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John Ayres
2012-09-01 15:31:27 EST
Disassembler Technology

There are energy currents in DC and also in AC, but mainly DC
currents, that if you use them, you can combine them with sound wave
energies, and the result is, you can separate the molecular bonds of
any solid object.

To get the energy currents you need, you have to separate out
particular energy currents. You use comb filter technology to separate
out the particular energies you want. Then you must power up these
particular currents high enough. Once they reach maximum yield
potential, that is, the maximum state of current that is needed, then
you release these energies together, along with the sound currents you
separated out as well with comb filter technology, and you can
basically take apart the molecular bonds of any solid object, very

That means, you can remove weapons from peoples' arsenals, armories,
field units, and so on, very easily.

To do this, it is a little more complex. You need to find the energies
that are called burning wave currents. They burn a path to a target,
and all the other energies, follow the main path, and you get all of
energies to travel down the travel path to your target, to disassemble
he molecular bonds of the object you wish to "melt". You are not
it by temperature, you are just taking it apart, molecularly.

There is another type of energy that is produced in electrical
currents called, reflective wave type energies. With these energies,
they go down the travel path, and they hit your target, and they
reflect back up the travel path, and with these burning wave, and
reflective wave energies, you can begin to operate your technology to
disassemble or "melt" anything you want to melt.

There are patterns to energies currents. If you can find the right
types of patterns to a particular energy current that you want, then
you can begin to sort out the different types of energy currents that
you can filter with comb filter technologies. With all the different
types of energies sorted out, you can assemble what is called, jagged
saw tooth edge currents, and cross teeth type currents, and these do
the main work of disassembling with the electrical currents, the
object you
wish to disassemble.

If you use the space shuttles' DC power supply, you can find all the
electrical currents you need. DC battery power is inferior to the DC
power supply that is used with the space shuttle, and probably by the
space lab, as well.

These currents have energies frequencies signatures. The signatures
are these types of jagged edge, saw tooth edge, and cross tooth edge
patterns. To find these energies, you need to use resonances science.

You resonate the particular current you are testing, through a piece
of flat, thin, resonateable, metal, such as bronze, or silver, or
copper, or steel. They will all resonate as you pass the particular
current through the metal.

You figure out how to transfer that resonating frequency to a graphic
read out. Once you've got it on a graphic read out, you can take that
energy current, and if it is useful, you can add it to your arsenal of

There are lots of energies frequencies signatures currents in a DC
power supply from the space shuttle, as well as in DC batteries, and
in AC current as well.

Some are useful, but some are not useful. You find the useful energies
frequencies you want to use, and then you combine them together with
the burning path energy current, that burns a path to a target, and
you combine that with the reflective energy current to allow you to
lock on and stay locked on to your target.

You don't want wide dispersal energy currents, which there are plenty
of, in your disassembler.

You want narrow beam energy currents in your disassembler, than no one
gets hurt, accidentally.

You use parabola technology to deliver the energy currents you need to
deliver to your target, and the reflective energy current has to be in
there, in the mix of energy currents, for you to stay locked on to the
target, so that you do not disassemble some thing else, by accident.

To help this along, to separate the molecular bonds, you find the
sound frequencies energies that you need, to add to the mix. You use
comb filter technology as I said, and you power up the right
frequencies, and send them down the burning wave path, too.

The result is you can melt an object, of any material, you wish to
melt, no matter what it is. This can also be used to get rid of
unwanted radioactive materials, that are unhealthy to humans, for
example, and you can get rid of mounds of trash, as well. You are
releasing the molecular bonds of any object, and basically, you are
allowing them to be recycled, or used again, in the formation of what
ever is in need of molecules, such as vegetables, or minerals, and so

To determine the particular sound wave energies currents, you also use
resonance science, and you pass the sound wave you filtered out using
comb filter technology, through a metal sheet, of what ever kind of
metal, such as, titanium, silver, copper, gold, aluminum, and so on,
transfer the resonating pulses to a graphic display, or to a piece of
paper that is recording it, and you will find different types of sound
energies signatures, and you can also call them sound energies
currents signatures, if you want to. Either way, you separate out the
energies frequencies with the right signatures to them, and then you
that to your mix, and after powering it up, you deliver that down the
path wave travel path, and they head in the right direction to the
target, and not to some thing else that they might be harmful to after
power them up.

The sound frequencies are very high pitched, and dogs can hear some of
them, but many of them, dogs can not hear, at all. You need to find
the right signatures as you transfer the resonances patterns to a
graphic read out.

One wave, on your oscilloscope, or on paper, looks like a zero, or
followed by another pond, followed by another pond. It sounds like
'whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop' and it is very useful for
an object. These types of energy frequencies are pounding frequencies,
if you power them up high enough, and deliver them with the mix of
down the travel path, then that will help break apart, or unglue the
bonds that you need to unglue.

There are box shaped sounds, and they are also pounding wave energies.
They may sound like 'plahhhh plahhh plahhhh plahhhh' and they are
useful for taking apart a solid object.

Another wave is a straight and nearly level line. It rises, suddenly,
at a 45 degree angle, and they follow out one after the other. These
types of signature sound waves are very useful to, for unglueing an
object. But you have to power them up high enough, to get the work

Some may be wide dispersal energies. You do not want them, as they may
damage your hearing. And you deliver them to the target with the other
sound energy waves you have found that you want to power up and use,
down a tube structure, set into a parabola structure, in such a way
that they will follow down the travel path and hit your target. Lining
it up so that they travel down to the target path and into the target
path, is a little tricky, but it shouldn't be all that difficult to
accomplish, if you use precession engineering technologies for aiming
the sound waves into the energies travel path, properly.

You have to be very careful with these types of sound waves, and if
you can hear them, then you will be damaging your hearing as they are
wide dispersal sound energy waves.

A music synthesizer can provide you with the basic energy waves, if
you use comb filter technology properly, to separate out and isolate
each particular energy wave. Once you find the sound waves you want,
you will need to power them up, to get them to do the work they need
to do, so parabola technology and a tube for them to travel out of,
will help you line them up, and keep them focused on the travel paths
of the energies.

You need to be careful and use very narrow dispersal types of sound
energies. So not all energies, especially the low tones, are not
useful to you, as the low tones are all wide dispersal energies, for
the most part.

This is very dangerous technology, if it falls into the wrong hands,
and some one with a grudge, may want to disassemble the UN building,
and its occupants, for example.

Well for that, if you wanted to disassemble a large structure, you
a number of arrays set up that will work coordinately together, and
needs a very high power supply, that most terrorists are not able to
up with, unless they use capacitors, or something like that for
up the energies, before releasing them.

Anyway, you can have fun trying to find the energies you need, with
resonance sciences, for both the major types of energies that you are
dealing with, DC current, and the other, sound energies.

There are other energies, too, that you can combine as well, but they
are out of the scope, right now, of my basic explanation.

For example, lazer energies travel down a very narrow path, and no one
knows how to disperse them. It is tricky to disperse them properly, so
that they will travel down the travel path.

There are fast energies, too, and there are pokey energies. Then there
are shattering energies, that can not make through a solid object.
Some energies go 'kaplunk', and deflate like a rubber tube that is
punctured, and they are not useful types of energies currents.


Fast energies can be used, some of them, anyway, for communication
purposes, with distant civilizations, on planets elsewhere in our

Medium wave energies may be a little pokey for traveling out with a
broadcast of energies to a distant part of our galaxy or universe.

Medium wave energies may be a little pokey for traveling out with a
broadcast frequency wave or two, or with however many frequency waves
that are needed.

There are carrier waves which can be found, among the DC current used
in the space shuttle, that travel very fast, and if you learn which
they are, by their energy signature, you can power that up, and use it
communication purposes, with distant civilizations. There are lots of
burning wave carrier energies and you can use them, the speedier ones,
as broadcast frequencies energies.

You need to add the right burning path energies that will work with
the burning wave carrier frequencies and set up a carrier path and you
need to find the right reflective energies, as well, for helping you
to stay locked on. Then you also need to find energies that bend, and
don't snap or break, when twisted, as this planet is constantly
rotating, and you need the types of energies that will bend if you are
talking with someone on a planet at a specific coordinate in our

Standard Coordinate System(s)

To set up a coordinates system, using CGI technology, you place four
hollow boxes together, and then four inside of each of the four, and
so on, until you can narrow down coordinates and then you box up our
universe in all directions. This will help you determine where the
person is you are speaking to.

Once you make contact, if you've got all the fast energies, and
twisting, bending energies that you need working together for this
of set up, you can get the standard coordinates system from them, and
switch over to it, as that is what every galactic, or galactacle
consortium uses for the purpose of locating others.

Some one will be willing to help you, once you make contact, and then
once you've got some tips on other types of energies that are more
user friendly, and more efficient, then with your new set up, you can
set up a video linkup, as well as a new audio link up to talk to
people anywhere in our universe in real time without delays of any

Anyway, this is kind of a fun area to investigate and learn about, if
you are the brainy type of person who likes to follow the sciences as
a hobby. I don't, particularly enjoy sciences, but I know this much,
and can give you some tips on these kinds of systems.

Once you find a reasonable person to talk to, and not a prankster, as
there are many of them, as well, out there, like software pirates, who
just like to mess with people's heads, basically, you can get hooked
up with your nearest galactacle consortium that you belong to, or that
you can join, actually, and then you can sign treaty documents, and
get the UN to get all the countries of the world to sign on.

Every one will have to put their laws into line with the laws of the
Galactical Consortium. Once you do that, you can begin to get
information transfers and once you set up the right technologies for
melting armaments for example, you can use that technology, the
technology to disassemble the military hardware of every one, and that
brings wars to an end. You can also disassemble people who are non
cooperatives, and send them on their way to their next life.

There is much information available from these galactacle consortiums
about evolution of our universe and technologies that you will be
licensed to use, legitimately, once you sign on to the treaties
accords documents, and they will help you with setting up the right
data transfer systems, for you to download in real time, all the
information you need.

In addition to demolecularlizing technology, you have particalizing
technology. That uses certain frequencies, and you can put together
bags of rice, and bags of beans, and staple foods, and meats, and
cheeses, and milk, and just about any food you want.

I won't try to go into explaining it, as it is a little lengthy, but
it is very easy to use, once you learn the right technologies to use,
and the right frequencies to tune into, to actuate this technology.
Once you get the food that people need, then the problem of "have's"
and "have nots" begins to disappear, as you can feed every one with
this technology in place.

There is also information on life sciences. This is a subject area
that is a little lengthy, but there are ways to coax your body to
regrow, if you supply the right nutrients. You can get all your organs
in your body to regrow, with the right nutrients in the right amounts.
They are also called rejuvenate sciences. And there is a lot to learn
about them. Once you get your organs to regrow, then you begin to live

Lots of people will find this difficult to believe, but it is
true. It's also a little more difficult than just coaxing your organs
to regrow for you with the right nutrients as you need to get the
contaminates out of your body, such as radioactive particles that
you've inhaled, or that you've had in your drinking water, and
swallowed by accident. They will interfere with your efforts to regrow
your organs, and they must be gotten rid of. There are what I call
'grunge munchers' and if you learn about grunge munchers, they can
assist you in getting rid of the particles in your body that shouldn't
be there.

Once you get your organs to begin regrowing for you, then life becomes
something that has potentials beyond what we can imagine.

Intelligent Brain Cells In Our Brains And Bodies

To help coax your organs to regrow, are tiny little brains that are
inside each cellular structure in your body. They control the regrowth
activities, among other things, and coax the organs to regrow, once
the needed nutrients are in your bodies. They call themselves ganglia
brain workers, is one name for one type of group, but there are many
'worker' brains in and throughout your body, and even in your teeth,
hair, fingernails, and toenails. They make sure all the 'coaxing' work
gets done. It is something like when you get a cut, they are the ones
responsible for coaxing the regrowth of your skin, what we call
'healing' of a cut. There is a lot to study on this subject, and you
can get the information on it from the galactical consortium that you
belong to, once you make contact with them.

The nutrients can be supplied in block form, like a large cube, say
four or so inches by four inches, by four inches, which you can break
into say four smaller cube blocks. Then you just chew up and swallow
the nutrients filled block, one of the four cubes you can separate it
into, each day. You can particalize or replicate the nutrients you'll
need, as I've mentioned there is a particalizer technology which is
called a replicator technology.

We have all been around in this universe, for a very long time, and we
go from one life and set of circumstances, to our next life and
circumstances, after we die.

So, de-molecularizing non-cooperatives, such as terrorists, or career
criminals, is not murder. It is just sending them on their way to
their next life and set of circumstances, where ever that may be.

Zoo Park Living Also Called "Free Park Zones" Areas

You can begin to put together communal zoo parks, or "free park zones"
areas, where people can live communally together. They can commute to
work, if work for them is nearby. There will be lots of work to do in
the 'kibbutz' style communal free park zone, as well.

Anyway it can be the beginning of free park zone areas living, once
get the technologies you need, after joining your galactical
consortium you belong to and after signing on to the treaties,
accords, and documents you are required to sign onto, to be allowed to
use these technologies that are special technologies, including, space
travel technologies, and particalization or replicator technologies
for providing food to people.

The information for setting up free park zones, communal living
environments is, I believe, also available in the databases that the
galactical consortiums keep. I'm pretty sure it is there, and I'm
pretty sure you can download it, and once you make contact with
responsible persons who will give you the correct information, you can
verify this, for yourselves.

There is a lot more to it, than that, but I'll leave it at this for
now, as I haven't got the time to go into all the details.

Kimbo Kambo, Aka, Mr. Barrack Obama

Once Mr. Obama, who I call Kimbo Kambo, as that is a name I remember
him by, from a previous lifetime, gets into office, then we can start
getting all the information we need, and start signing on to the
accords, and so on, and then putting our laws into accordance with
their laws.

This will remove nakedness as an "obscene" act, as nakedness is
perfectly natural. It will also help people to realize lots more about
the way we should be living.

I remember this stuff, as it came back to me, from my memories from
previous lifes. I used to do a lot of coordinating work, in previous
lifes, and I think I had a lot to do with setting up these galactacle
consortiums, a very long time ago, in I don't know how many life
times, previous to the one that I am living in right now.

My name is John Ayres, and I live in Clark County, Nevada. It's a
unique place, as the sheriff of Clark County can change the laws on
the law books, if he so decides they need to be changed, and he can
pardon any one, from their previous "illegal" acts. I was caught
naked, in a park, practicing my Taichi that I remembered from my
previous lifes and I got thrown into the hoosegow, or jail, the Clark
County Detention Center.

I need to be pardoned, by the sheriff of Clark County, from the
ridiculous, and stupid law, which was nakedness, that they wrote it up
as "lewd conduct".

Anyway, maybe we'll get our start here in Clark County, with research
facilities going up as we've got a lot of underground water tables or
aqua-firs, that can be used to supply drinking water, to develop these
technologies, and maybe the laws on nakedness can be changed to get
into accordance with the accepted policy such as that nakedness is not
a crime and we can get into accordance with the other laws that the
Galactacle consortiums go by. Then we can get the sheriff to change a
few more laws that will put us in line with the laws the galactacle
consortiums use, and make public sexing, or sex in public, a normal,
every day occurrence, and not an illegal act, like it is, now.

We are pretty foolish thinking nakedness is a crime but we have only
what our "founding fathers" types of folks set up for us and we are
not in accord with the normal laws which are used everywhere else, in
all the galactacle consortiums that are set up everywhere in our

Sexing and eroticizing each other is good for brain development,
number one, and there are many purifying energies that are produced,
people eroticize each other. The erotic energies people produce help
purify our karma, and clean it up, and so we have to get the laws
changed to allow people to publicly as well as privately eroticize
each other, in communal 'kibbutz', which is an Isralie word, type
arrangements, I call free park zone areas, or zoo parks, is another
name for them.

After people get the information on how our universe and everything in
it, evolved, then people will start to act more reasonable, and people
will go along with these changes to the laws.

After Mr. Obama gets into office, if he is voted in, which I am hoping
will be the case, we can start to see major changes take place, as
people are educated about the full actual story about the evolution of
our universe.

Anyway, there are other technologies you can use to screen persons,
to see if they are trustworthyable, or not, by reading their energies
patterns. To do that is a little bit longer of a story, but it is
possible to
identify types of energies, people emit, and as their moods change,
and as they get nervous for example, you can read that on a graphic
display if you have your technologies set up right for catching the
energies waves frequencies signatures properly. With this technology,
you can set up a core group of trusted individuals, who will be in
charge of all of these technologies, basically, and most importantly,
the disassembler technology. Once you've got your group of core
members, and I can name a few of them, to start, such as Oliver North,
Sylvestor Stallone, Arnold Swartzneggor, and the gentlemen who played
the marine drill seargent in that funny movie, Full Metal Jacket,
the war in Vietnam. The drill seargent in "Full Metal Jacket", is a
trustworthyable guy, and there are many others, as well, but you have
to screen each person, using these energies frequencies patterns
technologies that help to determine who is and who isn't

John Ayres
Clark County, Nevada

Lord Androcles, Zeroth Earl Of Medway
2012-09-01 15:44:08 EST
"John Ayres" wrote in message

Disassembler Technology
A disassembler is a piece of software written to convert binary digits
into human readable machine instructions, often in hexadecimal.
For example see

-- Lord Androcles, Zeroth Earl of Medway

Sir Gilligan Horry
2012-09-01 16:01:38 EST
On Sat, 1 Sep 2012 12:31:27 -0700 (PDT), John Ayres
<*> wrote:

>There are energy currents

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2012-09-01 16:36:07 EST
On 9/1/2012 4:01 PM, Sir Gilligan Horry wrote:
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John Ayres
2012-09-01 18:47:46 EST
Long Distance Communication Using Energies Frequencies

There are different types of energies currents or energies frequencies
with individual signatures or characteristics, in a DC power supply,
as I've explained about, a little, already. Most people will think
that DC current only flows down copper or metal of some kind which
would serve as a conductor of electrical energies.

If you filter out and separate the energies frequencies based on their
different signatures, as I've mentioned about, then some filtered
energies will take off, and travel alone, on their own, to a
destination point. The destination point can be another planet, for
example. They can also travel through planets, if powered up high
enough, and they can travel on towards a further destination point, a
receiver / speaker / person, on the other end of the energies

You need to find the energies frequencies that will travel alone, in a
DC current supply, and the ones that travel at the same relative
speed, and then power up those energies frequencies, and send them off
together with a powerful enough power supply to allow for a discharge.
Once it is powered up sufficiently, it will discharge, and head off to
a destination point.

In lazer energies, blue wave frequencies are particularly good, some
of them, there are energies currents, that also travel alone, and some
of them are speedier than the rest of the group. We don't have the
sciences to separate out the lazer energies into individual energies
frequencies. If we did, we could find some, that if powered up high
enough, they could also support two way communication between a
speaker on this planet, for instance, and a receiver, speaker, or
person, on another planet, who we have made contact with in real time.
Some lazer frequencies travel just about instantaneous from one end of
the universe to the other and they can be used for different purposes,
but some can be used for real time communications purposes if you do
your homework and figure out which energies frequencies that can be
used for this purpose. You will have a superior communications system,
if you combine them together with other energies frequencies that
travel at relatively the same speed, they will travel instantaneously
from one end of the universe to the other.

Using DC current, and automobile batteries are better than small,
household use batteries, as automobile batteries are superior to flash
light batteries, for instance, you can find lots of energies that will
be useful to you. Space shuttle DC current is superior to car
batteries, and space lab DC current is also superior to car batteries.
But if you do your home work, you can improve on both the space
shuttle DC energies supply and the space lab DC energies supply.

The difficult thing besides learning how to separate out the energies
frequencies using comb filter technology, is how to power up the
energies frequencies that you want. But with the brilliant minds there
are on this planet, lots of people will be able to figure out both of
these questions.

When you get a discharge, that is of the right types of energies, and
that is sufficiently powerful enough, you will see what looks like a
streamer of energies flowing out, something like what we see when we
light an oxygen acetylene torch. The trail will be a brilliant pearl
white, and it will shoot out several feet in a narrow path if you have
the right energies separated out and powered up high enough.

When you see that discharge, and it is continuous, of course, you will
know that you are sending out a useful group of energies, if you've
got all of the ones in that discharge, to make the communications

There are miniature sets for home users, and I suppose it is similar,
but it works with less power on a smaller scale. But it is still
sufficient to talk with, to somebody, on the other side of the
universe, if need be, as it is instantaneous with the right energies
frequencies powered up high enough. On the miniature sets for home
users, the trail of energies will not extend several feet, but only a
few to several inches, depending on how high it is powered up.

It is safe technology, if you are using the right energies
frequencies, but you don't want to stand in the way of the energies
trail, as you will get burned as it is very hot. I don't know the
temperature it gets to, off hand, but it is hot and it can cause
damage to your skin, if you were to put your hand into it.

Reflective wave energies are very important, and so are travel path
burning wave energies. There are also travel path carrier wave burning
wave energies. These energies the travel path carrier wave burning
wave energies are needed for a successful communications call as they
are the primary carrier frequencies you need for carrying your voice
signals encoded into them.

You can come up with a modified, simple version for communications
purposes, without too much difficulty, but to get the best
frequencies, you will need some help from the responsible persons in
the galactical consortiums and their technicians to get the proper
system up and running.

By proper system, I mean the standard system that every one uses. Then
once that is up and running, you can put together a video linkup using
the same type of technologies, basically. Once you have the audio and
video linkups, then you will need some help from them to get the
information on computer technologies, they can provide to you, to
allow you to download information over perhaps a third linkup, from

Once you do that, you can get the real story on the evolution of this
universe and how we evolved to what we are today as they have some or
most of the information on it in their databases, and you can get lots
of other useful information, as I've mentioned a little about.

We need to put our laws into alignment with their laws, and we need to
sign treaty documents, and accords, and other documents of various
types, to promise we will follow the rules and laws that are standard
in the galactical consortiums. Once we get to that point, we can
expect to begin to get more, useful information, especially with
regards to technologies information. Then we can begin to rebuild our
societies once we build and implement these technologies, with our
laws all in accordance with their laws. We become a junior member of
the galactical consortium, and then from there, we go through various
probationary stages, and as we prove to them we are committed to
following the treaties and accords, and other agreements we've
promised to follow, we gradually get more and more, useful
technologies information transfers.

That's kind of how it works.

John Ayres
Clark County, Nevada


Sir Gilligan Horry
2012-09-01 18:53:13 EST
On Sat, 1 Sep 2012 15:47:46 -0700 (PDT), John Ayres
<*> wrote:

>Using Energies Frequencies

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While posting lies and crap about me all over YouTube.

And you know something else John,
you are an idiot HYPOCRITE,
because you said I should be nice to drugged pill popping stalking
hateful liar Carlos Gonzalez

But were you nice to me ?

Did you want to help or understand and talk it out ?



John Ayres wants WAR, John Ayres wants to ATTACK.

I just post true evidence of a stalker hater
true evidence of stalker hater that
has pathetic reasons to stalk and hate,

John Ayres wants WAR, John Ayres wants to ATTACK.

John Ayres, by the powers of friars balsam I'll get a twist out of you
yah stupid barstard !!!



Alt Alien Research Intelligence Agency Official Admiral Wizzard.
... here...

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Documentary "WATER" ... by Saida Medvedeva.
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"Project Mothership" UFOs Aliens Proof Evidence...

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