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Miscellaneous Discussion Forums
Misc. Groups Description Posts
Misc. Activism. Militia
Citizens bearing arms for the common defense. (Moderated) 17,136
Misc. Activism. Progressive
Information for Progressive activists. (Moderated) 166,751
Misc. Consumers
Consumer interests, product reviews, etc. 188,326
Misc. Consumers. Frugal - Living
Practicing a frugal lifestyle. 290,069
Misc. Consumers. House
Discussion about owning and maintaining a house. 56,682
Misc. Education
Discussion of the educational system. 84,272
Misc. Education. Home - School. Christian
Christian home-schooling. 33,719
Misc. Entrepreneurs
Discussion on operating a business. 26,803
Misc. Facts. Straight - Dope
The Straight Dope column and related topics. 32,172
Misc. Fitness. Misc
All other general fitness topics. 10,936
Misc. Fitness. Weights
Bodybuilding, weightlifting, resistance. 333,531
Misc. Headlines
Current interest: drug testing, terrorism, etc. 50,827
Misc. Health. Aids
AIDS issues and support. 148,402
Misc. Health. Diabetes
Discussion of diabetes management in day to day life. 87,220
Misc. Immigration. Canada
Canada immigration issues. 67,675
Misc. Int - Property
Discussion of intellectual property rights. 23,054
Misc. Invest. Canada
Investing in Canadian financial markets. 18,661
Misc. Invest. Financial - Plan
Financial planning in general. (Moderated) 33,159
Misc. Invest. Futures
Physical commodity and financial futures markets. 30,263
Misc. Invest. Misc
Investments not in other misc.invest.* groups. 11,929
Misc. Invest. Mutual - Funds
Mutual Funds. 49,680
Misc. Invest. Options
Financial options on stocks and futures. 25,413
Misc. Invest. Real - Estate
Property investments. 30,654
Misc. Invest. Stocks
Forum for sharing info about stocks and options. 462,315
Misc. Invest. Technical
Analyzing market trends with technical methods. 15,654
Misc. Job
Misc Job 178,829
Misc. Job. Misc
Misc Job Misc 132,793
Misc. Job. Offered
Misc Job Offered 117,349
Misc. Jobs
Misc Jobs 69,345
Misc. Jobs. Contract
Discussions about contract labor. 36,622

5,880,028 Posts in 56 Misc Groups

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