Research Discussion: "Sphere" "tapping" Sun's Prominence

"Sphere" "tapping" Sun's Prominence
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2012-03-16 01:36:15 EST

Interesting. I've seen solar prominences before that looked like
with long plumes of plasma with crazy magnetics that roll about

but this is the first type I've seen that look like what happened a
week ago resembling a sphere tapping the sun. Odd bugger.

Yeah, I know, it's all space aliens or demons or yadda yadda yadda

It's all fun until you stare at the sun and someone puts their eyes
out. :-)

2012-03-16 23:26:41 EST
That's unreal for the simple fact the clouds that form near the
are totally wrong considering they are in the suns atmosphere shooting
forth at
millions of MPH and these clouds drift like on earth going 20 MPH...

2012-03-16 23:36:01 EST
Could be a bubble creating the tornado to the sun surface
because some other smaller tornados you also see have bubbles over
then, then when the bond breaks the million MPH storm hit it and
whoosh gone.

The bubble over this tornado was well defined and the tornado was very
large which
is why it looks like a teather is because the bubble was generating
that tornado against the million MPH solar wind storm.

2012-03-16 23:42:23 EST
Now lets say the sun is alive with beings somehow and we say an
example but will never know the meanings.

We jump to say some aliens getting power...

Oh well it's you tube after all but it's fun to fool people bored and
having no more porn.

2012-03-17 00:01:54 EST
Solar smog?

Mar 7 2012


2012-03-17 20:11:10 EST
BP selling hundreds of gas stations in Los Angeles for a number of

2012-03-17 20:17:49 EST
So back to the expansion faster than light carbon7 if there is such a
booster to light speed.

When a firecracker explodes it leaves behind a shattered mess and the
universe isn't to that
place yet. It's all being proposed by the faster than light expansion

Ok so we are yet to be overcome from the initial shock wave when it
all passes us and we are now exploded and "floating to the ground" if
you will...and another could be coming.

2012-03-17 20:21:11 EST
More like we are at the very instant the firecracker begins to split
into a thousand pieces.
Kind of another goldilocks zone.

2012-03-17 20:24:39 EST
I think it might be foolhardy to consider Cognitive dissonance needed
religion for any real reason because the Cognitive dissonance is
incredibly old and we do pretty good when we really think.

2012-03-17 23:37:06 EST
The faster than light expansion is actually God playing the devil
forcing us to realizations on a schedule so to escape Cognitive
dissonance if used as a arrow to safety instead of a real being self
sufficient in the escape of the coming blast.
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