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Recreation Discussion Forums
Rec. Groups Description Posts
Rec. Arts. Movies. Reviews
Reviews of movies. (Moderated) 14,334
Rec. Arts. Movies. Tech
Technical aspects of movies. 44,508
Rec. Arts. Music
Rec Arts Music 153
Rec. Arts. Music. Marketplace
Rec Arts Music Marketplace 285
Rec. Arts. Mystery
Mystery and crime books, plays and films. 529,644
Rec. Arts. Origami
Ancient Asian Paper Sculpture. 508
Rec. Arts. Poems
For the posting of poems. 654,667
Rec. Arts. Poetry
Rec Arts Poetry 4,020
Rec. Arts. Prose
Short works of prose fiction and followup discussion. 8,997
Rec. Arts. Puppetry
For discussion of puppets in any form or venue. 577
Rec. Arts. Sf
Rec Arts Sf 253
Rec. Arts. Sf. Announce
Major announcements of the SF world. (Moderated) 1,285
Rec. Arts. Sf. Composition
The writing and publishing of speculative fiction. 639,729
Rec. Arts. Sf. Fandom
Discussions of SF fan activities. 499,267
Rec. Arts. Sf. Forsale
Rec Arts Sf Forsale 641
Rec. Arts. Sf - Lovers
Rec Arts Sf Lovers 151
Rec. Arts. Sf. Marketplace
Personal forsale notices of SF materials. 8,425
Rec. Arts. Sf. Misc
Science fiction lovers' newsgroup. 6,894
Rec. Arts. Sf. Movies
Discussing SF motion pictures. 105,823
Rec. Arts. Sf - Reviews
Rec Arts Sf Reviews 424
Rec. Arts. Sf. Reviews
Reviews of science fiction/fantasy/horror works. (Moderated) 361
Rec. Arts. Sf. Science
Real and speculative aspects of SF science. 188,979
Rec. Arts. Sf. Starwars
Rec Arts Sf Starwars 829
Rec. Arts. Sf. Starwars. Collecting. Customizing
Customizing Star Wars toys. 255
Rec. Arts. Sf. Starwars. Collecting. Misc
Discussion of all Star Wars collecting. 2,029
Rec. Arts. Sf. Starwars. Collecting. Vintage
Star Wars items made before 1990. 1,204
Rec. Arts. Sf. Starwars. Games
Star Wars games: RPG, computer, card, etc. 600
Rec. Arts. Sf. Starwars. Misc
Miscellaneous topics pertaining to Star Wars. 80,494
Rec. Arts. Sf. Superman
Discussion of Superman in any medium. 8,866
Rec. Arts. Sf. Tv
Discussing general television SF. 953,130

93,185,900 Posts in 877 Rec Groups

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