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Computer Discussion Forums
Comp. Groups Description Posts
Comp. Ai. Neural - Nets
All aspects of neural networks. 39,035
Comp. Ai. Philosophy
Philosophical aspects of Artificial Intelligence. 325,277
Comp. Answers
Repository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated) 24,754
Comp. Arch
Computer architecture. 244,958
Comp. Arch. Embedded
Embedded computer systems topics. 315,627
Comp. Arch. Fpga
Field Programmable Gate Array based computing systems. 353,831
Comp. Arch. Storage
Storage system issues, both hardware and software. 21,837
Comp. Cad. Autocad
AutoDesk's AutoCAD software. 11,889
Comp. Cad. Cadence
Users of Cadence Design Systems products. 37,991
Comp. Cad. Pro - Engineer
Parametric Technology's Pro/Engineer design package. 27,694
Comp. Cad. Solidworks
SolidWorks newsgroup. 191,706
Comp. Compilers
Compiler construction, theory, etc. (Moderated) 24,119
Comp. Compression
Data compression algorithms and theory. 69,994
Comp. Databases
Database and data management issues and theory. 36,438
Comp. Databases. Filemaker
Technical discussions about FileMaker. 247,020
Comp. Databases. Ibm - Db2
Problem resolution with DB2 database products. 150,964
Comp. Databases. Informix
Informix database management software discussions. 100,279
Comp. Databases. Ingres
Issues relating to INGRES products. 37,278
Comp. Databases. Ms - Access
MS Windows' relational database system, Access. 378,221
Comp. Databases. Ms - Sqlserver
Microsoft's SQL Server and related products. 112,143
Comp. Databases. Mysql
MySQL RDBMS technical discussions. 151,217
Comp. Databases. Oracle. Marketplace
Oracle-related jobs, etc. 32,363
Comp. Databases. Oracle. Misc
Oracle related topics. 85,015
Comp. Databases. Oracle. Server
Oracle database administration/server topics. 259,263
Comp. Databases. Oracle. Tools
Oracle software tools/applications. 57,229
Comp. Databases. Paradox
Borland's database for DOS & MS Windows. 25,755
Comp. Databases. Pick
Pick-like, post-relational, database systems. 77,858
Comp. Databases. Postgresql. General
Comp Databases Postgresql General 41,408
Comp. Databases. Postgresql. Hackers
Comp Databases Postgresql Hackers 34,289
Comp. Databases. Sybase
Implementations of the SQL Server. 19,847

36,727,627 Posts in 239 Comp Groups

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