is
> the time he is does not come.

O.K. You know to do the HOT & Cold and Family Leadership
Exercises and you'll have a perfect come command in a couple
fifteen minute sessions.

> On the leash he came on the first call today even when he
> was starting to explore the leaves etc.

Excellent. We discussed his penchant for eating leaves
and dirt off the ground.

> He walked past several people today with hardly
> a second glance-

We also discussed that he was rather aggressive, and you
were becoming very concerned about being able to keep him.

> he did see a cat about 10 feet away and when I called him
> the first time he did not respond but when I used the can he
> ran over to me and seemed to forget about the cat.

PERFECT. Next time you'll probably not need the sound.
Just remember to vary the origin of the sound each time,
day in to day out, the sequence never breaks.

> Now what do I do when he sees another dog?

You'll tell him GOOD BOY and prepare to make the sound
and praise if he continues looking, and if that fails, you'll
ask him to come, keeping in mind the sequence of the
commands with sound and the distract/praise techniques.

You'll get used to thinking that fast in a couple more days,
no problem.

> Although the calling him the four times seems easy it was
> very hard-

Yes, it takes a bit of a knack to get it just right, but if
you fail, not to worry, you'll be able to get it right the
next time. We don't lose points for "do overs" as long as we
get the pup under control fast and EZ. That's HOWE COME that
dependable come command is so necessary.

> -I had a friend which was good since I had a lot of trouble
> calling the right way and using the can at the same time.

Yes, I recommended you may want a friend to help because
of your disability.

> I found out I had been calling him many times each time
> I called him to come.

Right. Should be about a second between requests and
the sounds on the second and fourth commands and move
off into the FPLX if that fails, and continue the technique.

EZ, huh???

> I am still working on the leash it is really hard when you
> are not standing upright as the leash can not be as loose
> since it drags on the ground-

Yeah, I don't know if you're able, but do try to handle the
lead exactly as instructed. It'll feel uncomfortable for a
few days, but we don't want that lead tangling and
accidentally pullin on him.

>-I am so worried without the leash around my hand

Psst! If you've got fair strength in your hands, let me
do the worrying for you... O.K.?

> but I am not sure if it was the leash,

Well, you know I told you it was the overcontrol of
the lead that triggers positive thigmotaxis, the opposition

> telling him good boy everytime he looked at me

That ALWAYS works. All my Mrs. got to do is tell me
good boy and I'll do anything she asks. Hey? I think
I just figgered out HOWE COME she always gets
her way with me...

> or the cans,

Any sound will suffice, even an extraneous and coincidentally
but well timed sound will work, maybe even BETTER.

> but today seemed like a miracle.


> I told a friend about this approach and they thought you
> were on "Today" this spring--was it you?

Naaah. There's nobody that has such fast EZ safe gentle
methods. I'll be on TV soon enough with my Doggy Do Right
(And Kitty Will And A Rooster Did And A Cockatoo Or Two
Did Too) machine.

But that's just gonna give me the floor to discuss the state
of the art of the animal behavior industry.

Would you do me a favor? If you're on the internet, I'd sure
appreciate it if you'd repost this to the groups, a lot of
people are saying terrible things about me and tellin folks
reports like yours, are FORGERIES by ME.

Thank you for being a good student.

Yours, Jerry.

----- Original Message -----
From: Jerry Howe
Sent: Sunday, October 27, 2002 10:24 PM
Subject: Re: dog aggression

Dog training isn't LUCK. You'll do perfect or I'll get the
heel outta this business... Yours, Jerry.

----- Original Message -----
To: Jerry Howe
Sent: Sunday, October 27, 2002 4:32 PM
Subject: Re: dog aggression

Will let you know how it goes!!!--thanks for the encouragement

----- Original Message -----
To: Jerry Howe
Sent: Sunday, October 27, 2002 12:16 AM
Subject: Re: dog aggression


> I got your message tonight and have printed
> your manual--will start tomorrow--


> I am truly at my wits end!!!

Me too, but not with your problem. This one's EZ!

> Today he bite me twice breaking the skin when
> he was in a "rage" .

He's gonna be EZ. He's not even thinking about you when he
bites. He's just overexcited trying to PROTECT you. That'll
diminish immediately through simply handling the lead
properly, gettin the control and attention through the praise
conditioning, and distract/praising his aggressive thoughts
before he gets out of control.

EZ stuff.

> Once when he saw another dog-ran toward the dog

Sound/praise and repeat as necessary. Just remember
to always vary the direction the sound comes from. You
might need a helper to produce the alternate sounds in

> and pulled me down-

In a couple days that'll cause him to come back to you.

> -since I do not walk or move very well, falling down is
> a major problem as I can not get up without much help.

He'll straighten out in a couple days of EZ work.

> He bite me when my hand went close to his mouth while I was
> falling.

Yes, but he wasn't conscious of YOU, he's in a fury protecting

> The second time was when we were going down the street-
> -I use an electric cart

Excellent. You'll be able to handle him EZ like that.

> and a man walked toward us and He saw him before I did

That would complicate and slow things down.

> and took off-

In a couple days you'll have the control to stop him after
he's started.

> -lunging barking and snapping again I got my hand within
> reach of his mouth and he bite me-

That was predictable!

> -he bites what every is close.

At least he's consistent. That's GOOD!

> When he is not in a rage he will let me doing anything-

Of course. He sounds PERFECT. This is the kind of
dog I'd go out of my way to get for myself...

> -take is food away, touch him anywhere, or do anything to
> him-


> -and he will never even raise his lip but when he goes
> off he is in another world.

Yeah, kinda like me...

> You are my last hope-

You're gonna be EZ.

> -he works to help me at home--he picks up anything on the
> floor,closes doors, picks up the daily paper and will stand
> to brace me when I stand up on my bad days.

He sounds like a great dog!

> He waits for me to go out the door first and will wait until
> I call him to come in and close the door.

He'll learn the same manners when in pubic.

> He really helps me everyday and if I didn't have him life
> would much harder.

We'll fix him up in a couple days of EZ work.

> But I know if we can not solve the "rage" problem

Pssst! It's already in the bag...

> he will bite someone other than me and will have to be
> killed.

Not to worry, that'll be past history in a couple days.

> Your method seems so simple

It is. Just follow the techniques and ask me if you
need any help. I've got all kinds of fast EZ solutions
for any problem you could encounter.

> after all we have tried it does not seem possible to
> change his behavior easily-

Everything you've tried has relied on bribes force
and confrontation.

> -but I will start trying tomorrow.

And instead of trying to force him to stay in control,
you'll PRAISE his first aggressive thought and he'll
move in close to YOU to protect you, not charge at
others. He'll learn FAST that you want the aggression
and he'll want to use it BEST for YOU, so he'll do
EVERY THING you ask the first time.

I'd LOVE to have a hundred dogs just like him today.

> I use a Halti so he does not pull me over-usually!

Right, but here again, you're relying on some degree
of force to control him. That will ALWAYS trigger
the OPPOSITE of what we want, telling him to be
aggressive, not to pay attention to you and your safety.

Once he sees THAT, you're gonna need a shoe horn
to PRY him AWAY from you.

In fact, when you WANT him to attack someone all you'll
have to do is let him see someone and gently pull back
on his collar without sayin nuthin, and that'll set him off...

> but have never used punishment, choke collar or any
> other "corrections"

Good, that'll make it REAL EZ to teach him my methods.

> I taught him all his tricks and tasks with a clicker and
> food.

Fine. We'll forget the treats and use the click differently
for our puporses.

> Thanks for your help in advance-


> -I pray your method will be our salvation!!!

No need to. It's already DONE.

> _

Do me a favor? If you could keep a record of our
discussions and your work with your pup, and
send it in to the news groups I participate in, it'd
be a great benefit and inspiration for others in the
same or similar situations.

Welcome to Wits' End Dog Training.

Yours, Jerry.


"I know that most men, including those at ease with
problems of the greatest complexity, can seldom accept
even the simplest and most obvious truth if it would
oblige them to admit the falsity of conclusions which they
have delighted in explaining to colleagues, proudly
taught to others, and which they have woven, thread by
thread, into the fabric of their lives."
-Leo Tolstoy-

Is it any wonder that the following sig file has generated
more complaints to my personal email than any other
controversial post I have made to date, bar none?:

If you have to do things to your dog to train him that you
would rather not have to do, then you shouldn't be doing
them. If you have a dog trainer who tells you to jerk your
dog around, choke him, pinch his ears, or twist his toes,
shock, shake, slap, scold, hit, chin cuff, scruff shake or
punish your dog in any manner, that corrections
are appropriate, that the dog won't think of you as the
punisher, or that corrections are not harmful, or if they
can't train your dog to do what you want, look for a
trainer that knows HOWE.

Thank you,
Jerry Howe,
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Nature, to be mastered, must be obeyed.
-Francis Bacon-

There are terrible people who, instead of solving a
problem, bungle it and make it more difficult for all who
come after. Who ever can't hit the nail on the head
should, please, not hit at all.

The abilities to think, rationalize and solve problems are
learned qualities.

The Wits' End Dog Training Method challenges the learning
centers in the dogs brain. These centers, once challenged,
develop and continue to grow to make him smarter.

The Wits' End Dog Training method capitalizes on
praising split seconds of canine thought, strategy, and
timing, not mindless hours of forced repetition, constant
corrections, and scolding.
-Jerry Howe-

The Puppy Wizard. <}TPW ; ~ ) >

(_o_) Have a great day!
/ V)
(l l l) Your Puppy Wizzzard. <}YPW ; ~ } >

The Puppy Wizard
2003-10-15 20:44:06 EST

"Julia Altshuler" <> wrote in message
> The rest of us have him killfiled. Whatever you do, don't copy
> rantings and don't crosspost. Here's the canned post on the

"I'd call the SHOCK fence effective and safe.
Humane is one of those hot words that people
can debate all day so I won't touch that one.
There are people who would call a regular chain
link fence inhumane," liea altshuller.

Here's Cubbe ATTACKING a neighbor's dog just
last week, and previHOWEsly attacking liea's only
friend and assaulting a couple kids and escaping

From: Julia Altshuler (
Subject: Cubbe report: Chief
Date: 2003-09-12 21:04:11 PST

Chief if my neighbor Jo's 40# 1 1/2 year old Sheltie.
Jim has been running into them on his morning walks
with Cubbe. For a week he's been feeding me glowing
reports about how Cubbe is terrific with Chief.

Cubbe has never been particularly wonderful with any
other dog, so terrible in fact that I'd despaired at ever
seeing Cubbe frolic and play with other dogs.

I'd resigned myself to the idea that Cubbe is happy
with her people, her yard, her squirrels, her spot on
the couch, and that makes a pretty good life, one
that doesn't involve the companionship of her own
species. Jim's reports were encouraging.

Jim convinced Jo to bring Chief over for a playdate.
We put Cubbe on a leash so she could meet Chief
again on neutral territory. They sniffed as dogs
normally do.

Chief and Cubbe entered the front door. To my
amazement, all was fine. Out in the backyard
and off leash, Cubbe didn't pay much attention
to Chief, but there was no trouble even though
she and Chief were close to each other.

Both dogs seemed more interested that their
people were handing out treats (for good behaviors
like SITs).

Jim went into the house for some balls thinking the 2
dogs would like to chase them together. He did not
consult me about this hare brained scheme.

Jo and I were 5 feet away from the dogs when Cubbe
decided to attack Chief. She's not an experienced fighter
so I don't know if attack is the right word. She was snarfing,
making growly noises, jumping on Chief, had her mouth on
Chief's neck (on his back, behind his ears) and basically not
looking friendly, but I think if she'd wanted to do real damage,
she would have, and Chief was fine, nary a hair out of place.

Naturally with us all right there, we were able to intervene in

A second later, it was all over. Cubbe looked like she'd
like to be friends again, but Chief, while not running away
or anything was obviously spooked and keeping his distance. Jo
and Chief went home. (I went with them for chat and
apologies, but that's not part of the Cubbe story.)

Cubbe has never food or toy guarded with people. Might
she have been guarding the balls Jim brought out? Or
was it the fact that we let our guard down for a few seconds
and she got scared of Chief when we all weren't practically
on top of her? Or did we push her too far by leaving her and
Chief together for too many minutes when a few seconds
would have been better for a first try? Or other theories?

Do we continue trying to find a dog that will put up with
Cubbe? Or do we give up again and go back to letting
Cubbe live a dogless existence?



"It Was Horrible! I Let Cubbe Out In The Backyard With
Her Usual ZAP Collar - The 10 Year Old Child Went To
Give Cubbe A Hug She Gave A Snarl-Snap Cubbe Got
Out In The Neighborhood Leashless From:

Julia F N Altshuler (
Subject: 1 step forward, 2 steps back
Date: 2001-01-07 19:28:05 PST

Cubbe got out in the neighborhood leashless for the first time
in roughly 2 years. The first few times were when we first got
her before she'd had any training and before we got the
electric fence to reinforce the physical one.

It was horrible. She paid us no attention, ignored clickers
and treats and calls. Make that, it was horrible for us. She
had a blast running free and chasing whatever she wanted. For
us it was 45 minutes of sheer terror as we tried to catch her.
Luckily there wasn't too much traffic yesterday morning. It
had snowed, and the streets weren't quite clear yet. Jim
finally caught her when she was preoccupied with her head down a

For 2 years I've been giving her a daily long walk in the
neighborhood. She now walks pretty nicely on a leash. She gets
daily indoor clicker training sessions. She has perfect
recalls in the house. She gets intermittent treats for those
recalls. She gets plenty of time to run free in the backyard.
Her recalls are less reliable there, but I've been working on
them. I haven't been as good about introducing the variable
reinforcement there, but I have been good about making sure
that she's never tricked into coming into the house when she'd
rather be outside. I always call her, give her a treat or
praise and let her go again.

So I haven't been a perfect dog trainer, but I don't think I'm
a terrible one. I say that because I'm about to ask y'all for
some help in correcting my mistakes, and while I don't mind
criticism for past mistakes, I am hoping you'll concentrate on
what I should do now.

Yesterday morning Cubbe had had some nice backyard time. I'd
gotten her into the house and was preparing to leave when she
escaped straight through the front door and right in front of
our noses. She was still wearing the zap collar, but the
battery was low. She gave a small yip when she went over the
wire, and the chase ensued.

We were careful not to scold her once she was caught.

Today I let her out in the backyard with her usual zap collar
now with a fresh battery. She was waiting by the backdoor to
come in when I went to call her. From her excited behavior, I
could tell that she fully expected to be let out the front
door again so she could have another fun romp in the
neighborhood. I'm so filled with anxiety from yesterday's
escapade that I keep checking for her every time I open the

Later in the afternoon, she was much worse
about coming when called even from the backyard.

My specific questions:

How do I teach recalls when she so clearly knows
when she's in a confined space and when she isn't?

She normally only wears the zap collar when she's in the
backyard because the wire goes around the house and could zap her
when she's near certain windows inside. If I let her get
zapped at the front door with the zap collar, can I still take
the zap collar off and walk her out the front door with her
leash on? I don't want her to become afraid of the front door.

What's the best emergency procedure if, god forbid, it should
happen again?

Might Cubbe be ready for harsher training techniques? By this
I mean, I've been using clicker and treats for Cubbe because
she so obviously freaked when we used leash corrections and
scoldings when we first got her.

I know this is a hard subject to bring up without starting the
whole cruelty thread again so I'll state my opinion once and
won't defend it further: any method can be cruel for some

Even the slightest punishment was wrong for Cubbe at the
beginning, but we've come a long way since then. She trusts
us now as I mentioned in a recent post. Point is, she's been
rewarded for coming, but she's never been punished, even in
the mildest way, for not coming.

Is it time for that?

What might I look for to tell?

Last night we had friends over for dinner with their 3
daughters ages 14, 10 and 7. The girls loved Cubbe and were
having a blast clicker training her. I was impressed with how
quickly they caught on and how little correction they needed
to be consistent with the clicks and treats. Cubbe was fine
with the children; she always has been. Just as they were
getting ready to go, the 10 year old went to give Cubbe a hug.
Cubbe must have felt threatened and confined because she gave a

I was right there, and without thinking I quickly yelled,
turned Cubbe over on her back, got in the face and let her
know that no snarling is allowed. The girl wasn't frightened
at all, and her parents who were also right there hadn't
realized what had happened. I then asked the snarlee to rub
Cubbe's belly further to reinforce that Cubbe is the
submissive one in that relationship. I let Cubbe up and all
was fine.

I suppose that's another issue, but I bring it up as part of
wondering if Cubbe should be trained with punishments now.
Like I said, I did that without thinking, and now I think it
was the right thing to do. So how do I apply this to dealing
with Cubbe the escapee?



"Julia Altshuler" <> wrote in message

> I need help deciding if I have a real problem with Cubbe
> that needs immediate attention or if I'm imagining trouble
> where there is none.
> Here's what happened last April the way I described it to
> a friend at the time:
> I'm worried about Cubbe. Or rather, I'm kicking myself for
> doing something stupid. Ellie has been over many times and
> has always gotten along great with Cubbe. Cubbe is always
> at the door when I let Ellie in.
> She's barky-protective but then stops barking once Ellie is
> inside. She's never shown any real aggression. The other
> night Ellie and I went out together to run an errand.
> Ellie was coming in the house with packages so I came in
> first and put Cubbe in the bedroom with Jim so Ellie could
> get through the door more easily. I could hear Cubbe
> barking. Once Ellie was inside, I opened the bedroom door
> for Cubbe. She ran out to attack the intruder. Ellie was
> trying to be friendly.
> Ellie put a tooth in Ellie's finger. Granted the resulting
> scratch was no worse than the way my cuticles bleed when
> they get dry and I don't rub lotion into them every night,
> but Ellie was understandably scared.
> Jim ran out and got control of Cubbe right away. I got
> Ellie some alcohol and a bandage. The scary thing is that,
> even though the damage is minor, it does qualify as a bite
> since Cubbe did mean to do it. I guess I should just learn
> from it and never let Cubbe greet someone like that again,
> but I'm horribly torn up.
> I've said that I would never keep an aggressive dog. Now
> the whole issue is so complicated. Cubbe is great even
> with kids when we meet them in the neighborhood.
> Since then I've been careful not to do anything like that.
> Then Halloween night Cubbe spent most of the night in the
> computer room with Jim while I answered the door. She did
> bark each time she heard the doorbell ring. We did nothing
> to discourage that. We want her to be barky protective so
> it made sense for her to bark when she heard people in the
> neighborhood, especially at night. Later in the evening,
> Jim put Cubbe on a leash and was hanging out with her in the
> front hall while I still got the door. One of the first
> people to come to the door once she was out of the computer
> room was our neighbor Nicky.
> I think Nicky is 11 now. He's known Cubbe since we got her
> 4 years ago, has always liked her, petted her and asked to
> come on walks. Nick lifted his mask on the porch so I'd
> know who it was. Then I invited him into the hall to pet
> Cubbe.
> Cubbe snarled and sort of air snapped at him. Of course
> Jim was right there so no damage was done. Nick didn't
> even have to draw his hand away, and he didn't get scared.
> Nothing scares that boy.
> I don't like this. Twice now Cubbe has been overly
> protective-aggressive when people have entered the house.
> Both times they've been people she knows and should like.
> She's wonderfully nice to people on walks. We don't have
> guests over too often so I can't comment if it's a growing
> thing or not.
> Comments please. Is this a major growing aggression
> problem?
> I'd guess it's territoriality about the house and yard.
> What do I do about it?
> I usually put Cubbe on a leash when friends come over
> and then walk her outside while the friend gets out of
> her car, and then we walk in together.
> She'll still bark when they're in the house and then
> calm down. Is that a good idea? Should I be
> doing something more to make sure this doesn't escalate?
> --Lia

The Puppy Wizard
2003-10-15 21:05:27 EST

"KrisHur" <> wrote in message
> Unfortunately, puppy classes alone are not enough.

You mean the classes like janet boss taught nessa to
train her dogs to piss all over her HOWES and live in
the bathroom when not tied to the bed?

> Dogs like GSD's need life long lessons/training sessions-

That's HOWE COME The Puppy Wizard NEVER

> -they need a "job" to do and obedience is a
> fun and useful job. You could also look into
> Tracking.

YEAH. He might buy a flock of sheep or ducks to herd.

> I think she may not be suitable for Shutzhund or Agility
> b/c of the aggression issue.

Oh. That's on accHOWENT of you'd KILL dogs like this
cause they SCARE YOU when you HURT THEM.

> If the breeder did take her back she'd probably just put her
> down.

Yeah... cause an aggressive dog would be bad for their

> I agree that it is very unlikely that you will get your
> money back.

So much for ETHICKAL breeders, eh?

> I totally agree about getting her spayed-

You're a idiot. That could make her MOORE aggressive.

> -it may help with the aggression problem too-

There's a 15% chance she'll get MOORE aggressive.

> -however, when one female decides that she doesn't like
> another female it's nearly impossible to stop the fighting

Sez who? Not The Puppy Wizard.

> (so I hear).

Yeah... from all your vast experience HURTING dogs.

> Rescue societies are groups of volunteers who love a
> particular breed and find them new homes.

They KILL dogs like this. Ask paulette "kind2dogs" HOWE

> They tend to be very knowledgeable about the breed,

They're the blowhards who BLAME the breed and KILL
dogs like this so their breed don't get a bad reputation,
like john richardson does when he can't HURT a dog
enough to make IT nice.

> the most common issues (aggression is a big one) and
> frequently foster dogs in their home and get them ready
> for another home.

Like your pal tara o. did for her DEAD DOG Summer.
You're a liar and a dog abuser.

> By contacting a GSD rescue in your area and explaining
> your problem they may be able to help you so that you
> won't have to give her up.

That's malarkey. You know damned well they'll try to
talk him into KILLIN IT cause like lying "I LOVE KOEHELR"
lynn and janet boss sez, there's TOO MANY GOOD WONS
that deserve a chance to be jerked and choked into bein nice.

> Type "GSD Rescue" and the state you live
> in and you should find a group fairly close to you-
> -contact any of them and they will put you in contact
> with a local group.

A group of dog lovers like we got right here HURTIN
and KILLIN dogs to protect their breed's reputation.

> One last note,


You gonna teach us your LEAVE IT command?

> I agree with Bobbie that you should not hit the dog.

RIGHT! You jerk and choke your dog on a pronged
spiked pinch choke collar and shock your dog.

> It will not solve your problem

RIGHT! You got to know HOWE to HURT a dog pupperly.

> and will only cause your relationship with her to
> deteriorate.

That so? Like jerkin and chokin and shockin IT, krisHURT?

> Best of luck,

Dog trainin ain't LUCK. "Luck is for SUCKERS," The
Puppy Wizard's DADDY.

> Kristen and
> Kali CD, CGC, TDIA, TT
> "Rudy Marcelletti, K8SWD" <> wrote in
> message
> > Thanks for your tips. I will look into the "stink"
> > problem. He is due for a vet check soon anyway.
> >
> > Sadie has been to classes as a puppy. My wife spoke to my
> > daughter former dog 4H leader who had a similar problem.
> > They had a 9 year old female German Shepherd that killed
> > their cat then later that tore into their Cocker Spaniel. It
> > drew blood needing stitches on the ladies husband after
> > he picked up the Cocker. They tried some sort of aggression
> > class. It didn't work. They put the GS down.
> >
> > My wife contacted the breeder we got the dog from. She
> > was not too enthused about taking it back and I sure a refund
> > of our $ is unlikely. I don't think this dog's behavior is a
> > of the environment as for the most part, spends a lot of
> > time around people and the other two dogs, and has since
> > we got her as a puppy.
> >
> > We have been told to spay her so she doesn't breed more
> > violent dogs. If we don't hear back from the breeder soon,
> > is there a way to track others from this litter via AKC or UKC
> > so we could find from them if their dogs have turned violent?
> >
> > What is a GSD rescue? I fear you may be correct in that
> > she maybe only suitable for a one-dog home. My cousin
> > runs a dog placement show once a month or so from her
> > store parking lot. Maybe she knows someone willing to
> > buy her. Darn thing has cost us over a $1,000.00 already
> > including the couch she destroyed--but I will never get
> > that kind of money out of her--especially since I have the
> > moral and ethical obligation to inform prospective owners
> > of her propensity to violence.
> >
> > Thanks.
> >
> > --
> > Rudy Marcelletti, K8SWD
> > "KrisHur" <> wrote in message
> >
> > > 1) Find out why your lab "stinks". Odor can be due to
> > > food allergy or a medical condition. And bring him into
> > > the house.
> > >
> > > 2) Take Sadie to obedience classes.
> > >
> > > 3) Contact a behaviorist to come and watch the
> > > interaction between your dogs, it is near impossible to
> > > diagnose aggression issues over the internet.
> > >
> > > If you decide to "get rid of her" be upfront with people
> > > that she belongs in a one-dog home. A GSD rescue
> > > will be your best bet for re-homing her.
> > >
> > > my .02
> > >
> > > --
> > > Kristen and
> > > Kali CD, CGC, TDIA, TT
> > >

> > >
> > > "Rudy Marcelletti, K8SWD" <> wrote in
> > > message
> > > > My daughter has a German Shepherd AKC/UKC female about
> > > > 18 months old who is starting to turn mean. We need help
> > > > this dog or we must get rid of her somehow.

The Puppy Wizard
2003-10-20 13:57:11 EST
HOWEDY rudy marcelletti, k8swd,

"Rudy Marcelletti, K8SWD" <> wrote in message
> You and bobby--thanks for the tips.



> OK--all understood--but the GS was raised as a pup with


> the CS and the Lab--I think she just went overboard and turned
on the CS.

Well, dogs do not do things for no reason.

> She is constantly nipping at the Lab's neck and he
> tolerated it for a while.

While you stand there like a big dumb lummox?

> He's sick of it now and is starting to turn on her.

While you stand there like a big dumb marmaluke?

> We are going to separate the dogs-

Well that ain't gonna do nuthin but make them
MOORE aggressive.

> -they can no longer run and play together like they used to.

On accHOWENT of you mishandle and abuse them.

That's YOUR FAULT, not the dogs.

> I have a bad knee but even so,

Has it travelled to your brain?

> I could never run as fast as a Lab or GS

You mean, to force them dHOWEN cause
you don't know HOWE to train them?

> so using one of the bite collars

You mean, a pronged spiked pinch choke collar
to HURT and INTIMIDATE your dogs with?


You taught them FEAR by ABUSING THEM.

Didn't you.

> is pointless-

No it ain't, we got the EVIDENCE right here.

> -the dog behaves when on a leash.

Cause IT is AFRAID you'll HURT IT.

> She goes for the necks when out running around and
> stops when she gets whacked with a big stick

Right! There ya go, dog abuser!

> or I can hit her with a baseball-

Naaah, you wouldn't do THAT.

> -then she gets penned up.

Well, don't blame the dogs for being
aggressive when that's all they've
LEARNED FROM YOU, dog abuser.

They're only DUMB ANIMALS.

> She is starting to get the point-

That so? Seems you're the WON who's startin
to get the point, eh dog abuser?

> -but it also took some retaliation from our otherwise gentle

IOW, you let them FIGHT IT HOWET cause

> We have resolved to keep the old CS separated
> and GS muzzled if she will be around the CS.

Good for you, dog abuser.

> Rudy Marcelletti, K8SWD


"Rudy Marcelletti, K8SWD" <> wrote in message
> My daughter has a German Shepherd AKC/UKC female
> about 18 months old who is starting to turn mean.

Dogs don't do things for no reason. 18 months old is an
age where many dogs "get mean" on accHOWENT of
they're comin into their maturity and are being mishandled.
Same same happens at 8 months and five years. It's all
been discussed by Scott & Fuller but noWON knew HOWE
COME till The Puppy Wizard began ANAL-yzing their work.

> We need help with this dog or we must get rid of her somehow.

HOWER dog lovers can't help you, they HURT and KILL dogs
like you got.

> We have 3 dogs--a 13 year old Cocker Spaniel--spayed (Taffy).
> A brown-lab mix male neutered (Socks). And the GS (Sadie).
> Socks is super mellow and just loves to play fetch. He is about
> 2.5 years old and is lucky to be alive after getting hit by a

Cause you let IT HOWET in the street?

> We spent about a $1,000.00 on vet bills on him.

Takes MINUTES to train a dog to stay on his pupperty.

> Sadie constantly chews at his collar trying to control him and
> always bugging him. They got into it about 3 weeks ago and had
> to be pulled apart. No damage. I think Socks would have really
> layed into Sadie. He is a little bigger and older, but Sadie
has the
> teeth.

It's RARE that a male will fight with a female.

> Sock is an outside dog for the most part because he "stinks".

That's a fault of diet and groomin. You some kinda PIG?

> Sadie and Taffy are in and out dogs.

All behavior problems are caused by mishandling.

> 2 weeks ago, Sadie and Taffy got into it and Sadie had to be
> pulled off her. Sadie would have really hurt her if we had not
> swatted her and separated them.

THAT'LL increase her anxiety and insure MOORE fighting.

> Taffy was visibly shaken--but it was her fault

Dogs fight HOWETA FEAR, not FAULT.

> as she had wandered into the basement near Sadie's indoor
> cage near my daughter's room.

Crating makes dogs anxiHOWES.

> Sadie's empty food dish was nearby.

That's on accHOWENT of they're INSECURE... not on
accHOWENT of food...

> We think Sadie was protecting her territory,

On accHOWENT of she's SCARED.

> but the fight was 35' away from her cage and dish.

The SOLUTION is EZ FAST and FREE if you study your FREE
copy of The Puppy Wizard's FREE WWW Wits' End Dog Training
Method Manual and ASK The Puppy Wizard if you need any additional
FREE help.

> Saturday, while walking with my folks, Taffy stopped to poop.
> Sadie came up to smell her and Taffy started barking at her.
> Sadie took off running down the trail with Taffy on her heels,
> then suddenly turned on Taffy and really tore into her.

You could have interrupted the aggression before it started
had you known HOWE.

> My mom swatted Sadie with an umbrella she happened to have,
> and Sadie let go. Taffy rolled over and Sadie immediately bit
> her on the other side. Sadie was obviously going for Taffy's
> neck but missed had hit her shoulders. But for hitting her
> shoulders, I am sure as was the vet that Sadie would have
> gotten the jugular or punctured Taffy's lungs.

Takes a few minutes to EXTINGUISH AGGRESSION.

> Taffy is pretty athletic and in really good shape for a Cocker-
> -she outlasts both Socks and Sadie when following my daughter
> on her horse. I think Taffy's physical conditioning saved her.

That doesn't need to happen noMOORE.

> Taffy has been at my parents house and now back to overnights
> at the Vet's office since last Saturday and will remain at the
> until this Saturday with tubes in her sides draining the wounds.


> Sadie is coming into her age and wants to be the Alpha dog I
> uess.

That's on accHOWENT of MISHANDLING. The so called alpha
theory is BULLSHIT.

> She used to love Taffy to chase her, but now is not
> trustworthy.

Cause she's SCARED. ALL aggression is FEAR.

> Last winter, all 3 dogs and Mouse the cat would get into the
> big doghouse together. We often left all 3 dogs in the same
> pen, but dare not do this now!

You can fix all that if you follow the instructions PRECISELY
and do all the exercises in your FREE copy of The Puppy
Wizard's FREE WWW Wits' End Dog Training Method
Manual and ASK The Puppy Wizard if you have any difficulty.

> Yesterday, while switching out dog houses, Sadie barred her
> teeth at Socks when he approached his house. Sadie was in
> his house with her toy. Today, Sadie was in the pen alone,
> and I went to put Socks in the pen with her and as we
> approached, she barred her teeth and growled at him (or me?).

IRRELEVENT. You've got to learn HOWE to pupperly handle
and train them and these incidents won't happen noMOORE.

> Sadie is pretty intelligent and very alert. She has had some
> obedience training,

Obedience training is often the CAUSE of AGGRESSION.

> shakes, crawls, rolls, sits and stays, as well as fetches pretty
> well for the most part. She is finally coming when called,
> house broken and even drops the ball at your feet instead
> of running away with it.

Oh. That only takes a few minutes if you know HOWE
to pupperly handle and train a dog.

> She really wants to herd the horses which I think have
> kicked her a few times, so she keeps her distance now.

Takes only a few minutes to teach a dog to respect horses.

> She also wants chase our oldest cat Shadow.

Takes only a few minutes to extinguish ALL behavior problems.

> The barn cat (Mouse) was a kitten when Sadie was a pup and
> she doesn't really bother him much--he just runs under something
> or goes in the dog house with Socks. (Mouse slept every night
> with Socks when he was healing from being hit by a car--external
> fixation splint on front leg and jaw wires). They are still
very close.
> Socks doesn't like the other cat either--he can't figure out why
> Shadow runs away and Mouse doesn't.

It's all the same same same same...

> Sadie is pretty mellow when in the house. She can sit still for
> an hour or more and watch TV or people or she can play rough,
> but has not nipped or growled at people (yet). Some have
> suggested putting a muzzle on her.

A muzzle may just make her MOORE fearful.

> A cage type so she can still run--but she will go crazy not
> being able to fetch. I am planning on a cage muzzle when
> we bring Taffy home.

You won't need a muzzle if you study your FREE copy of The
Puppy Wizard's FREE WWW Wits' End Dog Training Method

> I have been told now that she has tasted Taffy's blood-
> -next time she will likely kill her.

Yeah. You musta been talkin to a vet, trainer, or behaviorist.

> Any help on "fixing" this dog's aggressive behavior

You won't be gettin no advice from HOWER dog lovers.
They HURT and KILL dogs like you got.

> would be appreciated.

HOWER dog lovers are predominantely LIARS, DOG ABUSERS,

> We are going to inform the breeder of her violent tendencies

It's not a fault of breeding, it's a fault of MISHANDLING.

> and see what she says.


> I don't know--maybe it is too late.

It's NEVER too late, UNLESS you've KILLED the dog
as so many of HOWER dog lovers here abHOWETS
have done to their own dogs.

> She is really pretty and we would like to breed her-

HOWER dog lovers are pretty strict abHOWET their
ETHICKS of breedin...

> -but maybe just spay her give her to some farmer so
> the violent genes if any don't pass on.

That's INSANE. Dogs are aggressive on accHOWENT

> What can we do?

The Puppy Wizard's FREE WWW Wits' End Dog Training
Method Manual Students report 100% TOTAL NEAR INSTANT
CONTROL of ALL behavior problems. HOWER DOG LOVERS
call them LIARS and PAID SHILLS and FORGERIES made by
The Puppy Wizard.

>Please help!!!

AS STATED: "You're askin LIARS, DOG ABUSERS, and
CERTIFIED MENTAL CASES for help with the same same
same same problems THEY GOT."

> --
> Rudy Marcelletti, K8SWD

That's HOWE COME they HURT and KILL their best dogs.

HOWEDY peamo69,

"peamo69" <> wrote in message
> Does anyone know how to teach a dog not to be so over
> protective.

INDEEDY. The Puppy Wizard has SPECIALIZED in temperament
and behavior problems in mostly giant and workin breeds for forty
sumpthin years and get 100% SUCCESS NEARLY INSTANTLY,
withHOWET relying on fear force bribes avoidance confrontation
confinement or avoidance.

> My 6 month JRT

He's just a puppy... that's unusual.

> is the smartest sweetest little critter


> but when it comes to him finding something for him to play with
> (more like chew on) , he gets very aggressive.

That could be PLAY.

> If he is in a playful mood, I can usually distract him long
> enough to grab whatever it is he has found and take it out
> of his mouth.

Oh. THAT'S HOWE COME he's being aggressive.

Your dog doesn't TRUST you. That's EZ to rehabilitate.

> But sometimes he holds onto that object and won't let go-

Cause you're COMPETING with him.

> - growling and nipping.

Still might be PLAY, but probably not.

> Once I do recover the item, he growls and bites.

O.K., then you know HOWE COME he's being aggressive.

> It usually isn't hard enough to really hurt

Oh? Still might be PLAY.

> but he hasn't gotten a finger yet either!

You just said he's not "hard enough to really hurt?"

> It is like he is holding a grudge for a few minutes.

INDEEDY, likely so.

> I do try and give him something in exchange -

You mean, a BRIBE?

> - such as a chew toy or start trying to get him in a playful
> mood -

Your dog KNOWS you're trying to scam him.

> - which he usually is until he see's that he shouldn't be
> holding what he is holding.

He's probably mistrustful because you've probably scolded him
for takin STUFF. That's HOWE COME dogs do things as soon
as we turn HOWER back on them. You'll have to stop doin ALL
of what you've been doin and learn HOWE to pupperly handle
and train him.

> He is like this with his food too.

That's a TRUST issue.

> If it is in his bowl it is his but when he is trying to get in
> the trash, he is a brat.

That's on accHOWENT of you're mishandling him.

> I try and keep temptation out of his way

That'll disavail you of training opportunities.

> but with kids and his quickness, sometimes it just isn't enough.

You'll have to FORGET every thing you've been taugh. Have you
gone to obedience training or "puppy class?" That could be HOWE
COME your dogs doesn't TRUST you.

> When he does act this way, I put him in his pen and give him
> a little tap on the tush.

To teach him to TRUST YOU?

> I have also tried just telling him "NO"!

To make him feel SECURE and COMFORTABLE?

> Anyone have any ideas on teaching him violence
> isn't the answer?


Hi, Jerry.

I'm not sure that I'm a 100% convert, or that I agree
with (or even understand) 100% of what you say in this
manual ... BUT ... we had "come" down pat in a few
reps and you could have knocked me down when I tried
the exercise with "drop" and, after a few reps in
different spots Darwin practically *threw* the rubber
ball at my feet on command. He's still not perfect
(just a pup, after all, and he's stubborn enough to
want to push and test me a little bit more).

For what it's worth, I can see (as no doubt you have)
how your usenet manner is likely to rankle a few
folks, but that woman who advocates ear pulling and
beating with sticks deserves everything she gets. Even
if that was the only method that would work, I'd live
with my dog not fetching rather than do any of that.
(Darwin fetches enthusiastically and instinctively,

Best, ben


Dave Cohen < writes:
Re: Barking Deterrants Needed...

Hi. Please understand that I do not know Jerry and have
spoken with him briefly once by email.

I have no stake or interest in the success of his
business. I simply want to thank him publicly for one
of his tips, with regards to separation anxiety.

I thought it seemed far fetched to praise a stuffed
animal and then say good bye to my own dog, but
I am usually a very open minded person, so I tried it.
Well, lo and behold- the damn trick worked!

I think Jerry has some intriguing techniques, and
personally I think everyone who constantly criticizes
him is not understanding his logic. Thank you Jerry!


Jeremy writes:

"A customer recently purchased a Shiba Inu and I suspect
she may be in for a wild ride. This is a breed that I suspect
may respond particularly well to mutual respect style

The alpha complex (as I now call it) is likely to
really provoke the dog's naturally competitive nature.

Thanks 1000 times for opening my eyes and don't let
those assholes get you down. I can't be the only person
that sees the sense in your methods. I'm in Windsor,
Ontario, Canada and pass your info to anyone it might
help" Thanks, Jeremy.


From: Becky (
Subject: Re: Crate Anxiety
Newsgroups: rec.pets.dogs.behavior
Date: 2002-04-04 12:56:23 PST

Try Jerry Howe's training manual and check out his Doggy
Do Right (And Kitty Will And A Rooster Did And A Cockatoo
Or Two Did Too) is for this.

Please do not listen to the others in here that don't like
him or his methods, they have never tried them....I have
and it works!!!!

I broke my dog from nipping almost 100% in 1 day and
she usually does this SEVERAL times a day and actually
makes my kids bleed!

Try it or contact him! The manual is at the above website
also, and it is free!



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From: <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, May 12, 2002 7:22 PM
Subject: Re: Wits end Training

> Hi Jerry,
> Send the post to whom ever you wish to. Believe me I will
> keep you updated. I got to tell you His amazing progress
> almost makes me cry.
> Kay Pierce

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From: <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, May 13, 2002 7:54 PM
Subject: Making Progress

> Hello Jerry,
> Hunter and I started working the recall and family
> pack exercise today. On leash and in the house
> he has a perfect recall.
> And I think he really started to relax and enjoy
> himself I swear he was laughing.
> I had taught him to go to the heel position when he
> comes to me years ago. And over the past few months
> I have had to tell him to go there. Today he flew into
> the heel position each and every time without me saying
> a word to him about it.
> He has never bounced like that before.
> I trained him using conventional methods with a choker and
> pinch collar. Over the past few days we have been using his
> regular collar. I can tell that he enjoys it more.
> As I mentioned before I am a dog trainer and when I trained
> my latest dog I used all positive reinforcements techniques.
> When I trained for that I had been amazed at the results.
> Your method takes positive training to the next level and
> should really be used by all trainers who call themselves
> trainers.
> My Hunter is concentrating on me and not on the treat he
> thinks he wants. My other dog wants treats before she'll
> do anything.
> As soon as I get Hunter straightened out she's next.
> Thank you so much,
> Kay Pierce


"Nevyn" <> wrote in message


Here some SUCCESS STORIES ive had using JERRY'S MANUAL

1) My dogz, two bitches - Vicious, barking, aggressive, pulled
on leash, wanted to kill any dogs they saw, fought between
each other. TWO WEEKS using Jerry's manual, they were calm,
friends, my companions.

2) ADDED A BEAGLE PUPPY (male) to my "PACK", the
girls had -NO PROBLEMS- with him from the moment I
dropped him by their noses.

3) My FRIENDS dogs 2 MALES barking and jumping
at the fence all night 3 DAYS TRAINING WITH JERRY'S

Added a NEW MALE DOG (2 yrs old) AND

4) POODLE that ATE food from the KITCHEN BENCH -
lock him in a box? NO! USE JERRYS MANUAL! 4 DAYS


Quite amazing to - I thought they were just dull coloured
dogs, but after I had removed the fear and anxiety their
hairs coloured up amazingly.

BALL! She carried it around all day and night - 3
DAYS on jerrys MANUAL and she now DROPS
it when u ASK her to!



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From: Eric
To: ThePuppyWizard@EarthLink.Net
Sent: Friday, November 29, 2002 7:54 AM
Subject: just checking in..


You helped me with my pal Dundee about a year ago
regarding submissive peeing. Just wanted to let you
know he's doing great- he was "cured" in about 2 days
using your techniques!

He has since become the "smartest dog in the world"!
Once I stopped thinking like a human and got inside his
head, I can teach him ANYTHING, usually in a matter
of minutes. Makes me look like an expert dog-trainer.

I rescued two strays last week, cleaned 'em up, wormed
'em, and am getting them their shots. Time to get inside
their heads and teach them to teach themselves how to
be good dogs!

Instead of feeling like "training" is a chore, I look forward
to working with these guys a couple times a day...

Although I don't follow your instructions "to a T", I learned
from you to "think like a dog" and stimulate their brain rather
than beating ass or pinching, or any of that nonsense.

I know damn well I would NOT be loyal to someone who
beat MY ass lol!

Well, just wanted to thank you for rattling the bushes
out there and teaching folks the RIGHT way to "train" dogs.

A horseman friend of mine uses very similar techniques in
training his horses- he calls it "natural horsemanship". He
is hated by nearly all the local "trainers" yet somehow he
repeatedly wins at every show he attends. He rarely shows
any more, but goes now and then to rub their noses in it
(pun intended)... Too cool....

Have a great holiday season and keep up the good work!

Eric , Dundee, Sammy, and Maynard


Nevyn writes:

Jerry I cannot even begin to tell you the success Ive had with
your training manual! My two mutts have gone from out-of-control
psychos to obedient well behaved companions within
a matter of weeks! AND My friends have seen the success
and have asked me to work on their dogs!

I was working with a 5 month old Ridgeback female today and
she was being an angel after like an hour of working with her!

it is AMAZING!!

I pity those fools who take their dogs to classes where the
"Trainers" abuse their dogs! (do they have a degree? A
masters? a Phd? by the way? NO they are average joes
off the street who think they know how to train dogs!)

Once again, Jerry, you are a genius!

NEVYN and my Dogs, Rizzo and Midget, My Grandparents
dogs, Dusty and Snoopy, and my friends pup, Jazz.


Never give out your password or credit card number in an
instant message conversation.

Nevyn says:
hello Jerry.

Jerry says:

Nevyn says:
How are you?

Jerry says:

Nevyn says:
Oh nothing

Nevyn says:

My dogs are alot better now!

Jerry says:

Jerry says:
tell me

Nevyn says:
I can walk them on or off the leash and they don't give a #@%
about other

Jerry says:

Nevyn says:
I can let them inside and they wont eat the cats

Jerry says:

Nevyn says:

Jerry says:
what did you do, buy a shock collar?

Nevyn says:

Nevyn says:
Praised them

Jerry says:

Jerry says:
you think they're 100% better

Nevyn says:
'cept they still bark at the neighbour but only coz he swears
at them and
pours water on them

Nevyn says:
nahh they still have stinky breath!

Nevyn says:

Jerry says:

Jerry says:
I'll go for that

Jerry says:
it'll take a couple more days to break the neighbor thing if

Jerry says:
then he won't swear and throw water at them

Nevyn says:
yeah but he's only out on the weekends

Jerry says:
but they'll still have stinky breath

Nevyn says:

Jerry says:
you gonna write the group and tell them they're suckin hind

Nevyn says:

Nevyn says:

Nevyn says:

Nevyn says:
my news server isn't workin

Nevyn says:
how about u just screenshot or copy this chat and post it

Jerry says:
why not.

Nevyn says:
sorry been tryin all day to get on the news server

Jerry says:
you got anything you'd like to tell the dog lovers who would
to see you choke and shock and lock your dogs in a box?

Jerry says:
I guess you don't want to tell them nuthin that they don't
already know,

Nevyn says:

Nevyn says:
tell them they're fuckers who need to die

Nevyn says:
dogs aren't for abusing they are for loving they love so much

Jerry says:
that's HOWE COME they got me now

Jerry says:
howe much training time did it take for the two of 'em?

Nevyn says:

Nevyn says:
it didn't even seem like training

Nevyn says:
its been 24 days since I got your manual

Jerry says:

Jerry says:

Jerry says:
have you got that feeling that they're in tune with EVERYTHING
wanting them to do?

Jerry says:
I forgot what city you're in.

Jerry says:
maybe if you're near alphalpha sweeny you can swing by and
LAUGH your ass
off at him growling at his dogs???

Jerry says:

Nevyn says:

Nevyn says:
I'm in Perth, Australia!

Nevyn says:
and yes they do seem to be in tune


Nevyn says:
oh!! the other day my dogs went into submissive position when
a tiny little toy poodle came up barking at them! !LOL

Jerry says:

Nevyn says:

Jerry says:
they knew they didn't need to fight, cause everything was in
your expert control.

Keep up the good work. j;~)

From: Nevyn (
Subject: Newsgroups: rec. pets. dogs. behavior

Date: 2002-03-01 03:15:50 PST


I have two mungrel females; the breeds exactly are Blue Heeler
(spots) x Kelpi (dominant genes) x American Pitbull (behavioural)
x Pug (don't laugh!).

They are gentle loving dogs when I'm at home with them, and
they are friendly with unknown people. They are sisters. One is
obviously dominant over the other, and I don't have a problem
with that, however;

Their behaviour is very odd. Some days they are very good
whilst I'm walking them, some days they are not. They are 3
years old and have only been walking for about 12 months
because my mom didn't walk them and now I'm home so I
walk them for about an hour and half every afternoon. I take
them to the park where they chase birds and swim in the lake.

This is my problem :

The less-dominant dog viscously barks at every other dog we
walk past; I have tried using a stick and giving her a tap when
she does it, and treating her with treats when she doesn't,
using a choke chain, a muzzle and a thing that sprays stuff in
her mouth when she barks.

She won't stop! Does anyone know how I can stop her? ]

Also, the more-dominant dog seems to know this is WRONG,
when the other dog barks, she doesn't bark, but she nips at the
other dog as if telling her to cut it out, and then the barking
attacks the more-dominant one and they fight on the leash... it is
quite disturbing to the people walking past.

And also the more-dominant one is okay around other dogs...
SOMETIMES... sometimes she completely ignores them,
and yet other times she will attack them, like yesterday. The
less dominant one I must keep on a leash if a person brings
there dog to the park.

How do I stop them attacking other dogs? I have tried all the
methods I have used above for 10 months every afternoon.
Is it just a pac k-behaviour thing?

It can really be quite embarrassing when your dogs attack some
old lady's or little girl's dog.

They are good dogs, when at home or when there are no other
dogs around. Today there were hundreds of sparrows flying
around the park and they were chasing them and jumping up
trying to catch them for more than 90 minutes (They went
straight to bed when I bought them home!).

Can anyone help me? Email me at my emails
address, coz this list is tooo crowded.



Here's two Pauls:

Date: 5/22/03 11:24:35 PM Eastern
Daylight Time

Well, let me tell you, your Wits' End
Dog Training Method works.

My dog, Dasie, Loves to chase chameleons
around the barbecue on the patio. I
used this system on four different occasions.

When she went out today, she looked
everywhere else but the barbecue.
Amazing, just amazing.

I will write to Amanda about the video.

I am really excited to learn more, and
understand. Maybe just a little reassurance
that I am going about it the right way.

Thanks again

> > =============================

Here's Disciple Paulie writing yesterday, to The Puppy Wizard:

----- Original Message -----
From: Paul Bousie
To: The Puppy Wizard
Sent: Thursday, August 07, 2003 8:00 AM
Subject: Geday.

Hey J,

I see nothings changed on the NG. Still the same
old crappy advice and misunderstanding of the
only advice worth reading.

The problem with your method J is that I can't
answer the questions on the NG no more, people
are after a quick fix, they don't want to understand
that dog training requires a disiplined method, I'm
now really understanding that they are all result
orientated, they want the dog to sit, to down, to
stay, to come, to stop it's "bad" behaviours, they
want to stamp out each anxiety one at a time not
realising they create a new one as they deal with the last.

I feel sorry for them, they don't understand, they
don't even realise the errors of thier ways and
they arn't self thinkers, they follow the majority,
after all if everyone says thats the way then it
must be. I've finally realised people don't want
to learn to train dogs they want a trained dog,
they want a little puppet that sits and stays and
downs and does all the nice doggy stuff or so
they think, then when the dog acts like a dog
they come squealing to the NG asking how to
stop the dog being a dog.

I have a nice little visulisation of a dogs mind
that I think demonstrates the way we approach
dog training. Imagine lots of little circles all in a
cluster, each one representing a dog anxiety or
behaviour ( desied or not), each circle represents
something about the dog, all of them create what
a dog is.

The traditional way to train a dog is to stamp out
the "bad" circles, try to eliminate as many as you
can, problem is each one you stamp out another
takes it's place (anxiety circles can't be destroyed
they just change), obviously it's a futile exercise,
but thats the traditional way.

Now imagine a big circle that completely surrounds
all the small circles, this big circle is the whole dog,
that's what we get hold of with all the little circles
inside, we don't see the little circles we see the BIG
circle the macro as you put it and use that to train.

I laugh now when I see posts critisising you, they
are critising something they don't even understand
or even have the capacity to understand.

See ya,



> From: Paul B (
> Subject: Re: Dog vs cat food (stealing cat food)
> Date: 2001-03-03 22:18:03 PST
> It's possible to teach a dog not to eat out of a cat bowl
> without too much difficulty.
> My dogs don't touch the food in the cat bowls although
> Roz licks up any bits that have been dropped around
> the bowls :-)
> I used a can with stones in it to create a distraction
> anytime the dogstried to eat the cats food, followed
> with immediate praise. It worked a treat.
> The cats bowls are down all the time, usually there
> is food left over but the dogs don't eat it, even if we
> go out and leave the dogs with access inside through
> a dog door.
> Paul
> Obedience and affection are not related, if they
> were everyone would have obedient dogs.
> See the dogs, cats, us and pics of NZ etc at my homepage.....
> Updated regularly (last time 23 Jan 01) so keep coming back!!!


"Paul B" <> wrote in message
> "shaper" <> wrote in message
> > I have been reading these forums for a few weeks now, and am
> > getting really confused!!
> > but is there actually anyone who has used the methods in this
> > manual with any success ?

BY NEARLY EVERY FREE WWW Wits' End Dog Training Method
Manual Student.

PSYCHOLOGICAL technique in the Whole Wild World, BAR NONE.

> > I am wanting to get a rhodesian ridgeback soon and really
would like
> > to know the best and most effective way of training without
using food
> > treats or violence (i do agree with what the guy says about
food treats
> > and violence)
> > Thanks for any intelligent replies
> I have tried his methods and found them extremely effective.
There are
> several areas in particular I found useful.
> He teaches you and the dog to pay attention to each other all
the time.
> He teaches you to have such good communication with your dog you
> don't need leash corrections or shock collars or even food, you
can get
> the dogs attention any time you like by calling it or with a
snap of your
> fingers.
> When I trained both my dogs to "heel" or walk close to me I
ended up
> going to the parks and teaching them without a lead at all, that
> I had to use good communication and was unable to be tempted to
> the lead to correct them.
> Another part of the training I agree with is not using the
> approach, where you tell a dog "no" or react with it in such a
> that you become involved in the behaviour (by trying to stop
it), this
> approach often results in a dog ceasing the behaviour when you
> about but doing it when you aren't (bin raiding, counter surfing
> Basically you are taught to make your dog a good friend who
> and wants to work for you for the pleasure of working for you
> (setting the hierarchy is included in this), teach it to recall
> then to do everything else (sit, stay down etc etc).
> Unwanted behaviours are addressed as they occur. If you
> what you are trying to achieve and are prepared to work with it
you can
> get great results.
> Paul


From: Paul B (
Subject: Re: Dog vs cat food (stealing cat food)
Date: 2001-03-03 22:18:03 PST

It's possible to teach a dog not to eat out of a cat bowl
without too much difficulty.

My dogs don't touch the food in the cat bowls although
Roz licks up any bits that have been dropped around the bowls :-)

I used a can with stones in it to create a distraction
anytime the dogs tried to eat the cats food, followed
with immediate praise. It worked a treat.

The cats bowls are down all the time, usually there is
food left over but the dogs don't eat it, even if we go
out and leave the dogs with access inside through a dog door.


Obedience and affection are not related, if they
were everyone would have obedient dogs.

See the dogs, cats, us and pics of NZ etc at my homepage.....

Updated regularly (last time 23 Jan 01) so keep coming back!!!


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> From: Don Fitz []
> Sent: Friday, 28 February 2003 11:53 a.m.
> To:;
> Subject: Jerry Howe
> Hi,
> Jerry uses your email in his posts and I was wondering
> what you have to say of his training methods.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Paul Bousie" <>
To: "'Don Fitz'" <>; <>
Cc: <>
Sent: Saturday, March 01, 2003 5:45 AM
Subject: RE: Jerry Howe

> If you have read the newsgroup posts then you must
> already have a good idea about what I think.
> His methods are the best I have come across. They
> aren't a quick fix but an entire training concept so if
> you aren't in for the long haul then don't bother. If
> you go his way then you have to forget all the other
> gibberish that other people spew, you have to believe
> in what you are doing, then and only then will you get
> the results.
> You can't combine his methods with other training
> methods, not until you understand what you are
> trying to achieve, and even then I have only ever
> combined about 2 other trainers ideas and even
> then just a snip of what they suggest which works
> in parallel with the Wits End concept.
> His methods make you as the trainer completely
> responsible for your actions, his methods make
> you think and work out your own solutions for
> any given situation, the default (the recall) is
> always there to get things under control again.
> His ideas and concepts teach you to work with
> the dog, to develop a team and a willingness to
> work together which is surely the best way to be.
> His methods don't use force or intimidation but
> they do totally emphasize the absolute importance
> of pack (family pack) structure, without that you
> can achieve almost nothing.
> If you are wondering how a dog can be trained
> without any negativity the answer lies in the recall,
> anytime your dog doesn't follow through with a
> request you call him / her to you, since the recall
> is the first thing taught and it is taught in such a
> way it becomes a reflex the dog always returns
> to you, it is a subordinate position for the dog and
> we release it by asking for a "heel" which is an
> "equal" position.
> His methods are very good, his understanding of
> dogs is excellent, I recommend his methods.
> Paul Bousie


"Paul B" <> wrote in message

> Bollocks, the manual has no dangerous suggestions at
> all, people who find the manual useful are those that
> don't need to control a dog to satisfy their own ego
> but simply want a well behaved dog that is easy to
> live with. I would suggest the people who follow the
> advice in his manual are people who have already
> tried other inefficient methods and are fed up with
> the poor results.

> The more I think about the methods he suggests the
> more sense it makes, the biggest problem is people
> believe they have to be in control of the dog, tell it
> whats right and wrong, dogs don't understand
> our values and I don't believe they are capable of
> understanding them either, so to train them we use
> methods they understand. That means abstract
> training, doing sometimes what appears to
> almost be the opposite of what makes sense to us.

> If you are purely result orientated then you will not
> find Jerry's manual much use, if you love your dogs
> and love to work WITH them then his manual is
> your dream come true. Distraction and praise works
> with any dog, when you sit back and really think about
> it, it's very obvious why.

> When a dog is properly distracted (and praised) of a
> particular behaviour then that behaviour very quickly
> becomes unfulfilling so the dog will no longer have any
> interest in pursuing it, whether we are about or not,
> thats the key to stopping garbage can raids and food
> stealing etc etc, no force, no bad dog, just distracting it
> in an appropriate manner that it no longer wishes to
> pursue that behaviour.

> Better than hiding the garbage can eh?

> Paul


Subject: Re: Get off the bed... please?

Paul B (
Subject: Good dogs!!! bad dogs.??
Date: 2000/10/21

Something occurred this morning that made me think how
we treat our dogs and what expectations we have of them.

Because it was a Saturday we slept in and the dogs
eventually jumped up on the bed on my wife's side. After
a brief greeting she very abruptly demanded they get down,
"OFF THE BED" she insisted, Sam looked at her perplexed,
so she repeated the "order", so Sam tried to lick her face,
"GET OFF" she said abruptly.

Sam got down but was unsure what he had done wrong. After
a bit they both came over and jumped up on my side, I patted
them etc and eventually asked them to get down, "off the bed,
good dogs" and they hopped off immediately with no prob's.

Eileen asked me why they obey me and not her so easily.
I told her they got down for me because I asked them to,
they know the command "off the bed" or "off anything" so
there is no need to demand it of them, ask them and they
will comply, demand it and they get confused because
they think you are annoyed with them but they don't know
why so they try to "make amends" which is why Sam licked her.

I have found giving dogs "payment" in advance i.e. "Sam
sit goodboy" makes the dogs want to respond, after all, all
dogs want to be "good dogs" and if you tell them they are
good then they feel an obligation to obey your request.

Telling Sam he's a good dog after he sit's apart from been too
late is also a gamble because if he doesn't sit then there's
no positive interaction.

Trust your dog, ask it to do your request and say "good dog"
sincerely at the end of the request and I bet you'll find your
dog thinking then responding everytime.



From: Paul B (
Subject: Re: Get off the bed... please?
Date: 2001-07-03 03:05:59 PST

A bit of respect works wonders, the same rule applies to
every aspect of the relationship with your dog.



"Charlie Wilkes" < wrote
in message

I read up on rotties, pitbulls, etc., and quite a
bit of the literature suggested I needed to assert
my dominance and "make the dog earn everything it

I tried this once or twice, just by taking a stern
tone of voice, and the results were terrible.
The pup got scared and just wanted to stay away from

That's why I support Jerry Howe and his FREE
Wits' End Dog Training manual -- that and the fact
that Jerry is an all-around great guy.

The core takeaway I got from Jerry's manual is this:
make yourself the center of your puppy's world -
- his personal Lord Jesus. Never give him a reason
to fear you or think you're angry. Love the heck
out of him, and you'll end up with a great dog.

This has truly worked with my puppy. She'll do
anything I want her to, if she understands, because
she trusts me 100 percent, and nothing is more
important in her world than her relationship
with me.


"I know that most men, including those at ease with
problems of the greatest complexity, can seldom accept
even the simplest and most obvious truth if it would
oblige them to admit the falsity of conclusions which they
have delighted in explaining to colleagues, proudly
taught to others, and which they have woven, thread by
thread, into the fabric of their lives."
-Leo Tolstoy-

Is it any wonder that the following sig file has generated
more complaints to my personal email than any other
controversial post I have made to date, bar none?:

If you have to do things to your dog to train him that you
would rather not have to do, then you shouldn't be doing
them. If you have a dog trainer who tells you to jerk your
dog around, choke him, pinch his ears, or twist his toes,
shock, shake, slap, scold, hit, chin cuff, scruff shake or
punish your dog in any manner, that corrections
are appropriate, that the dog won't think of you as the
punisher, or that corrections are not harmful, or if they
can't train your dog to do what you want, look for a
trainer that knows HOWE.

Thank you,
Jerry Howe,
Director of Research,
BIOSOUND Scientific
Director of Training,
Wits' End Dog Training
1611 24th St
Orlando, FL 32805
Phone: 1-407-425-5092
Phone: 1-888-BIOSOUND (1-888-246-7686)
Phone: 1-888-WITSEND (1-888-948-7363)

Nature, to be mastered, must be obeyed.
-Francis Bacon-

There are terrible people who, instead of solving a
problem, bungle it and make it more difficult for all who
come after. Who ever can't hit the nail on the head
should, please, not hit at all.

The abilities to think, rationalize and solve problems are
learned qualities.

The Wits' End Dog Training Method challenges the learning
centers in the dogs brain. These centers, once challenged,
develop and continue to grow to make him smarter.

The Wits' End Dog Training method capitalizes on
praising split seconds of canine thought, strategy, and
timing, not mindless hours of forced repetition, constant
corrections, and scolding.
-Jerry Howe-

The Puppy Wizard. <}TPW ; ~ ) >

(_o_) Have a great day!
/ V)
(l l l) Your Puppy Wizzzard. <}YPW ; ~ } >


"GreaseBall Italian" <> wrote in
> I have a 3 year old American Pit Bull Terrier that was
> constantly pissing and marking my home.

You mean he was indiscriminately relieving hisself
all over your HOWES. HOWEsbreaking is INSTINCTIVE.

Dogs do not have HOWEsbreaking problems, they're
UNABLE to control themselves because of ANXIHOWSNESS.

> I tried all of the commercial training methods.

The Puppy Wizard MOCKS traditional trainers and
behaviorISTS, eh professor SCRUFF SHAKE?

> Nothing worked.

INDEEDY. That's on accHOWENT of traditional
methods are OPPOSITIONAL and CONfrontational
and DETRIMENTAL to health and emotional well
being and are CONtraWIZE to human decency,
morals, ethics, and priniciples, eh disciple cad?

> I hired a professional trainer.

The Puppy Wizard will be GLAD to offer EXXXPERT
WITNESS TESTIMONY if you'd like to get your hard
earned dough back.

> Nothing worked.

INDEEDY. The Puppy Wizard's FREE WWW Wits'
End Dog Training Method Manual Students REPORT
even FASTER.

> I sought advice on Usenet.

>From HOWER Gang Of Lying Dog Abusing Punk


> Nothing worked

INDEEDY. We've hear this story cHOWENTLESS TIMES.

HOWER DOG LOVERS call The Puppy Wizard's FREE
WWW Wits' End Dog Training Method Manual Students

The Puppy Wizard has IDENTIFIED, EXXXPOSED and
DISCREDITED them cHOWENTLESS times, but like
street urchin Thugs, they HAVE NO SHAME and CONtinue
CAUGHT IN THE ACT of LYING to DEFEND their alleged
RIGHT to HURT INTIMIDATE and KILL dogs as they see fit.

> until I found the free training manual of Jerry Howe in
> Florida, AKA The Puppy Wizard.

INDEEDY. If The Puppy Wizard FAILS to train a dog

But The Puppy Wizard cannot do it withHOWET YOUR HELP.
You've got to follow the instructions PRECISELY and ASK
FOR HELP if you experience difficulty. There's NO dog
who cannot be trained to acceptable levels of discipline
techniques EXXXACTLY.

> Let me tell you all that my dog did a complete 180
> degree turn.

INDEEDY. As ALL The Puppy Wizard's FREE WWW
Wits' End Dog Training Method Manual Students

That'd be YOU, Tony.... HOWE'S THAT FEEL?

The Puppy Wizard has been maligned and called
a LIAR for five solid years, Tony. The Puppy Wizard
has PLANS, Tony. The Puppy Wizard is abHOWET
to drop the hammer on the entire goddamned industry
all a WONCE.

> The dog has not pissed or shit in my home ever since!

As it should be is HOWE IT IS.

> I just wanted to pass this on as a public service!

Thank you, Tony.

The Puppy Wizard will be looking forward to a
lecture series on dog and child rearing come
the new year with HIS associate Dr. George
Von Hilshiemer.

The Puppy Wizard hopes to meet you and your
family at a location near you.

All the best.

The Puppy Wizard. <} ; ~ ) >

"misty" < wrote in message

I don't now whether Peach is dead or alive. I do know she's
not here with us. I really can't blame anyone here for her loss.

I'm the one who ignored your advice. I did it because of how you
write/wrote. I was unwilling to accept the idea that my using a
shock collar could have any bearing on Peach not wanting to stay
home. Up until I started using it my main concern had been keeping
my dogs in their own yard.

Once I started using the e-fence... well, then my concern
became how to keep them from running off for days on end.

I lost valuable training time becoming embroiled in the anti-
shock debate and the "Jerry sux" tirades.

I lost one dog but I have the bestest dog in the world now
<g A Wits End Trained dog, one who is completely housetrained,
doesn't chew up stuff, stays in the yard, and doesn't bark all
the time. IOW a great companion and friend.

Thanks Jerry!


misty" <> wrote in message

> We just installed a PetSafe brand fence this Spring. Two dogs,
> two collars We now have one dog and no collars.

> Peach and Zelda would run thru the fence, not want to come
> back in the yard and would run for days. The last time, Peach
> didn't come back home.

> I used the Wit's End Training Manual to learn how to train my
> dog. She is now border trained. A few minutes each day
> reinforces her desire to stay in the yard. She no longer runs
> out into the road, I can stop her from chasing cats and she no
> longer cringes when we walk around the yard.

> I can not say loud or long enough how much I hate the e-fence
> and its collars. If you can't get a regular fence then you need
> to train your dog. I will never rely on an electronic collar to
> keep my dog in our yard again.

> The price was too high:-(

> ~misty


"JoeTheGuru" < wrote in
news: 3cab77eb$0$9993$


or it could be a troll <are you a troll??
do not use it on your dog.....

would you use it on your best friend.....

I have read jerry's book, it seems too easy at first.
however I started to use some of the training out of it and now.

I have a dog that heels as fast as a collie in a
trial.<great dane X mastiff

I have a dog that stays and never leaves the spot.

I have a dog that comes when ever I call.

I have a dog that never leaves the yard, never runs away.

I have a dog that stands still to be washed
with the cold hose.

I have a dog that never pulls on
the lead when we walk.

I have a dog that puts up with more abuse then a
dog should from my 2 year old <and loves it

I have a dog that barks at the fence only when some ones there.

I have a dog that would not care less if there is
another dog in the park <only wants to be with and
please me though a lot of this is due to me training the dog
spending the time with the dog.

jerry's book showed me not to punish the dog. but
just to work with the dog. which I liked the idea of
hence why I tried it. it is easy to become
frustrated with a dog when you are trying to train

I look forward to my next puppy <ban dog> so
I can use the information from jerry's book
and see just how good a dog can get.

the dog I have now was when I picked her up from
the RSPCA. she could not walk on a lead <no idea.
cowered from every noise <and wet her self, messed
in the house at every turn. acted like I was killing her
when I dragged her over to the mess.

this was A 6 month old pup that had been beaten
<2.5 feet to the shoulder. I could of taken her back
however I knew I could bring her back to being to
be a dog.

the dog I have now at 1.5 years <same dog is a dog
to be proud to walk down the street with <3 feet to
the shoulder and still growing.

so well behaved even when people walk passed with
a out of control dog. gentle with my child and trustworthy
< I never have to worry that my dog will bite her, only
have to worry if a stranger comes over to my child.
still that is not a worry, she places herself between my
child and the stranger.

I may be plugging jerry's book, however with the
crap out there it is good to see that someone has
moved forward. looked at a different way to train
dogs. yes he gets into people, and in their face
you should back off a little jerry however he is
sick of the bashing, choking, shocking, shaking
and everything else. so jerry save this lad from
ruining his dog. later, Joe


"Charlie Wilkes" < wrote
in message

I read up on rotties, pitbulls, etc., and quite a
bit of the literature suggested I needed to assert
my dominance and "make the dog earn everything it

I tried this once or twice, just by taking a stern
tone of voice, and the results were terrible.
The pup got scared and just wanted to stay away from

That's why I support Jerry Howe and his FREE
Wits' End Dog Training manual -- that and the fact
that Jerry is an all-around great guy.

The core takeaway I got from Jerry's manual is this:
make yourself the center of your puppy's world -
- his personal Lord Jesus. Never give him a reason
to fear you or think you're angry. Love the heck
out of him, and you'll end up with a great dog.

This has truly worked with my puppy. She'll do
anything I want her to, if she understands, because
she trusts me 100 percent, and nothing is more
important in her world than her relationship
with me.



> Hey, do like me, and killfile Jerry.
> He has millions of people aleady reading his posts and
> watching him extract his soggy foot out of his mouth!
> Out of these MILLIONS, I've only seen 2 naive childs
> come forward and actually believe in his training manual.

Robert Crim writes:

I assume that I and my wife are those two naive childs since
I freely admit to having read and, I hope, understood enough
of the manual and it's counterparts by John Fisher and the
posts of Marylin Rammell to believe and use it. This naive
child would like to say thank you to both Jerry and Marylin for
putting up with a constant barrage of really infantile crap at
the hands of supposedly adult dog lovers.

The other naive child (LSW) has to put up with the nagging
idea that if people like them had been posting earlier, maybe
we would not have had to hold the head of a really
magnificent animal in our arms while he was given the
needle and having to hug him and wait until he gasped
his last gasp.

To my mind, "naive" is believing you can terrorize a dog into
good behavior. Naive is believing that people that hide
behind fake names are more honest than people that use
their real names. Naive is thinking that dilettante dog
breeders and amateur "trainers" like Joey (lyingdogDUMMY,
j.h.) are the equal or better than those that have studied and
lived by their craft for decades.

"Stupid" is believing that people do not see kindergarten
level insults for what they are. Really stupid is believing that
people like Jerry Howe and Marylin Rammell are going to
just go away because you people act like fools. Why do you
act like fools? I really have no idea, and I don't really care.

> And, to date: I've not seen ONE come forward and actually
> admit to buying and having success with his little black
> box.

I think I'm going to get one myself for Father's day and take
it down to the Animal Shelter for their use and testing. You
would never believe the results, so you'll never know.

> Anyone by now that doesn't see a scam man coming by
> Jerry's posts deserves to get what is sure to be coming to
> him! LOL!

I don't see a "scam man", so I guess I and Longsuffering
Wife and Rollei will just have to get what we deserve, eh?
As Joey (Dogman) says, "poor Rollei.".......right.


Yes it was, and that is sad.

Robert, Longsuffering Wife and Rollei (do I get to listen to the
box first?)

Hello People,

Robert Crim was a former Gang Of Thugs Member, and
hated me a much as the rest of our Thugs do. Robert was a
long time friend and prominent contributor to rpdb, till Jerry
came along and smartened him up. He learned the hard
way, and no longer posts to his former pals, because it is
just too painful knowing his pals would rather HURT and
KILL their dogs than to admit that JERRY is RIGHT.


"I know that most men, including those at ease with
problems of the greatest complexity, can seldom accept
even the simplest and most obvious truth if it would
oblige them to admit the falsity of conclusions which they
have delighted in explaining to colleagues, proudly
taught to others, and which they have woven, thread by
thread, into the fabric of their lives."
-Leo Tolstoy-

Is it any wonder that the following sig file has generated
more complaints to my personal email than any other
controversial post I have made to date, bar none?:

If you have to do things to your dog to train him that you
would rather not have to do, then you shouldn't be doing
them. If you have a dog trainer who tells you to jerk your
dog around, choke him, pinch his ears, or twist his toes,
shock, shake, slap, scold, hit, chin cuff, scruff shake or
punish your dog in any manner, that corrections
are appropriate, that the dog won't think of you as the
punisher, or that corrections are not harmful, or if they
can't train your dog to do what you want, look for a
trainer that knows HOWE.

Thank you,
Jerry Howe,
Director of Research,
BIOSOUND Scientific
Director of Training,
Wits' End Dog Training
1611 24th St
Orlando, FL 32805
Phone: 1-407-425-5092
Phone: 1-888-BIOSOUND (1-888-246-7686)
Phone: 1-888-WITSEND (1-888-948-7363)

Nature, to be mastered, must be obeyed.
-Francis Bacon-

There are terrible people who, instead of solving a
problem, bungle it and make it more difficult for all who
come after. Who ever can't hit the nail on the head
should, please, not hit at all.

The abilities to think, rationalize and solve problems are
learned qualities.

The Wits' End Dog Training Method challenges the learning
centers in the dogs brain. These centers, once challenged,
develop and continue to grow to make him smarter.

The Wits' End Dog Training method capitalizes on
praising split seconds of canine thought, strategy, and
timing, not mindless hours of forced repetition, constant
corrections, and scolding.
-Jerry Howe-

The Puppy Wizard. <}TPW ; ~ ) >

(_o_) Have a great day!
/ V)
(l l l) Your Puppy Wizzzard. <}YPW ; ~ } >

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